Fix HDCP Compliant Display Error

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Are you facing the problem of HDCP compliant display error when watching Netflix in Safari on your Mac device and want to fix this error by yourself? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you why this error occurs. You can follow the simple steps given in this article to fix this error and enjoy Netflix without any hurdle.

Why Does This Error Appear?

According to Netflix, HDCP compliant display error occurs while watching Netflix video in Safari on Mac when you have an unsupported monitor or screen. One of the reasons why this error appears is that your monitor might not be HDCP compliant. 

You have to make sure that your monitor is HDCP compliant and that it is the only monitor that is connected to your Mac device. In most cases, it is not the issue because most of the monitors that are available these days are HDCP compliant. This error might occur if the Airplay of your device is turned on.

Fix HDCP Compliant Display Error When Watching Netflix Video In Safari On Mac

Fix HDCP Compliant Display Error

If you are having an HDCP compliant device and still facing the issue then here are a few simple steps that you can follow to resolve the issue and continue watching your videos without any hurdle. Follow these troubleshooting steps:

Checking If Your Monitor Is HDCP Compliant:

To check if your monitor is HDCP compliant follow these steps:

  • Disconnect your external monitor from your computer.
  • Try playing a movie or a show.
  • If it plays the show then your external monitor is not HDCP compliant.

Remove Display Link Software:

If you are using display link software, it can be the cause of the error. In order to remove the error, you need to remove the software. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to the Activity Monitor and quit the Air Server.
  • At the bottom of the screen select the Finder icon.
  • Then select an application.
  • Now drag the display link app to the Trash and empty the trash.
  • Open Netflix and try playing any video.

Try Restarting Your Mac Device:

If that is not working you have to simply try to restart your computer. Once you have to restart, open Netflix and check again.

Remove Other Software:

Check if there is any other software on your computer that is used to convert or transfer videos. If there is any such software available then remove it and empty the trash. Some examples of such software are Air Video, Adobe Air, Air Parrot, Cinema Display, Supertube HD, etc. This software might be causing the HDCP compliant display error and removing them might help you to resolve the issue.

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Easy Steps to Resolve the Issue

First of all, make sure that your Mac device is up to date because this error does not occur in all Mac devices. It is only limited to some of them. If your Mac device is up to date try the following steps which will surely fix your problem:

1. Allow Silverlight To Always Run

Make sure that in the settings you have allowed Silverlight to run always even in the unsafe mode. Follow these steps to run Silverlight:

  • Go to safari
  • Select preferences
  • Select security
  • Select web settings
  • Choose Silverlight
  • Click allow always
  • Then run in unsafe mode

  Now restart your device and open Netflix. It generally resolves the issue.

2. Use Chrome Or Firefox Browser To Watch Netflix

You might not like this option but it works without any issue. The playback speed might appear to be a bit slow but overall it is a good option. You can use Wide vine CDM plug-in by Google Inc. for Netflix to work smoothly and have a better experience.

3. Remove Any Additional Hardware

Check if any additional hardware is connected to your computer. That hardware might support any mirroring display or external display directly or indirectly so it might be causing the HDCP compliant display error and interrupting your work. 

See if you have connected any device like a wireless display, Cinema display, HDMI cable or adaptor, Thunderbolt and remove them if any. Remove them and try to run Netflix, this will probably help you.

4. Disconnect Any Remote Desktop Sharing Software

You might be currently running any screen sharing software or might have connected to any remote assistance software. If that is the case, disconnect or remove such programs. Restart your device and try to play any video on Netflix.

5. Try Calibrating The Display

Many people experience HDCP compliant display errors due to the calibrating display issue. Try calibrating the display. Follow these steps to calibrate the display.

  • On the top left corner click the Apple icon
  • Select system preferences
  • Select Monitor 
  • Click calibrate

  Once you have calibrated, run Netflix again and check if it works.

6. Quit Apps

Some apps on your device might be the reason for the HDCP compliant display error on your device. Quit the apps like Quick time player or iTunes. After removing these apps try to play any video on Netflix, this method would probably work.

7. Change User Agent Each Time You Use Netflix On Safari

Safari only sets a user agent for one tab which is removed once you close the tab. It rests once you close a tab and sets a default user agent when you open a new tab. You have to try changing the user agent whenever you want to open Netflix on Safari. Follow these steps to change the user agent:

  • Go to applications and open Safari
  • Open Safari preferences from the menu
  • Click on the Advanced option and check the mark show develop menu in the menu bar
  • Click on develop the menu and change the user agent to a prior version of Safari, then change the user agent to Firefox on Mac.

You will be amazed by the results of how many times a web page doesn’t suddenly start working just by changing the user agent.

These were a few steps you can follow to resolve the issue of HDCP compliant display error while watching the video on Netflix on Safari. Following these steps, you can easily fix the error and enjoy Netflix again.

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