How Much FPS Can My Monitor Display?

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At the graphic level, video games and visual content, in general, require several FPS or Frames per Second figure, which are developed for the visual development of the content presented. Not all monitors have the same image development capabilities, so it is essential to know this information when looking for a high level of FPS.

Monitors vary a lot in these specifications and, if you need a high level of graphics display, you have to check the availability of options presented from the FPS. Many monitors that vary in this characteristic tend to be compatible with most computers, but it is also another element that must consult to avoid installation errors.

If you still cannot find the correct alternative, you can find the monitor you need with the appropriate FPS.

What is FPS Mode on the Monitor?

How Much FPS Can My Monitor Display?

FPS, also known as Frames Per Second, is highly relevant in revealing breakthrough graphics within the world of video games and animated images. In terms of figures, they are taken as the framerate of a video game, the number of consecutive images seen on the screen every second while the game is developing.

When watching any video, the sequence of frames is being given at a higher speed, which does not allow us to notice it and only perceive the movement of the images. The images are still and displayed very quickly, so movement is always perceived, given by a speed determined by the FPS.

At present, this has a greater role in video games, but it has a history from the cinema, very notable in old films where it was possible to notice the sequence of images. Now the cinema films have a recording of 24 FPS and, in digital cinema, there is a presence of 30 FPS or others.

When playing video games, the FPS are given in real-time according to the graphics card’s capabilities of the computer or console, the images being viewed instantly on the monitor. If there are many FPS in a game, the movements are shown more fluidly, so the higher the framerate, the better the views of the movements.

That is why it becomes essential to know the amount of FPS available for certain game genres because if the framerate is constant, the experience will be better. However, when the framerate drops, which can be sudden, the image will slow down and not be in real-time, which can be crucial for certain games and their graphics consumption.

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How to know FPS of Monitor?

There are several ways to know the frequency of hz that a monitor has, which are the following:

  • Enter operating system settings

You have to right-click on the desktop with Windows computers, then go to Display Settings. In this section, the Advanced Screen Configuration is selected, showing all the quality measurement information expressed in Hz.

  • Additional tools

There are always applications that help know this information for free such as UFO Test and Vsync Tester. Both work online, calculating the Hz just by entering the website. Thus, it is possible to know how many FPS have the computer where the application in question has been opened.

  • Consult the manufacturer

The manufacturer’s specifications are always public, essential when buying a new monitor, such information being on the manufacturer’s website. Thus, you can have the Hz data, and these are instantly passed to the FPS; An example of this is the 60hz monitors with 60 FPS.

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How many FPS can a 60hz monitor display?

Many of the known monitors present a 60hz operation since this is presented as the main or essential resolution in known monitors, the minor ones being a little slower in the image’s projection. Based on this, it stands out that these monitors have 60 FPS, having a ‘gap’ of 16.66 ms between each of the FPS found.

All these figures are associated with the refresh rate essential for the graphics to be adapted to the quality of the image.

How much FPS can a 75hz monitor display?

In this case, it stands out that 75hz monitors present higher performance than 60hz so that several video games can work with their 75 FPS ratio. However, for those looking for a more appropriate performance against next-generation graphics, this type of monitor does not stand out as the best available.

How much FPS does a 144hz monitor display?

The refresh rate of a 144hz monitor is 144 FPS, which is a great help for video editing jobs or video games that demand high image quality to show actions in real-time. Many famous gamers use these types of screens, which have excellent image quality in the most prominent details found in the graphics of new games.

How many FPS can a 165hz monitor display?

Finally, it is highlighted that 165hz monitors are among the best found, among the most basic, for image quality in video games or for viewing audiovisual content. Its 165 FPS helps to make the sequence of the images the most appropriate in high-end video games or, of course, in those that are very simple and have become famous today.

Some alternatives are greater than the range of this and the monitors mentioned above, but it is up to each person to take the monitor with the FPS that are considered preferable.

Having a large amount of refresh rate allows short- or long-term image limitations to be avoided, ideal for those looking for the best quality at all times.


When you choose any monitor, you always want to have quality before any image, old or newer. Many people, nowadays, are used to using online video games that place a lot of demand on the RAM of computers, their graphics cards and, in turn, require a large FPS amplitude to see movements in real-time.

The Hz of a monitor helps determine the FPS that are available and gives a precise figure of the image update speed, taking into account that the videos are given by the presentation of several images continuously. Thus, each person has the opportunity to quickly know the specifications of a monitor before or after its purchase.

You have to be attentive to these data to better experience viewing the content graphics.

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