Ultrawide Vs Dual Monitor

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Today, we are going to cover the Ultrawide Vs Dual Monitor in depth. We talk about a few things which you really need to know about monitors. We also recommend which one is best for you under a specific budget.

Ultrawide Vs Dual Monitor

What is Ultrawide Monitor?

Ultrawide monitors are relatively wider in size as compare to other regular-sized Monitors. Ultrawide monitors have a higher aspect ratio of the screen. The aspect ratio in Ultrawide monitors is 21:9. Such a large aspect ratio provides comfort and a more interesting view while using monitors.

Ultrawide monitors provide a theater effect while playing games and watching movies. These ultrawide monitors are useful in multiple screen workings. Using two apps on one screen is one of the most important benefits of an ultrawide monitor.

Ultrawide monitors are the same as Normal monitors but with an upgrade of a widescreen. Ultrawide monitors provide a more realistic experience of games and movies. Furthermore, these monitors are also very handy in doing multiple tasking.



Approximately every Ultrawide monitor allows multiple windows on one screen with a wide display. With a few options and clicks, you can customize the settings according to requirements.


Modern ultrawide monitors are supported by high resolution and video quality and contain HDR and 4K displays. These displays provide a more realistic experience on Ultrawide monitors.


The viewing angle of almost every Ultrawide monitor is very large. Ultrawide monitors are expended horizontally but vertically their aspect is almost the same.


Most Ultrawide monitors are flat screened but some of them are curved also. Curve shape Ultrawide curved monitors are normally used for gaming, whereas flat monitors are used for official works etc.


The position of modern Ultrawide screens is adjustable and is only possible in a vertical direction. Position adjustment in the horizontal direction is not needed.


  • Smart size
  • Easy to use
  • Brighter resolution


  • Not comfortable for every user

What is Dual Monitor?

A dual monitor system is an arrangement in which two monitors are operated with one processing unit. This is an old method. The benefit of this method is that it allows the multiwindow of a computer at a single time. When two monitors relate to each other than their aspect ratio also becomes 16:9.

Furthermore, for connectivity of multiple monitors with a single processing unit additional cards are needed to be installed in the processing unit. In a dual monitor system, more than two monitors are also connected.

Moreover, the Dual monitor setup is a little tricky, but it has a little benefit. You can align the screens in vertical as well as horizontal directions. The modern dual monitor system is ultra-thin and is mounted on stands. Most of the dual monitor system contains infinity display with 4K resolution.



Dual Monitors can be aligned in many directions. You can change the direction of monitors, like the way you feel comfortable. Aligning vertical, horizontal position is not difficult in dual monitors system.


Dual Monitor allows users to perform many tasks at the same time and is known as multi-tasking. You can observe Reference Code, deal Mails, web surfing at the same time without minimizing to windows on the taskbar.


Stack setup is possible in almost every modern dual monitor screen. In this setup, one screen is mounted over another. This setup is more likely a “Vertical setup”. This setup is very comfortable to use as compared to a horizontal setup.


In a Dual monitor setup, you can shut down one screen if you are not using it.  Switching one screen into two or vice versa is a very good and beneficial option in a Dual monitor setup.


Dual monitors also contain high resolution 4K display. You can even set up two monitors of different resolutions in Dual monitors’ setup.


  • Adjustable in any alignment
  • Setup is a little tricky
  • Provide ease in multi-tasking


  • Sometimes setting monitors’ direction may annoy the user.

Ultrawide Vs Dual Monitor

 Comaprison #1 

Ultrawide monitors are very handy because it provides a widescreen view with a high aspect ratio of 16:9. Whereas, dual monitors provide an aspect ratio of 16:9 with the help of two screens.

 Comaprison #2 

There is no need to align the angle of the screen in ultrawide monitors. Whereas, screen angle setup is needed in dual monitors because the widescreen is split into two parts.

 Comaprison #3 

You can only enjoy the horizontal screen only in the case of an ultrawide screen. Whereas, in a dual monitor setup you can set up the screen in the horizontal and vertical direction.

 Comaprison #4 

Setup of Ultrawide screen is not difficult whereas the setup of Dual monitor is very tricky.

 Comaprison #5 

You cannot turn off the half side of the Ultrawide monitor, whereas, you can easily turn off one monitor in a dual monitor setup while you are not using it.

Both of the monitor setups are perfect at their places. But Dual monitor setup is one hand ahead of the Ultrawide monitor system. The reason that Dual monitor setup provides a variety of features, but the ultrawide monitor is just an ordinary monitor which wide-ratio aspects.

Furthermore, you can adjust the position of double monitors according to the comfort of your neck. Ultrawide monitor does not provide this feature. So that’s why we conclude that the modern Double monitor setup is a winner!

See This Video For More Information:


In the modern world, every work is performed on Monitors. So, Ultrawide and Dual monitors are considered very beneficial ones in the modern world. Both monitors provide ease in working. People did not have to switch between different tabs. One screen is large enough for the opening of different tabs.

Ultrawide monitors provide a large scale view experience and such monitors are very useful for gaming and other activities. Furthermore, Dual monitors provide ease of access to official working. Just open two or more tabs and reduce the time of working. Dual monitors and Ultrawide monitors have a wide range of applications regarding computer working.

You can now mail, watch the video, and perform work on a single screen due to the blessing of Ultrawide monitor. Whereas, Dual monitors can allow you to perform different tasks on two screens, but the positive point is that you can arrange a monitor position anywhere or in any direction on your desk.

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