DVI Not Working But HDMI Is

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Today’s visual devices offer a wide variety of inputs, outputs, and ports. A PC monitor usually incorporates a wide variety of different inputs and ports due to the wide variety of current options. This wide variety of inputs and ports allows the user to have excellent versatility to enjoy different content.

However, the HDMI or DVI input can be damaged just like the rest of the parts of a PC. So it is necessary to know some specifications of each of these inputs and the main reasons why the DVI connector may not work. That is why the following information can be beneficial to check the operation of these inputs.

DVI Not Working But HDMI Is – Reasons And Solutions

DVI Not Working But HDMI Is

What is DVI?

Digital Visual Interface means a video interface designed to enjoy different content, such as movies. This interface is often used in digital displays such as digital monitors or flat panel liquid crystal display type monitors.

The DVI cable has become a standard cable used in a wide variety of electronic devices today. This cable provides the ability to transmit analog or digital signals using the same connector. In such a way that it is a versatile collection and adaptable to a wide variety of content or electronic devices.

Of course, analog connections are less and less used every day as many people prefer digital connections. Anyway, it is essential to know the operation of this type of connectivity to enjoy different content available on digital platforms or otherwise.

What is HDMI?

Among today’s most famous ports and inputs that are usually included in a variety of electronic devices is the HDMI input. Its acronym stands for high definition multimedia interface developed to enjoy content with HD, Full HD, Ultra HD, or higher resolution.

This port is one of the most widely used because only one HDMI connector is required to enjoy high-definition video and sound. Each of the features of HDMI connectors provides enough adaptability to be incorporated by different manufacturers such as Panasonic, Hitachi, Sony, Philips, and many others.

Reasons Behind DVI Not Working

There are a few reasons to consider to find the most suitable solution for using DVI input.

Some of the main reasons that may occur are listed below:

  • The user may be using a DVI to DisplayPort, an adapter that is not working.
  • The cable used in conjunction with the DVI to DisplayPort the adapter is not working.
  • One or more updates of the used software need to be installed
  • It is not possible to use the DVI connection to a DisplayPort monitor.
  • A specific configuration is required to be able to connect DVI to a DisplayPort monitor.

Solutions That Help in Working of DVI

Several solutions can be implemented to use DVI correctly. One of the first steps the user should take is to check the monitor used on any other computer. This will detect if the problem is in the monitor or the computer.

Of course, a computer that is working must be used to analyze the monitor’s operation. If the monitor does not turn on another computer, the real problem is in this component. When the monitor turns on without any problem, then the problem could be in the PC.

If the user also has another monitor, it is advisable to test it and compare the performance of each component. When the second monitor does not work either, this may be a clear sign that the problem is in the computer.

Some problems may also occur in the DisplayPort adapter used. This is often highly recommended when dealing with a monitor and PC that are not exactly compatible. In this type of situation, it is recommended to have another adapter to use a monitor correctly.

Before replacing the adapter, it is recommended to shut down the PC and boot into safe mode. This may prevent considerable damage to the adapter that may affect the operation of other components.

The user also needs to incorporate each of the updates according to their monitor or PC model. Many manufacturers tend to develop upgrades on an ongoing basis to optimize one or more functions of the monitor itself. When an upgrade is not adequately incorporated, the DVI connector may not work.

You need to download the required update to install it. Of course, it is essential to check the model of the monitor and the compatibility with the operating system used by the user. Sometimes it is recommended to check the DB connector for physical damage.

How Do I Know if My DVI Port is Working?

One of the most efficient ways to check the DVI port is to test with multiple devices. This means having more than one monitor and at least two PCs. When the DVI port is not working, you should test the same computer with another monitor. If the second monitor does not work, it means that the problem is in the PC.

When the second monitor turns on correctly using the DVI port, the problem is in the first monitor. This is a quick and easy way to check this port and input, just like any other port or input on a monitor.

Sometimes a simple cleaning of the DVI port may be required. The dirt accumulated in this space may be more than enough to enjoy a good performance.

So a little absorbent cotton or some compressed air in the area may be just enough to clean the dirt.


On certain occasions, the DVI port may not work, even if the HDMI port works. When this happens, there are straightforward ways to verify where the real problem lies. The problem may be in the operation of the adapter. However, knowing how the DVI port works is highly recommended to implement the most appropriate solution.

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