Are Curved Monitors Better for Your Eyes?

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Are Curved Monitors Better for Your Eyes?

Are you spending most of your waking hours on a computer screen and end up getting eye discomfort and headaches? If that’s the case, you might be suffering from eye strain. You can efficiently resolve this issue by changing your monitor and buying a curved screen monitor.

In this article, we will tell you how a curved screen monitor is better than a traditional flat-screen monitor. They might feel strange at first, but the researchers tell us that they are more comfortable, practical, and immersive for your eyes.

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Curved Monitor View Vs Flat Monitor View

When you are using a flat-monitor, your eyes’ distance to the middle of the screen is shorter than the edges’ length. On the other hand, when you are using a curved screen, the whole screen is equidistant from your eyes. Curved monitors help you reduce the strain from your eyes and help you scan the screen more easily.

How is Curved Screen Better?

The natural shape of human eyes is curved, due to which the curved monitor screen helps to fit human’s natural field of view. The curved screens help you adopt a broad view of the screen, so you don’t have to swivel your head again and again to scan all the screen content.

A curved screen helps your eyes to reduce refocuses and hence decreases strain on the eye muscles. It also helps increase focus and productivity because your eyes don’t get exhausted, and you can work for more extended periods.



As compared to the traditional flat-screen monitors, the curved screen monitors prove to be more ergonomic and less harmful for your eyes. Here are a few reasons you should prefer the curved screen monitors when considering buying one for yourself or a loved one. 

  • Reduces Eye Strain

Curved screen monitors do not require swiveling your head as flat-screen monitors do. So your eye muscles don’t have to work continuously to keep your eyes in a correct position. As a result, a curved screen reduces eye fatigue and strain.  

  • Fills More Peripheral View

The edges of a curved screen monitor are concave, due to which it provides a peripheral view of the contents of the screen, which makes the contents of the screen easy to take in for the eyes and avoid discomfort.

  • Improves focus and decreases the blurred vision

Using a curved screen monitor in which the whole screen is central and has an equal focal length from the eyes, your eyes don’t have to refocus on the contents repeatedly. This helps to improve focus and reduce risks of blurred vision.

  • Decreased Risk of Eye Disorders

A curved screen monitor decreases the risk of eye disorders. A flat-screen might cause short-term ailments like eye discomfort, itchy eyes, dry or watery eyes, blurred vision. It can also cause long-term significant side effects like uncorrected vision problems.

The Optimal Choice For You

If you want to buy a laptop for gaming or your office work, a curved screen monitor is ideal for you. It causes lesser strain on the eyes, decreases repetitive refocusing, and helps you work for more extended periods without causing your eyes to be physically exhausted. Get one for yourself and be more productive without having to worry about any eye discomfort!

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