Do CPUs Come with Thermal Paste?

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Do CPUs Come with Thermal Paste?

On many occasions, we hear about thermal paste as one of the most critical components of a CPU. It is not a very famous component, and this may confuse some users. However, thermal paste allowed to avoid a lot of problems and accelerated deterioration of a CPU.

We have answered some fundamental questions to know the importance of this component. To understand how thermal paste works in a CPU, you should continue reading.

Do you need thermal paste for the CPU?

Inside a CPU, there is a great variety of microscopic imperfections. Nowadays, there is an excellent development in the efficiency of CPU manufacturing. However, these imperfections must be avoided in order not to damage the CPU in general.

This is how the thermal paste is responsible for avoiding these microscopic imperfections. These tiny imperfections trap air particles between the heat sink and the CPU. Of course, this does not allow the CPU to cool properly.

As is often the case with other electronic devices, high temperatures are the main enemy of internal components. This is why it is necessary to have the correct thermal paste.

Do CPUs Come with Thermal Paste?

Any CPU comes with thermal paste to solve temperature problems. In most cases, thermal paste is incorporated in the stock cooler. However, thermal paste is pre-applied for those who use the stock cooler.

However, this does not mean that it is a high-quality thermal paste. A CPU of intermediate quality could include a thermal paste of questionable quality. This can compromise the functionality obtained in the CPU, which generates a lot of inconveniences.

After all, the thermal paste may be inefficient or maybe poorly applied. Either way, you should always consider checking this aspect for excellent heat dissipation.

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Does the Ryzen CPU Come with Thermal Paste?

It should be taken into consideration that this type of processor comes with pre-applied thermal paste. Manufacturers warn users about this aspect when they receive a new processor in a package. In most cases, a pre-applied thermal paste is applied to the cooling device.

These cooling devices manage to do an excellent job because of this thermal paste. The more relaxed base of this processor is complemented by the applied Pele thermal paste and a small fan on top. All this is necessary to avoid small air particles.

Small air particles do not create problems immediately. However, these small air particles could drastically deteriorate the functionality of the cooler. All in all, this leads to a drastic reduction of the processor lifespan.

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Can you Run a CPU without Thermal Paste?

As mentioned above, the thermal paste inside a CPU is responsible for preventing high temperatures from being a problem. As the name suggests, thermal paste manages to deal with the weather by allowing the CPU to maintain the same temperature level. A too high temperature is one of the main problems of any electronic component.

The thermal paste between the heat sink and the CPU provides a 100% covered and uniform surface so that the heat manages to reach the heat sink transferring from the CPU. This facilitates the temperature lowering procedure by keeping any CPU at a more relaxed and more comfortable temperature.

It is possible to use a CPU that does not have a thermal paste. In most cases, the failures are not immediate, although, at some point, the CPU will overheat. By the time this happens, the CPU could fail and be damaged for good. So the lifespan of the processor will be drastically shortened.

Do you Need Thermal Paste for Intel CPU?

As we have mentioned, thermal paste is needed for a CPU to work without temperature problems. This is necessary for AMD as well as Intel. In most cases, thermal paste is not usually incorporated inside the CPU. Manufacturers prefer to make a pre-application on the CPU cooler.

In many cases, a small bag is usually incorporated, which is a single-use sample. It is possible to get a free thermal paste when the user decides to purchase a CPU cooler. This is the same with Intel, as a thermal paste is included along with any CPU purchase.

Does i5 Come with Thermal Paste?

It should be considered that, like other options, the i5 CPU does not incorporate thermal paste within itself. Instead, the thermal paste is usually mixed with the cooler that works in combination with the thermal paste. Anyway, it is an essential part that allows lowering the temperature and providing a better result in the cooler.

If a user purchases an Intel i5 processor, he must have a cooler that includes high-quality thermal paste. A high-quality thermal paste in an efficient cooler will take better care of the lifespan of any CPU.

Can I Use Toothpaste instead of Thermal Paste?

Some users mention that toothpaste can be an excellent substitute for thermal paste. However, the truth is that it is not a suitable replacement because the structure of each of these pastes is different. The user will not be able to notice in the toothpaste all the properties that allow lowering temperatures. 

Instead, it is always advisable to use genuine, high-quality thermal paste. Thermal paste is the component that provides excellent solidity and a surface that manages to solve all microscopic imperfections. In this way, heat can be dissipated more efficiently, and the overall lifespan of the CPU can be protected.


We can mention that thermal paste is not explicitly included in the CPU. However, thermal paste allows a CPU to enjoy a long lifespan by lowering the temperature. Thermal paste is only incorporated together with the cooler.

This ensures that the thermal paste is a necessary element to have an efficient cooler and take care of the durability of a PC as a whole. On some occasions, the thermal paste could be of poor quality. This aspect should be checked before facing specific problems and severe damage to a PC.

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