How to Install Steam Games on an External SSD?

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Having an external SSD is a good thing because in this way you can keep your data secure and safe While doing other things on your laptop or PC. People buy the external SSD’s because their actual storage is not enough to handle their specific work.

While talking about gaming, I personally as a gamer have an SSD that I kept for my personal use and save my games most of the time. Because we all know games have data in GB’s and they keep most of the space when you download and after downloading when you install them.

How to Install Steam Games on an External SSD?

How to Install Steam Games on an External SSD?

You must have a steam library installed in your system and use it for buying new games and playing in your free time. And know you bought an external SSD but you don’t know how to transfer or install new and old games in that storage device.

Well, here we share a complete method in which we answer about How to install steam games on an external SSD? And walk you through every step like a baby.

  • First of all, plug in your external device with your computer, You know that well 🙂
  • Open your steam library
  • Go to the library option that you able to find in the menu
  • Select the game you want to install on your external drive
  • Right-click on that and choose the option to “Install Game”
  • A new pop window opens where you need to click the drop-down of “choose a location for install”
  • Select the option of an external drive that you see in the drop-down
  • Once you click that a new pop window open and where you need to create a new folder
  • Create the folder and select that folder and click “Next”
  • Once you did it, it starts installing the game in your external SSD
  • Once it is done click on Finish

And that’s it, your game is successfully installed in your external SSD within a few minutes, well, depending on your game size. You can double-check the install game in your external storage easily.

How to Install Steam Games on the External Hard Drive?

Well, if you have an external hard drive and you might think about the whole process regarding installing steam games on your drive. Well, I am happy to tell you that the process of installing games for this is also the same. You can follow the same process that I explain above and keep using and enjoying your favourite games at any time.

How to install Steam Games on an External Hard Drive Mac?

The above method if for Windows users and if you are one of those Mac lovers then this is the method that you can follow in your MacBook and install or move your favourite games on an external hard drive in mac.

  • In Steam Preferences > Downloads you can specify an alternate library folder. Just make a new folder named SteamLibrary on your external drive and choose it
  • Select a game to install
  • Install your game as usual
  • Open and play your game

Over Takeaways:

This simple method is helpful for every single person even you are not an expert or any tech geek, Just simply follow the whole process and start using it. Although you need to keep an eye on your storage limit because these devices have very limited space that you can use. And large games take more space when you regularly play them and save them.

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