How to Connect MacBook Air to Monitor Wirelessly?

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Today we are going to cover How to Connect MacBook Air to Monitor Wirelessly? in a simple way. And this way is not much technical so anyone can easily do this.

Sometimes it sounds like a lot of fun for people to think about wanting to view their MacBook screen on an external monitor. Besides, they can perform this action wirelessly to a flat-screen monitor of television as well. That is possible thanks to wireless video transmitters connected to the computer and send a powerful wireless signal so that the monitors or screens capture and display the image.

There are a wide variety of devices. Therefore, people must compare each of their characteristics very well to know which the best is. Once the MacBook Air is connected to a monitor, people can enjoy viewing photos, videos, and even being able to surf the internet. Connecting a MacBook Air to an external monitor is one of the most interesting options for all those who want to increase productivity to the maximum.

No matter what type of MacBook models they are, they allow people to expand the possibilities of connection to new screens. People should know that the possibility of using an old monitor or buying a new one is something they should consider if they have a MacBook. Many options are available for people to expand their MacBook screens and extend them to other monitors and even flat-screen TVs.

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How to Connect MacBook Air to Monitor Wirelessly?

How to Connect MacBook Air to Monitor Wirelessly

People can do a variety of methods to get a MacBook Air plugged into an external monitor. They only have to evaluate which of these methods is the most appropriate and feasible according to their case or problem. The great advantage that Apple offers is that any of the MacBook can be connected to a monitor or screen regardless of brands or models.

 Step #1 

Use Airplay to Connect to a Monitor

People will connect an external monitor to a MacBook Air from the same Wi-Fi network without any problem. If you want to use Airplay to connect the monitor, they must be connected and affiliated with the same wireless network. People can refer to the user manual or the monitor manufacturer’s website to connect to one of the Wi-Fi networks.

Before starting, people should make sure that the monitor and the MacBook are fully turned on. Airplay can connect any wireless monitor (Smart TV, Apple TV, or download devices).

 Step #2 

Set Screen Resolution

On a MacBook Air, people will need to click on the Apple icon in the menu bar. After a process, they must select “Scaled” to select one of the external monitor’s screen resolutions. People will also select a specific resolution for their monitors; keep in mind that some icons may change along with the spacing.

 Step #3 

Use the Monitor as an Extended Screen

The “Duplicate Screen” option is right in the lower right-hand corner of the “Screens” window. With this amazing mode, people will use an outdoor monitor as a fully extended screen without any problem. This option allows people to move objects and applications found on the MacBook Air screen.

 Step #4 

Change Your Primary Screen

If people want to change the primary screen, they will have to drag the white bar at the top. Both the MacBook and the monitor will blink on and off for a few seconds to adjust to the new preferences set. The screen configured as primary will be the default monitor where the applications will be opened.

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