TN Vs IPS Which is Better for Gaming?

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Being a gamer, I know how important it is to get the right and high-end gaming monitor for gaming. Normally beginners in gaming do not know about TN Vs IPS gaming monitor. What they need to pick and why.

Definitely, both have their own pros and cons but what you are looking for the matter. While picking the monitor we also focus on our budget and things get settled according to that.

Twisted Nematic (TN) Panel

When we talk about old monitors, TN panel technology is being used at that time. But it is still popular in the right now era as it is cheaper than other technology. People get this option because they don’t have any other option and it is only the high-end technology at that time.

Talk about some of the Pros which you get in the Twisted Nematic panel is:

  • It rotated 90 degrees easily
  • Take less power than other display
  • High brightness in low conditions
  • Cheaper than other latest display
  • Good refresh rate, which is good for gaming

Some of the cons which you probably see:

  • Pretty old technology
  • Not good for your eyes
  • Not good for long hours of gaming
  • 18 bits of color, which limited

In-Panel Switching (IPS) Panel

We are in the modern era and playing the latest games which we did not see 5 or 10 years before. As games becoming more latest we have to pick the gadgets and products which is latest and make a great combination with it.

In fact, these things can improve your gaming experience and if you are planning to become a gamer in a professional you have to go with the flow.

IPS displays the latest technology which we are seeing in the gaming monitors and it’s pretty expensive compare to TN panels. But of course, good things are not cheaper.

IPS display did not harm your eyes at all and it is providing a liquid crystal display which is the point of its demand.

Talking about its pros we are interesting to see:

  • Providing a better color combination
  • Providing more quality and wider angles
  • You also see gray-scale performance
  • Responsive then other displays

Some of the cons which you need to know about IPS display:

  • Expensive
  • Lower response or refresh time if you go with the cheap one

TN Vs IPS Which is Better for Gaming?


Now you know what is TN Panels and what is IPS panels or displays. But you still might be confused about which you need to pick. Still, you want to know about TN Vs IPS displays.

 TN Vs IPS Display 

I prefer you to pick IPS display panels for your gaming experience. As it is expensive but it is worth buying.

I personally using IPS display and if you are looking for monitors for PS4 Slim then I also have a guide for you.

[wps_table style=”stripped-dark”]
FeaturesTN DisplayIPS Display
Refresh TimeNot GoodBetter
Response TimeGoodBetter


In the end, I just want to say you that if you have a budget and you want a good experience for a long-term IPS display is good to go. On the other hand, if you are a beginner and not just really want to spend long hours gaming then TN display is the real deal for you. But once you make a habit of gaming then you can upgrade it.

Feel Free to drop questions if you have any after reading this.

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