How To Use One Mouse For Two Monitors?

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How To Use One Mouse For Two Monitors?

Do you have two desktops and you are wondering how to use a single mouse for both of them?  If yes, then keep reading the article as we will provide you proper assistance regarding the operating of a single mouse on a double screen with step by step method. 

You’ve most likely seen an arrangement comprising one PC with two screens. This may have inspired you by seeing the person operating a mouse cursor from one screen to the edge of the other screen.

Benefits Of Using Two Monitors:

Now a question arises that what is the purpose of using two monitors’ screens at a single time? Here’s the answer! The utilization of a double screen PC is getting more famous in workplaces, especially as the PC turns into a more focal element of our work environment. It is easier and comfortable to look onto two screens which enhances focus and productivity. Also, when you are using dual monitors, sharing data becomes more manageable. Therefore we can say that two monitors benefit your working capability to a higher rate.

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How To Use One Mouse For Two Monitors?

Follow the below-mentioned steps, and you are ready to work on dual monitor screens.

  • For the first step, right-click on any empty area of your desktop. You will see an option of “Properties” at the bottom of the menus.
  • Click on “Settings” then “Display properties”. Link or connect both of your monitor screens utilizing this feature
  • Now you will see your second PC in the list of “Display” option. 
  • Hit on your second monitor option and choose “Extend my windows desktop onto this monitor.” Then click “OK” to complete the operation.
  • For the last step, randomly use your mouse between the two monitor screens to ensure that your cursor corresponds with both the PCs.

Apart from the above steps, several applications are available to manage two computer screens with one mouse pointer. A few of them will be discussed below:


Synergy is a well-known program used to manage more than one computer screen at a time. All you need to do is buy the application for $30, and you will receive a download link. After installing the program, restart your computer to proceed to the next steps. 

Once you have completed the entire requirement, you will have the option to utilize the PC’s mouse on both monitors. Drag it to the edge of your virtual PC’s screen, and it will smoothly bounce on over to your other PC, as they were a similar machine.

Share Mouse

It is an incredible application that will allow you to connect your mouse to more than one monitor screen. This application can manage up to nine PCs at one time. Share Mouse connects your mouse to several PCs by utilizing your current network association.

You can move your mouse cursor to any screen of any PC consistently. Move the mouse pointer to the PC you wish to control. There is no manual change to flip or toggle to switch PC monitors.

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