MacBook Pro Not Detecting Dell Monitor

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Is your MacBook Pro Not Detecting Dell Monitor? If yes, then you are in right place. Connecting MacBook with Dell Monitor is a good choice but sometimes it seems difficult to connect both. The reason is that both devices are of different brands. But recently MacBook Pro updates its software and now is easy to connect it with Dell Monitors.

You can now connect Dell Monitors with MacBook pro simply with the help of an adaptor and a display cable. Little display settings are also needed for the smooth connection between both devices. Sometimes it might be possible that your MacBook does not detect the dell monitor. There are many reasons behind the MacBook Pro Not Detecting Dell Monitor.  All reasons are also stated in upcoming sections of the guide.

MacBook Pro Not Detecting Dell Monitor

Connection of MacBook Pro with Dell Monitor via Cable

MacBooks are very easy to connect with Dell Monitor with the help of Cables. On the back lower side of the Dell Monitor, you will see a Mini-display cable slot. All you need for the connection is a cable whose one end contains DisplayPort and another end contains mini-DisplayPort.Here you will get a stepwise guide that helps you in connection with MacBook Pro with Dell Monitor with the help of a cable.

 Step #1 

1. Power to Dell Monitor

For the perfect connection of the Dell monitor, turn on the Dell Monitor first by giving a proper power source. This helps MacBook Pro in detecting Dell monitor faster. You can give power to Dell Monitor by regular power cable which suitable for your respective Dell Monitor.

 Step #2 

2. Turn on the MacBook Pro

Power on the MacBook Pro before connecting it to the dell monitor via a cable. This develops the smooth connection between the MacBook Pro and Dell Monitor and prepares the MacBook Pro as well before connectivity with the Dell Monitor. This will also help in the smooth detection of Dell Monitor.

 Step #3 

3. Display Cable Arrangement

Take a display cable whose one end contains a Mini-display port of 60Hz, and another end contains a Regular display port of 60Hz. Insert Mini-display port in the Dell monitor while the monitor is on. Arrangement of another end of Display cable is very with Regular display port is little tricky so we have another section for this trick and is stated below.

 Step #4 

4. Adaptor Attachment With Display Port

As we all know the MacBook does not have any display ports or any other ports. So all you have to do is connect an adopter, whose one end contains a slot for DisplayPort of cable and other ends contain type C port. MacBook Pro supports only type C port for video display.

So, arrange and connect the Display port of cable with the slot of the adapter and insert type C port in MacBook pro. Once the arrangement is done you will see a screen of the MacBook on Dell Monitor. You can also connect other accessories with MacBook pro like an external mouse etc.

 Step #5 

5. Arrangement of the Display

Once set up is arranged between the MacBook and Dell Monitor and MacBook start giving display to Dell Monitor then arrange the display settings. Go to display settings and select the suitable option which shows the best match between monitor and MacBook Pro display.

Fixing Connections

If you follow the above-mentioned steps and still your MacBook Pro Not detecting Dell Monitor. Check out the connections between the MacBook and Dell Monitor. Following connections needing to be fixed if you found that your MacBook Pro is not detecting Dell monitors.

  • Check the port and slot of an adopter.
  • Check whether adopter wire contains any cut or not.
  • Check the ports of the display cable and the condition of the wire.
  • Check the display Slot of Dell Monitor
  • Check the display output slot of the MacBook.

After checking if you find any issue in any of the above-mentioned connections then try to fix it. Fixing or replacing is the best option if the adaptor and display contain any disorder. Once every connection is fixed then again try the steps for connection of MacBook with Dell Monitor Via cable which are stated above.

Fixing By Software Updates

Check the software updates of your MacBook Pro because the latest updates of MacBook pro allow connection with Dell Monitors. For updating first connect the Dell Monitor with MacBook pro via cable. Go to the Apple menu and click on the App store. Select Update in the App store windows. From the App store install MAC OS which is registered there. This develops a stable connection between the MacBook Pro and Dell Monitor. This allows MacBook Pro in detecting Dell monitors.

Checking Display Resolution

If you found that the display on Dell Monitor is not like MacBook Pro. Then change the display settings from MacBook Pro. Set the display resolution according to requirement. This setting will provide a fine display on Dell Monitor just like MacBook pro. If you detach the screen resolution settings of MacBook Pro reset to default.


Well, if MacBook Pro Not Detecting Dell Monitor, then simple measures can fix this issue. Connecting MacBook Pro with Dell Monitor is a good choice because Dell Monitor contains 4K resolution screen and high performance in working.

Furthermore, certain issues affect the detection of the MacBook Pro for Dell Monitor. These issues are simple to fix. If a certain cable or adaptor is damaged, then replacing the cable is also another option. If detection between both devices is established, when both devices are switched on, then it helps in connectivity a lot. Simple connectivity by the help of wire provides a smooth connection between MacBook Pro and Dell Monitor.

Updates in MacBook Pro also fixes the issue and allows Dell Monitor connectivity. Resolution settings will provide a perfect display. Resolution settings are also be performed on MacBook.

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