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How To Fix Avast High CPU Usage?

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Have you noticed the high Avast CPU usage in your task manager and looking for practical solutions? If yes, then we got you covered. Though, normally, antivirus software like Avast takes considerable CPU space while it’s scanning your whole system.

But too much CPU usage can be problematic in most cases for you. It can be annoying as your PC starts lagging and becomes slow. But don’t worry! Here we have listed some of the easy-to-use troubleshooting steps to help you fix Avast’s high CPU usage quickly.

Reasons Why Avast CPU Usage Is High

Before providing the solutions, you need to understand the reasons behind this problem. This way, you can tackle the problem accordingly. Let’s look at some of the reasons behind it:

1. Real-time Feature

There are many real-time operations that Avast software is performing in the background. For instance, these include cleanup, full virus scanning, virus removal, background scanning, and many more. All of these operations may take considerable space in your system. That results in issues like slowing down computer performance, overheating your PC, and others.

2. Full Scan Feature

This feature is enabled when either you restart your computer, connect it to the network, or wake it up from sleep. During a full scan, you might feel that the system starts lagging and giving a delayed response. Or it will hang whenever you give a command. Thus, the full scan feature is responsible for high disk usage by Avast.

3. Incorrectly Configured System Settings

Another reason why the antivirus software consumes so much space is incorrectly configured system settings. Or there may be some irregular entries in the Windows Registry. In either case, it will affect the working of your PC by using so much disk space.

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How To Fix Avast High CPU Usage?

How To Fix Avast High CPU Usage?

1. Update Avast

Most of the time, the outdated version of the software is the main reason behind its malfunctioning or other issues it is causing. In this case of high CPU usage, you should first begin with this method before trying others. You have to update both the virus definitions and the antivirus software itself.

Follow the guide as given below to get your Avast updated to the latest version:

  • Open the Avast software through the system tray or double-click the Avast icon.
  • From the menu list, select the “Settings”
  • In Settings, you will see the “General tab.” Click it, and select the “Update”
  • You will see two update buttons. One for an update of antivirus software and the other for virus definitions databases. Select both of these options to update your Avast.
  • Have some patience; Avast might take some time searching the updates online.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions as shown.

Once the updates are installed, check whether the problem of high disk usage is fixed or not. If not, try other ways as described below.

2. Uninstall Avast Cleanup Tool

Avast cleanup tool is a real-time application of Avast that frees up some reserves administered by multiple background apps. In this way, it uses so much space from your system. So, it is recommended to remove this tool in such a situation.

  • Click the avast icon at the system tray and open the Avast user interface.
  • From the “Menu” button, go to the “”
  • Open the “Component tab.”
  • Find and click the “Avast cleanup tool.”
  • Choose “Uninstall the component” and click “Ok” to confirm.
  • Restart the computer and check if the issue is resolved.

If this one didn’t work for you, no problem, we got plenty on the list yet. Try the next one!

3. Set The Scan Frequency To Maximum

When the antivirus is scanning in the background frequently, there will be so much load on CPU or RAM. With this feature, you can disable background monitoring, thus freeing up extra disk space. You can change the scan frequency as follows:

  • Press and open “Window+R.” Enter by typing cmd in the run dialogue.
  • Press Ctrl+shift+enter and set the command as Admin.
  • Open the file explorer and paste the following address to open the Avast folder:

C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast

  • In the folder, find an ‘avast5.ini file. If there is any present, insert the following command: [GrimeFighter]: ScanFrequency=999.
  • Save this file and restart your PC.

You can check whether this fix has worked for your computer or not. Otherwise, go for the next solution.

4. Disable Avast Screensaver Scanning

Avast has a feature of screensaver scanning. It runs in the background and keeps scanning your system even when the screensaver is turned off. This consumes a considerable space of the CPU. You can disable this feature by following these steps:

  • Open any file on your computer by right-clicking to get the context menu. Select ‘”Scan with Avast.”
  • The antivirus will start scanning your file. Meanwhile, you can see other running scans that are already in process.
  • Find the “Avast screensaver scan” and press the “Stop”
  • Exit the program.

After closing the Avast scan window, you can check if the high CPU usage is fixed or not.

5. Repair The Avast Program

If you have tried all the ways mentioned above but didn’t resolve your issue, you should repair the Avast program. After repairing it via the control panel, you have to readjust the avast settings to keep it working.

  • Open the control panel from the settings or press the “Windows + R”
  • Click on the “Uninstall a program” button under the program section.
  • Search for Avast in settings or control panel. Click on the repair or uninstall option.
  • In uninstall wizard, you will see two options that are Repair and Remove. Select the “Repair” Click “Yes” for confirmation.
  • Restart your PC, and it’s done.


Avast high CPU usage is not just an annoyance that makes your computer slow. It can affect the performance of your PC or, in some cases, can even halt it. So, you need to fix it at the earliest. Follow the guide mentioned above to resolve the issue of high CPU usage by Avast on your own without requiring a technician’s help. Now, you are all good to go.

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