How to Cool Down Nvidia RTX 3080 Without Fan?

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Today, multiple companies are looking to change the world into a new era of evolution and computational capabilities. NVIDIA has always stood out among all these great brands alongside its exceptional graphics cards (GPU). His path of success began in 1993 with a vision of the PC device for mass consumption for games, music, and images.

Here is how the RTX 3080 was arrived at for accelerated artificial intelligence computing, a time machine, and a virtual reality intersecting brain. But are there other ways to cool your structure other than using a fan? Because maintaining stable and adequate temperature results in a better benefit of its performance and its characteristics.

What is Nvidia RTX 3080?

The GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card was developed by Nvidia and Samsung for 2020 as the innovation in ultra-fast performance with 320-bit and HDMI 2.1. The longing for this GPU is unheard of, which boasts the biggest enhancements to be found on the market. Its dual axial flow design achieves a thermal capacity that does not compromise the acoustics of the fan.

Its predecessor models total evolution with 8,074 CUDA cores from FP32, 68 from RT (2nd generation), and 544 from Tensor (3rd generation). It has 28,000 million transistors, the new Ampere architecture, and DirectX12 Ultimate. Its maximum clock frequency is 1.71GHz while the base of 1.44GHz with expanded dedicated memory of 10GB GDDR6X.

How to Cool Down Nvidia RTX 3080 Without Fan?

How to Cool Down Nvidia RTX 3080 Without Fan?

A traditional GPU cooling by fans is more than enough to maintain good temperatures. In this sense, there are only different software options that allow you to control the temperature manually.

The MSI Afterburner, for example, grants the possibility of making configurations in the values ​​of the graphics card to taste. Here is how the fan curve can balance to have total cooling stability. It also reflects the temperatures of each of the components to maintain continuous monitoring, and overheating can prevent.

In this type of software, there is the alternative of running downclocking, that is, the opposite of overclocking. This method consists of reducing the operating frequencies of the GPU below the normal values. Therefore, there will be less consumption, and the temperatures generated are low.

Undervolting is another system that can be implemented by these programs, which confers the same qualities as downclocking but retains its high-range performance. The favors that such advanced refrigeration systems are not required.

What is Normal Temperature for RTX 3080?

As stated above, it is built under a refreshing architecture that is fully resistant to the thermal aspect of its performance. For this reason, it achieves a suitable or standard temperature of about 35º to 50ºC when it is inactive, while 70ºC when it is at maximum working power. If 80ºC occurs, it is a sign of concern to start taking cooling measures.

Although the GPU model supports up to 93ºC (according to the manufacturer), one must prevent this figure from being reached to preserve its useful life. It contains two fans, one front, and one rear, coupled with a hybrid steam chamber that distributes heat efficiently.

It should note that the GPU temperature does not include that of the memory, which can have very different values ​​from this device. Therefore, both thermal degrees must take into consideration for the correct operation of their capacities.

Why Would You Want to Cool Nvidia RTX 3080 Without Fan?

Despite the great futuristic structure of the RTX 3080, there are cases in which high temperatures are present about its cooling system. Many users have indicated that values ​​of 80ºC are presented when the GPU is not even being pushed too hard. This factor is noticeable, above all, in the part where the memory is located with considerable overheating.

NVIDIA implemented in said graphics card, without a doubt, is of another technological level that exceeds the limits and expectations of scientific society. It is silent and keeps gaming experiences and any other activity cool.

Although unexpectedly high temperatures are generated, they are not enough to overload the work of the graphics card, thanks to the cooling system. However, if we talk about having greater security in the care of the GPU structure, it is worth supporting it with other measures that balance its temperatures.

Alternatives to Cooling Nvidia RTX 3080 Without Fan

The most favorable option in the hardware field to effectively control temperatures is to get a PC case with refreshing designs and without cooling systems included. This type of model can find in brands such as Turemetal, which are expensive but do not have fans or any other type of mechanism. The UP10 Turemetal is quite acceptable.

The cooling water system is a safe and reliable alternative proven to be very favorable in the computational field. It is ideal to have low temperatures that do not exceed the normal ones established by the manufacturer. It is an expensive process but very versatile when it comes to high-performance HPC and taking care of the useful life of the components.


Computer users have always sought to build a stable and secure structure on a PC to guarantee rewarding experiences. Maintaining a low and controlled temperature in each of its components is a priority. It is not something optional. In addition, there are multiple ways to maintain proper care in the cooling of the GPU and other devices.

The highest demands on the components may offer the best experiences, but how long will such power last? Overloading the capabilities of a GPU will significantly affect its structure and make it less profitable. At the end of everything, each owner’s care and importance is given by each owner and, the useful life of it depends on it.

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