What is HEDT CPU?

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The word “HEDT” is an abbreviation for High-End Desktop, and a HEDT CPU powers a high-end desktop. People should be aware that there are many different uses for desktop computers that are classified as high-end. HEDT processors are server chips (sometimes they are not) that have been reconfigured for desktop use.

Through a new chipset, they share the matrices in most cases; by logic, they are given key characteristics. This type of processor carries more threads and total scores, which are highly beneficial for all heavy tasks such as renders. Another of the most popular features of the HEDT processor is the use of the larger numbers of RAM channels, which influence the total bandwidth of the components of a system.

What is HEDT CPU? – A Complete Guide

What is HEDT CPU?

Currently, people can count on various options available in the HEDT CPU market that represent quality and support for certain specific tasks. High-End Desktop (HEDT) has been a fast-growing niche that has taken it upon itself to cater to all content creators. Those who need excellent performance for the various tasks that drive much more intensive use of a CPU should get a HEDT.

These types of processors have extremely high counts and more massive cache sizes than others on the market. HEDT processors have different lithographs than other processors, where the specifications vary completely, and some improvements can be seen.

Some of the best HEDT CPU specifications for the year 2021 have 32 cores and 64 threads present. The specifications of these processors vary depending on the models that people acquire in the market: AMD and Intel Core.

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How Does it Compare to other CPUs on the Market?

When considering a HEDT CPU for purchase, there are some very important points to keep in mind. The characteristics of these processors allow us to differentiate the improvements and disadvantages compared to other types of CPUs available in the technological market. HEDT CPUs can multitask in excellent ways, unlike others. However, they have a weak point.

This processor is not the ideal choice for those who are used to boosting frame rates in video games. For professional gamers simulcasting video games on Twitch and YouTube, this CPU is excellent. None of the HEDT CPUs offer an integrated GPU, so people should consider purchasing a dual or quad solution.

The total cost of a HEDT CPU can be very expensive than other CPUs on the market, but this is because it provides better benefits. Intel and AMD have been commissioned to work on the next generations of HEDT CPUs that completely outshine other processors used in video games. Intel’s early dominance in the global HEDT CPU market has had some interesting knock-on effects over other CPU proposals.

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Why is HEDT CPU Worth Buying for your Computer?

Many advantages make this CPU worth buying in the market over other CPU models. Although most processors have very high prices, this ensures that each CPU has the highest possible quality. Professional gamers and streamers prefer to use a HEDT CPU due to the various advantageous conditions they provide at all times.

These processors also offer better workstation performance with high numbers of cores and threads. The HEDT family of CPUs that Cascade Lake provides is considered one of the best overclocked and is available for an affordable price. The good performance in heavy workloads and the excellent overclocking margin these processors handle are other positive points that make these excellent options.

They have excellent returns for both content creators and gamers in online broadcasts. Some of the CPUs that have this HEDT processor is ideal for multitasking that people have to perform.

Who Should buy HEDT CPU, and Who Shouldn’t?

Those who should make use of a HEDT CPU are those who want their computers to be high-end for extreme performance gamers. All current video game players who carry out live broadcasts on different platforms should have all models of this CPU. It is necessary for those who want to modify thousands of images and thus create a single immersive virtual reality simulation.

People who compile music videos on their computers may find this HEDT CPU very useful, especially if they are editing. Currently, this type of processor falls very well for all those who are interested in the subject of mining any cryptocurrency. There are many advantages and reasons why players should purchase this processor as soon as possible.

In the opposite case, those who should not buy a HEDT CPU do not have enough money. People who only want a computer to perform basic tasks and have no interest in video games should not buy this CPU. Depending on the technological needs that a player requires, he must analyze them very well and make a final decision that does not make him lose money.

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What are the Drawbacks of Owning HEDT CPU?

AMD and Intel are the major manufacturers in large numbers of HEDT CPUs and have brought excellent equipment to market. One of the main disadvantages of these CPU processors is that they are usually very expensive, and many people cannot access them. Some models manufactured by Intel or AMD are not adapted to the different tasks of video game players and streamers.

Some models do not have a stock cooler included and neither the thermal paste for IHS. They are highly power-hungry and may not have ECC RAM support. It depends on the manufacturer. 

A HEDT CPU may not present improvements in performance over the previous generation.


People who want to invest in a HEDT platform should be aware from the outset that these CPUs are very expensive. This option is extremely expensive not only from the perspective of a CPU but also from the perspectives of an entire ecosystem. However, if money is no problem, a HEDT CPU that AMD or Intel makes will be the best option to get the most out of it.

Lovers of video games and online streaming should have a HEDT CPU to achieve quality and good speeds. Many different HEDT CPU models are among the best for the year 2021, providing innovations for video games.

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