Best Free Go Kart Racing Games for Android

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Android’s best free go-cart games can include various titles, from the most arcades to the pure and hard simulators. Currently, all kinds of games make users find themselves behind the wheel of a vehicle through simulators or racing games. Many of these games are awesome, offering full fun and distracting moments from an Android phone.

Accelerating full throttle, outrunning rivals, and putting brakes on every corner can be dangerous in real life, but in virtuality, it is possible. Racing games for Android smartphones are now possible and can be downloaded by any user. The emotion of the asphalt on small or large scales has the name of “karting,” where small cars give the player adrenaline.

10 Best Free Go Kart Racing Games for Android

Free Go Kart Racing Games

Go-kart games may be available on smartphones with the Android operating system and the corresponding application store. Although it is unknown which was the first true kart racing game, there are always games that are remembered as classics in the gaming world. Players can check out the wide and diverse list containing the best go-kart racing game for Android in 2021.

1. Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour was one of the first games in the Mario Kart series for Android operating systems. In this game, players will compete in very fun car races with the protagonists of Nintendo video games. Nintendo has long entered the world of games for Android operating systems with famous and older Mario titles.

It has been with the rest of the games in this type of saga. It is a curious racing simulator (although it is closer to being arcade). This game will pilot the different cars with different characters from the official Nintendo video games (Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and others).

When people saw the first images offered by the company itself, they were able to advance that the original Mario Kart philosophy was still being respected.

It is a game that has an attractive graphic section that allows people to perform all kinds of stunts and extremely spectacular actions.

The features offered by this title are very interesting:

  • Different modes to play
  • Wide variety of playable characters like Mii, Peach, Donkey Kong, Luigi, and more
  • Different car models
  • Different circuits to compete
  • You can play online against friends or other players from around the world
  • Includes interesting challenges
  • The player can collect badges, vehicles, and more

This Nintendo game is one of the best and cannot be missed on mobile devices with an Android operating system. The download is free, and you can get the game from the Android app store.

2. Beach Buggy Racing 2

This game is similar to Mario Kart for Android. However, what changes is that the characters are friendly worms. Thanks to the fame and market revolution that Mario Kart caused for the SNES, versions of similar games began to come out, and Beach Buggy Racing was one. This title is an interesting, fast-paced, and crazy racing game where players can compete on some 15 excellent and creative tracks.

All players can put all their skills to the test with the six different available game modes. Among the main features are:

  • Presence of jungles with dinosaurs, swamps, beaches, erupting volcanoes, and towns
  • Players can take shortcuts and get hidden Easter eggs
  • More than 25 powerups can be used (as in Mario Kart for Android)
  • Throughout the race, you have to collect items that serve as protection
  • Cars can be turbocharged or punch other competitors
  • As the player completes the circuits and wins, he will earn points and prizes
  • Rival competitors wear a series of masks, costumes and are transvestites

The methods of control, visualization, and saving of games can select. Those fans of this game can download the APK file free and play it on any device with the Android operating system.

3. Kart Racing Ultimate

It is a super fun racing game where players can race in 20 different and very entertaining kart circuits. Kart Racing Ultimate is one of those games that brings the best fun to Android OS smartphones. This title will entertain all the players from small ages to the most professional and mature ones; anyone can become the best kart driver.

Those who want to have this game on their Android devices can try downloading the APK file that is very easy to obtain.

Players will find all the necessary options that will make them enjoy this kart-type game to the fullest:

  • Excellent 3D graphics of fluid and fast movements
  • The game is controlled by tapping the screen to accelerate and drift
  • You can run on 20 different circuits
  • Training and career mode are available
  • The game is very well set with pleasant songs
  • The profits obtained in the races can be used to buy another more powerful kart
  • Each of the karts can be customized and painted

4. Boom Karts

Players can participate in the wildest races thanks to Boom Karts, an important game with a bit of the mythical “Mario Kart” for Android devices. This title is full of action, great doses of humor, and many other surprises for those who like the Mario Kart saga. Players can now get behind the wheel of their favorite kart and overtake all their rivals or place obstacles on the road with the different items available.

Boom Karts is a light-hearted and fun car racing game that can play in multiplayer with other people worldwide. The primary objective is to participate in the various races and championships with various rivals and reach the finish line first.

Players will be able to perform in-game:

  • Personalized character creations
  • Unlock various vehicles and upgrade them with new parts
  • Easily manage the game controls
  • Control the direction of the car and the accelerations of the exits with the arrows
  • Use the items by pressing the icon (great variety of crazy objects)
  • It has an adventure mode and races against the clock

To get this amazing game, people can access Google Play from any Android device and proceed to download it. Also, they can download the APK file from a PC and then conveniently install it on an Android device.

5. KartRider Rush +

KartRider Rush + is one of those games that gives players the most fun in kart racing through different game modes. The legendary Mario Kart game series created an important school for infinite game titles that mimicked its style. The game that can be considered one of the best hits belongs to NEXON’s Asian studio and is titled “KartRider Rush +.”

This multiplayer kart racing game offers great possibilities to compete with other users, play individually or with friends. It has some excellent graphic sections of good quality, and the gameplay is extraordinary.

This makes it one of the best options in its style. Its main characteristics are:

  • Characters can be created and customized
  • Iconic characters from the KartRider universe
  • It has several game modes: speed race, arcade, runner, time trial, and others
  • The game controls are very simple
  • Fights to move up to the global rankings

For those who like kart games on their smartphones or tablets, this title is one of the best found on the Google Play Store to download. The APK file can also download from the most trusted website.

6. ZingSpeed ​​Mobile

Players can experience the most amazing, crazy, and fast-paced kart racing with this game available for Android devices. VNG Game P develops this game, and it is very curious; it is a racing title in the style of Mario Kart. Its protagonists are beautiful characters who are very well-groomed and fashionable; they can be chosen and customized according to the player’s taste.

You can meet various new friends in this game and, as if that were not enough, the characters, in addition to running, can marry each other. It is an amazing top-notch 3D kart racing game available for mobile.

The most important features of the game are:

  • The gameplay is excellent
  • The controls are perfectly adapted to mobile devices
  • Players will have directional buttons, turbos, and powerups
  • Controls can be changed from the setup menu
  • It has several game modes and tournaments
  • Players can play single games or championships
  • By pairing up with another player, you can get benefits as a pair

This game is a different title from the kart racing games that are currently available. You can download the APK file from a PC and then install the game on any mobile device with an Android operating system.

7. LoL Kart

It is a kart racing game for Android where players have to fight to reach the finish line first and face comical situations. Unlike other racing games, this title developed racing in an isometric perspective that limits the maneuvers to be executed to change lanes. Players will encounter various obstacles on the road that will have to be dodged to reach the goal first.

You can find items such as coins, nitrous, or ramp areas that help increase the kart’s speed.

The main features of LoL Kart are the following:

  • There are more than 30 karts that can unlock as the game progresses
  • You can do a variety of reckless maneuvers on the track and take your opponent off the road
  • Collect hats, masks, and even wigs
  • Any reward can unlock to improve the karts
  • Players can create bands with other users
  • Challenge other players around the world to head-to-head duels

This racing game is available in the Google Play Store, and its download is easy, simple, and free. You can download the APK file and install the game on Android devices through the most reliable and secure pages.

8. Funky Karts

In Funky Karts, players will be able to pilot a kart that allows them to navigate any corner of the game’s stage, including walls and ceilings. You can collect coins and kill all the enemies that are present in the game. This title is a great offer of platform games and kart racing in the app stores for Android devices.

Being onboard a kart, players can go all the corners available in the game.

What players will be able to do in Funky Karts is:

  • Driving on walls and ceilings
  • Use different types of elements to boost
  • Dodge dangerous obstacles
  • Rescue other friends

It is a different game from the ordinary that combines kart racing with platforms, an Amazing distraction option available on the Google Play Store. The APK file can also download from any reliable and secure website.

9. SuperTuxKart

This game is an open-source alternative to Mario Kart; You can play kart races starring Tux and other pets. Games like this do not need any presentation since they are well known among all loyal Linux users. Tux is the most famous penguin in the software universe, and now he has a kart racing game where other renowned pets can obtain.

There are already some special versions of this game for Windows, Linux, and macOS; however, it is a great title for simple entertainment for Android devices. SuperTuxKart is not only a racing game, but also players will find all kinds of tricks and tricks that they must avoid on the roads.

The main features are:

  • 4 game modes are available: single player, story mode, multiplayer and online mode
  • It has four difficulties: novice, intermediate, expert and SuperTux
  • The single-player mode has different variants
  • The 18 characters available are from the world of open-source software
  • There are 18 race tracks and six combat arenas

It is a simple and entertaining racing game where the main character is the famous Linux penguin. The game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or installed using the APK file.

10. El Chavo Kart

This kart racing game with the mythical characters from the legendary series “El Chavo del 8” can currently enjoy excellent graphics. It is a very fun game that is available for smartphones and tablets with Android operating systems. Players can compete in crazy races with their friends while virtually embodying the characters of the Mexican series: Quico, Señor Barriga, Chavo, and others.

You will have the opportunity to compete in races along five circuits inspired by the series; players will have to defeat their opponents. Interesting and crazy powerups and tricks can use to prevent other players from crossing the finish line.

The main features of this game are:

  • The races with the karts are carried out with the main characters of the series
  • Players can choose any character from the beginning
  • The five circuits are very eye-catching and well designed
  • You can participate in different cups and game modes

This exciting game can currently play on any Android device, and the app can download from the Google Play Store. From trusted sites, you can also download the APK file without any problem.

Final words:

This list covers the top 10 free kart racing games for Android. However, there are currently many more entertainment options. The vast majority are games that can download from the Google Play Store and web pages using APK files.

They are free for people anywhere in the world without the need to spend a single penny. Although there is no other kart racing game that stands up to Mario Karts, some are quite close to them.

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