When Should I Upgrade My CPU?

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The CPU is the unit that gives all the functions to the computer, coming to be considered the brain. Therefore, it is required that it be in good condition for it to perform well. But if the computer is intended for games, that is where it requires greater effort.

That is one of the reasons why gamers often update their computer from time to time. That allows you to purchase parts that can strengthen your CPU to run better and faster. But many times, beginners in these topics do not know when I should upgrade my CPU? Since it is very expensive, you must choose the best parts and install them with caution. With this, you can ensure that this update will be the correct one for the efforts that your games need.

If you are interested in learning everything about when should I upgrade my CPU, you should read on for more information:

What is a CPU upgrade?

Upgrading the CPU is nothing more than changing the part of your central processing unit to fit a new one. This way you will get rid of your old unit and replace it with a new one. This new part will give you much faster functions and make your processor send more efficient addresses.

This process is not very complicated, but it requires some research if you want to do it yourself. However, it is usually done by technology professionals for a better installation. That will ensure that they are in the right place with established connections. And you will be able to install and run as many gaming applications as the new parts you purchased will allow.

This method, although expensive, can cause great satisfaction for those who perform it since they see improvements in their CPU. However, because the companies that update more and more frequently make it difficult to know when is the time to update your CPU.

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How to Choose the Right CPU?

When Should I Upgrade My CPU?

Knowing how to choose the best CPU is important, especially when you are upgrading your old CPU. Because you are looking for much faster clock speeds than the previous ones, another element could be the core count since they can make a lot of difference in the speed of the carried out functions. More if you have a computer dedicated to games because it will give you a much more fluid game.

The CPU you choose will dictate options for your motherboard since a single socket and chipset power processors. Some things to consider are that:

  1. Without a doubt, AMD surpassed Intel, for now, because you will have a great processor and even a cooler for your computer for a lower price, as well as good cores. In games, AMD beat Intel with its latest processor that is much better than the high-end Intel. This is because it has much faster editing functions, but it is possible that with the new update from Intel, this is the other way around.
  2. When it comes to clock speed, core count is important for some activities. Since with this, your computer will work much faster and more efficiently in simple activities and games. At the same time, the cores will help distribute the workloads much better to do them in the shortest possible time.
  3. For your CPU to function at its best, you must have a great working system. Therefore, you recommend combining the processor with an excellent SSD, large RAM, and better graphics cards for your games.

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When Should I Upgrade my CPU?

You, from time to time, must upgrade your CPU so that it matches the other parts. With an update, your CPU will harmonize with your graphics card and thus increase the FPS when you play.

It can be difficult to know when I should upgrade my CPU? Because brands like AMD or Intel tend to evolve very fast. That is why people update in very short periods to have the best in hardware, although this is very expensive.

If you want to know what is causing your CPU to slow down, you can use free software. This software will be in charge of revealing how much load the CPU has and also its graphics card. You will need to run this program in the background while playing the game to check the percentage level of these units. If your CPU reaches 90% to 100% very quickly while the GPU is not the time for you to perform an update.

Will a Better CPU Make My Computer Faster?

Of course! When you perform the CPU update, it will guarantee a better and faster PC. That will make your PC much more robust to support both games and applications and run them much better.

If you only need it for games, the best option to make your computer faster is to update it. Since it will allow greater visualization and execution when you are playing faster, on the contrary, if you use it for simpler activities with the acquisition of a graphic card, you will be able to achieve something similar. However, you must evaluate the needs that you have to achieve greater functions on your computer.

How to make sure that your old PC can handle a new and improved CPU?

These are some tips that you can do:

The first tip is to REPLACE THE OLD HARD DRIVES WITH NEWER DRIVES. If you want to do is make your old computer run faster. Perhaps what you need to do is change your storage drive for more speed. That will make a big difference in the performance and operation of your computer.

Another option you can do is INCREASE THE RAM. Increasing the memory will also help the PC to function by giving it more capacity to save files. Being of great importance for when you run your games or videos, the more RAM you have, the better these applications will work.

In case you are a gamer, a new GPU is better. That will help your games work in the best possible way by being more advanced. However, you will have to see if this new card is compatible with your old CPU.

The benefits of upgrading your computer’s processing power:

The first benefit of having an upgrade is that you won’t waste any more time. Since it will allow your games to run much faster just by having a more solid PC. So you can do daily activities on the computer much faster and in less time.

Another benefit is that this situation will make you update the other parts of your PC much faster. Because having a new CPU will make it necessary to update other parts and achieve higher performance.


Finally, you will have fewer problems with your computer with the update and spend less money on technicians since you will find yourself with the necessary strength to run as many applications as you have.

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