Screen Dims on Dark Background

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Screen Dims on Dark Background

Windows 10 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft and has many new features. It was unveiled in 2014 and officially launched to use publically in 2015- now, Windows 10 can do what you want much faster than before.

In some cases, the screens are dimmed on the dark background Windows 10 desktop and present moments of despair. If a person is faced with these screen dims, they can easily solve this problem. People should check the viewing window to get the “Adjust brightness” option in the upper left corner.

From this site, you can make changes to the brightness level to activate or deactivate the different options that the computer has. Windows 10 users who have these screen dimming problems should know that they can solve them without problems.

Why does Windows 10 keep dimming?

If Windows 10 continues to dim, people will have to open the control panel and go beyond the power options. From here, they will have to verify the preferred plans and make a few sets of each of them at the high-performance level. Subsequently, click on the option to change the plan settings (change in advanced power settings).

On the screen, while the screen is expanding, it will turn off adaptive brightness. What can be done if a computer screen keeps dimming Windows 10? It is a very common question among people. Fortunately, they will not have to worry as many official operating system agent websites provide effective and secure solutions.

How Do you Stop Screen Dimming on Windows 10?

All computer screens have a backlight that is responsible for determining how dim they are. The brightness of the displays will range from the very dim to the most exceptionally bright. It depends on how people have configured their workstations and how much light will be in the room. The user is free to choose how bright it will be.

The brightness can change directly from a keyboard, the buttons of a monitor, and the operating systems’ configuration. Cases often occur where the screen in Windows 10 gets dimmed, and users fall into a state of despair. However, this is a common thing with a very easy and simple solution that anyone can apply and solve.

Through the helper web pages in the operating systems and even in the official Windows sites, solutions can obtain. These come in lists and with very detailed instructions to apply them in the best way.

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Why Does My Screen Brightness Keep Dimming?

If the screen brightness of a Windows 10 operating system laptop keeps dimming or brightening, it may be a different problem. If the user went through all the basic steps to fix screen dimming and remains the same, it may be a software or hardware issue. Hardware problems probably require laptops to be serviced by specialists for a more professional diagnosis.

Software problems can be solved by the same people trying the various solutions found on the internet. Many times the screens tend to dim randomly and even continue to do so all the time. That in itself is not a problem classified as serious since it will not affect the programs, tasks, and systems on the computer (portable or fixed).

Although not a big problem, these dimmers can annoy and distract users. To prevent these faults, all the advice given by specialists for hardware and software can apply.

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How to Disable Auto Screen Dimming?

People will need to open the settings, click on the options system icon, and then click on the “Display” option. That is on the left side, and there you can check the brightness levels and make some changes as required. This disabling of the color and brightness options settings will help resolve the Windows 10 screen dimming problems.

Laptops commonly come with sensors that help check the ambient light in a room. If this light changes, the sensors will change automatically, adjusting the brightness of the displays to suit the light level. This particular feature is called “adaptive brightness” and may be responsible for some screen dimming or brightness.

The official Windows websites offer a step guide to do these disables quickly, safely, and very easily. They are divided into several very well specified steps so that the processes are completely complete and help solve problems.

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How Do I Stop My Screen from Dimming? – Steps By Step

People must follow a series of steps to completely prevent screens from going dark and interrupting the development of activities. One of them is to click on the left panel and then choose to turn off the window setting editing screen. Clicking “now” will change all advanced power settings and open power options dialogs.

Users will need to expand the screens, and adaptive brightness enabled; also, select the off button. Another step that people can do is to run the power troubleshooters in Windows 10. This operating system has troubleshooters that help fix problems with high power consumption.

The steps to follow are: open the control panel and use the drop-down menu at the top to change the view of the icons. Then, click on “troubleshooting” and then where it says “see all.” As a final step, you can run the energy problem solver and apply all the recommended corrections.


The problems with Windows 10 displays have simple solutions that can be found in a few minutes of research. These display issues usually occur when playing games or other graphics-heavy tasks. The best way to avoid these is by keeping the system cool and giving it time to rest before running your favorite game again.

Screen dimming is a problem that can be fixed with the right know-how. Microsoft has some good resources for anyone who needs more information about this issue, and they have also published an in-depth article on how to get started fixing screen problems such as dimming.

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