How to Reduce CPU Usage While Streaming or Gaming?

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Reduce CPU Usage While Streaming

The CPU is a fundamental part of the computer since it is considered the brain. It depends on this that the pc can perform the functions that should find in the computer. But, sometimes, it can happen that when making transmissions or the game is running, the CPU can perform slow activities.

For this situation, it is recommended that you know how to reduce CPU usage to find a solution and make transmissions. The CPU, through instructions, uses the graphic card and the ram for the games and the transmissions. For this, you must have a good processor so that both units can work excellently.

But as you have too many applications or games, the processor slows down which causes streams to become much slower and take both times to open. That is commonly due to your CPU being overloaded with functions and not able to keep up. Here’s what you need to do in order for your computer to speed back up again.

Does CPU affect streaming?

A question that many people ask is that if, for transmission, the CPU or the GPU should matter more? And the answer is that both. But more important for the realization of the transmissions is the operation and the speed of the CPU.

Therefore, to carry out your transmissions, the first thing to consider is that your priority should have a strong CPU. That becomes much more important if you stream and play games using the same settings. And even an example of this is that the largest game streams do it with two CPUs. Here is how important it is to have a unit of this type that is completely solid.

To stream your games, you must make sure you have a good CPU before a GPU. Since although it is the GPU that gives quality to the images, it is the CPU’s priority to send such images to the transmissions. Therefore, although both things have and denote their importance, the CPU is much more significant.

So if you require a pc for these functions, you should consider purchasing a CPU with the necessary characteristics. In this way, you will make all the transmissions you want, and you will not have any inconvenience.

How Do I Reduce CPU Usage When Streaming?

If you want to reduce CPU usage while streaming, the first thing you have to do is stop running those programs in the background. This should be done when you are transmitting so that the CPU lightens its load.

Step 1:

To do this, you will have to right-click on the taskbar to open the task manager.

Step 2:

Once you do, go to processes and right-click on the programs you want to let run. You have to make sure that they just shut down the run because otherwise, it may damage the operating system.

Step 3:

at startup, you can also prevent programs from running secondary while you broadcast. You allow the CPU to send addresses to the processor to execute only the transmission you want to make.

With these simple steps, you will make your CPU run its transmissions much faster since it is common for it to be overloaded with running programs in the background. And this causes streams or games to stick or take time to open and run. Therefore, if you still do not have a good and solid CPU, this is the most optimal and easy way you can do it.

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How Do I Make OBS Use Less CPU?

These are the steps you should take to reduce CPU usage from obs, which is the way most used by many people.

Step 1:

You will owe your stream absorbs and navigate to your settings. Once you are there, enter the output section to make the following changes:

  1. To begin, you will need to set the output mode to advanced
  2. Once you do, you have to configure the preset encoder in NVENC. If you have an Nvidia GPU competently strong to take some load off your CPU
  3. The next thing is that the transmission resolution will have to be reduced to 720p to relieve the CPU load.
  4. Also, try setting the frequency control to CBR, which means constant bit rate
  5. Finally, set the keyframe interval to 2 seconds

Step 2:

The next thing you need to do is set the scale-down filter to bicubic or bilinear. In this way, you will achieve that the CPU has less load and can work better.

Step 3:

As the last step, you have to enter the advanced section. In this part, you must set the priority of the process to high or above normal.

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How Do I Optimize my Computer for Streaming?

You have to consider that your hard drive may be full of files that you don’t want, which can cause CPU lags. Therefore you must eliminate them correctly to lighten the load that the unit may have.

You can remove them manually, or you can use programs that take care of the cleaning. These programs are a great option because they automatically keep your computer clean. While manually, you have to enter% temp% to delete the files. In the search for taskbars, you must press the enter key to open a folder full of files, which you must remove all.

You can delete your temporary files manually, or you can use pc cleaning programs, such as CCleaner. These applications are usually the best option, as they will automatically keep your hard drive clean. To manually delete your temp files, enter% temp% in taskbar search and hit enter. A new folder will open in which you must delete everything and then proceed to empty the trash.

In this way, your CPU will optimize and with less load, allowing a more fluid transmission. Therefore it is always recommended that you have automatic cleaning, which will allow you to keep your hard drive clean.

Which CPU is Best for Streaming?

Currently, there are many CPUs to carry out transmissions of different qualities and prices. You will choose based on the needs you require, the level of transmission you want to reach, the type of game you want to transmit, the type of quality, and which graphics card you will use.

All these are items that you should consider to acquire a CPU that is useful to you. Since to make transmissions, you will need a graphics card with high resolution and a CPU with a large processor.

It can be set to 720p / 30fps with a low bitrate when it comes to casual streaming. You will be able to use almost any modern CPU that contains four cores and eight threads as a minimum for it to work.

While for serious streamers, 720p / 30 fps at 2,500 kbps is sadly not enough. If you do not need a CPU to operate your high-bit rate 1080p streams, a capable CPU with many cores will be of great help.

Some of the best CPUs are:

  • The CPU that has an entry-level for streaming: Amdryzen 3 3300x
  • Budget-friendly CPU for streaming: Amdryzen 3 3300x
  • The CPU for mid-range transmissions: Amdryzen 7 3700x
  • The intel CPU for streaming: intel core i9-10900k
  • Conventional CPU for streaming: Amdryzen 9 3950x
  • The CPU for broadcasts and workstations: Amdryzen 3960x thread ripper

What is a Good CPU Percentage?

A normal percentage of CPU when idle is 2-4%. While when moderate games are played, it is between 10% and 30% and up to 70% if they are very demanding games. It’s 100% found when the work you do is sharp and rendered.

An example is that when it is found on youtube, the percentage can reach between 5% and 15% at most. But this will depend as much on the quality of the CPU as the browser and even the quality of the video.

You should be aware that there are factors that can determine the percentage of CPU usage. Among them and the one that affects the most is the graphics card and more if it is to be used in-game transmissions. If you have a graphics card that is not integrated into the CPU and is dedicated to games, the CPU will have part of the work. But this mode will give him less load so that he can cool down and not overheat.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the CPU idle percentage is the same with almost any operating system. Although it is not the same figure, everyone agrees that regardless of the CPU and the system, it is always less than 10%. Therefore this would be the average and the way to know if your unit is in good condition.


The popularity of online game streams has been increasing exponentially and with it the demand for CPUs. However, if you’re just starting out in streaming or are on a budget, don’t worry! There’s plenty of ways to get started without shelling out hundreds.

There are many things to consider when it comes to transmission at a high quality. When you demand more from your transmissions, the risks of failures increase exponentially. This is where selecting an appropriate transmitter can help aid in this complication and ensure that your work continues uninterrupted without unnecessary losses or delays due to equipment failure.

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