How to Stream from Nintendo Switch on Twitch?

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Stream from Nintendo Switch on Twitch

Are you interested in doing a stream from Nintendo Switch on Twitch? Well, Here you find the complete method.

Since Nintendo consoles create with their iconic games, many people have spent long recreating and living adventures. In the early days, home computers came with a series of cables next to the controls that had to be connected to the television to have a resolution of the game and play it, such as the unforgettable Nintendo 64. But, as the game technology progressed, the company evolved to the point of creating portable and practical consoles for all its users, some even with 3D.

However, this is not enough. It is no secret to anyone that all of us, whoever had and played on Nintendo portable consoles, wanted to transmit it to see it from the comfort of a larger monitor. And that is how we can get deeper into the game, and have a better perception of what we are playing. For users who have a Nintendo Switch, this will not be a problem, since they relatively have it at their fingertips, if they have the requirements for it.

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How to Stream from Nintendo Switch on Twitch?

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch does not have an APP to connect it directly to twitch, unlike the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but this will not be a problem, here we are ready to help you. Those who want to try this streaming will have to invest in some software and hardware, in addition to an order and HDMI cables. Please read the following guidelines carefully to have an excellent trouble-free result:

 Tools You Need: 
  • A Nintendo Switch with its indispensable dock.
  • A super good internet connection, since the faster it is, the better it will be for you.
  • The also important Computer, whether laptop or desktop, the more power the processor has, and the better resolution you will get on Twitch. However, any computer with a Windows or macOS system will work for you.
  • A monitor or TV with an HDMI cable will be the same one that will use to connect the dock to the display.
  • A video recorder, since if your main idea is to broadcast it again, you will have to record it, since unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch does not have an app for it either. One of the most recommended is the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S, being the most handled by streamers since it supports 1080p and 60 frames per second.
  • Finally, third-party software will help us send the retransmission. In Google, we will find several that can help us. Some of the best known are OBS Studio or XSplit

OPTIONAL: Webcam and Headphones with microphone, the first in case you want to incorporate an image of yourself into the transmission and the second to have a higher video quality.

Stream on Twitch – Complete Method

  • Place the Nintendo Switch on the dock. The console needs to be positioned in the dock since the HDMI cable will use.
  • Plug the Nintendo into the Video Capture. Look at the HDMI cable that goes from the Nintendo to the television, disconnect it and insert it into the input port that is marked with the IN signaling of the Capturer.
  • Connect the Capturer to the Monitor. Find the Output Port with the OUT signal of the Capturer and connect its respective HDMI cable to the Monitor.
  • Link the Capturer to the computer. With the respective USB cable, we will connect it to one of our computer ports. Both the audio and the video will send through the cable to the computer, sending the signal to Twitch.
  • Install the OBS or any Live Streaming Software and connect it to our Twitch account. Let’s get started!

How to link the software to the twitch account?

  1. When installing the Software to the computer, you must link it with the Twitch account. When you log in, go to the control panel, then enter settings, click on the transmission part and enter services, where you will proceed to place the number in the space indicated.
  2. From here, you need to position your Nintendo Switch to make it a media source. Following these necessary steps:
  3. In the OBS application, click the left mouse button (anywhere on the page) and enter the video capture device option.
  4. You will need to name this new layer species accordingly each time you add one. The menu that gives you find the device, could you select and press accept?
  5. On the OBS page, a kind of box should appear that shows the live video of your Nintendo Switch, and there you can adjust its size and position as you see fit using the computer mouse.
  6. Suppose you have a Webcam to obtain your images and place them in the video. In that case, you must have it connected and perform the previous steps to add them to the video capture devices, this being another option from the initial menu. By doing this, your image will appear, which you can adjust to the Nintendo’s live video.
  7. If you use headphones or a microphone, the OBS should detect them immediately as soon as you plug them in, and at the bottom of the OBS software, you can adjust their volume levels.
  8. At the end of this, and you are ready to start the transmission, you have to press the lower right part to start transmission by frequency. AND READY. You will transmit in the best possible way.

With this, you will have an excellent transmission, following the letter’s steps and having each of the necessary tools. Each of these steps is described in the best possible way to avoid mistakes and problems for your teams, especially in being a beginner. If you want to upload it to portals such as YouTube, keep in mind that there may be Copyright.

How to stream from Nintendo switch on twitch without Capture Card?

That is unfortunately not possible. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch console does not contain an internal application that can facilitate streaming or broadcasts, unlike other consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, mentioned above. For any transmission, either on Twitch or any other APP using Nintendo Switch, it is necessary to have a video capture device.

On Google, specifically on YouTube, several videos believe they can solve this great and significant problem for game players starting and do not have the production, or the necessary equipment. The very deplorable reality is that to carry out this procedure, you must acquire a video recorder.

The good news is that there are different types and different prices where you can buy the best one according to the market to your needs. Remember that this is an investment that will last, so we recommend making a good decision.

Always look for the best equipment to have the best quality streaming and have many visits on your channels. And visit techinbucket for more valuable guides to grow your channel.

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