How To Clean Dust From PC Without Compressed Air?

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Is your computer also an essential part of your life? Well, you are not the only one. Computers are now everywhere around us, in homes, offices, schools, shops, etc. They have eased many aspects of our lives by bringing lasting mental peace, ultimate satisfaction, best performance, and maximum efficiency. While giving all such services, they deserve care and proper handling.

Obedient computers! Demand us with simple remedies. You have to Care for the maintenance of their software and hardware. In contrast, while dealing with hardware care. The topmost problem is dust, which must be removed with care. If you live in an area where the dust blows with air more frequently, you have to clean your PC daily.

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How To Clean Dust From PC Without Compressed Air?

How To Clean Dust From PC Without Compressed Air?

To keep your computer system working smoothly with better performance, you need proper cleaning. Dust in the computer system’s appliances and boards can lessen its performance, and results can be worse. So, how to clean dust from your computer.

There are various methods available to get your PC cleared with dust. Likewise, using compressed air. However, compressed air is expensive. Multiple cans are required for deep cleaning and are not always available everywhere. There are some techniques by which you can clean your computer without compressed air.

It is an essential step before starting the cleaning process. Please turn off your computer and leave it for some time to become cool. It is a precautionary step to avoid and potential loss.

Top 5 Ways To Clean Dust From Computer

With these five ways, you do not need compressed air; you can clean your PC accurately. These are some compatible and cheaper alternatives to compressed air. Also, these are some basic items that are available in every household. 

Using them, you can easily clean dust from your computer. Initially, you have to disassemble your system. When all components are dethatched, firstly, you should clear the dust from the top surfaces of components using simple cloth or cotton. Then you inside your CPU, where the actual cleaning is required.

Toothbrush, Paintbrush, Cotton Swaps

These simple tools are enough to clean dust from your system after opening the CPU’s side cover. Remove dust particles from the internal components of the system. The left side of the system may be dustier. Give it more attention. Take the filters and panels outside and clean them. Use cotton swaps dipped in alcohol for cleaning the corners.

If the fans are hard to reach or extremely dirty, remove them from the case for easier cleaning. Clean the fins of the fan with a brush. You can use the alcohol for rubbing. Then rub the blades using a cotton pad for the finishing touch. The graphics card is an essential component. Remove it and clean with care. 

The next area to be cleared is the power supply. Unplug the wire and clear it deeply. It is the area where dust can cause an interruption in the power supply. The most essential and crucial part is the motherboard. It is critical to clean as it lies in the vertical position. Any hard touch can damage the panel, chips, or semiconductors. After clearing all these areas, assemble your system with care. And the system is now clean and ready to use.

Manual Dust Blower

They are cheaper than compressed air, which can be used easily. TO clear dust from the system, gently through the air on every part of the system. After clearing the exterior. Open the interior section of the CPU (as mentioned in the upper paragraph). Remove dust through the air with a safe distance on every single element in the corner. Pay extra attention to the power supply and motherboard.

Remove dust buildup on your case fans. Hold the fan carefully with your finger to keep it from spinning while blowing the air onto it. Fan blades can be delicate and may crack while spinning too fast. You can use a straw to blow off the dust from narrow hidden areas. This method may provide you with better results. If you are using an air blower to remove dust, make sure to clean the room afterward.

Vacuum Cleaner

The small vacuum cleaner is available on markets specialized for such purposes. They may help you to such the air from your system. However, they are sometimes expensive. Use an ordinary vacuum cleaner may be risky if not handled with extra care. The plastic structure of the nozzle on the vacuum cleaner sometimes led to electrostatic discharge. The pressure on a specific area may also damage some internal components. SO be careful while using this method.

Electric Hair Dryers

It can be easily found in the draws of your mother or sister’s showcase. They can help with the same function as the air blower. Its throw is somehow lesser than the air blower as the hair driers are not designed for cleaning.

While using the hair drier, you should remember to use them in cool mode. Using them on hot mode can damage or melt the plastic body or components of the system. Using them to clean the dust is so easy. You can use them in the same manner as the air blower, and hence you found your system clean.

Using Glint/Surface Cleaner

They can help you with getting extra cleanliness and shiny surfaces. There are some alcoholic and non-alcoholic liquids prepared for the specific task of cleaning, like the glints. They help you remove dust and challenging stains. However, they just to be used on smooth and non-metallic surfaces. Using them in critical areas like motherboards or power supply can cause big damage or even spark.

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Cleaning the dust from the system is the most important thing one person with a computer needs to do. As dust reduce the performance of your system, increase the wear and tear and also participate in increasing moisture and corrosion around your system, to cope with these problems, you need to repeat the cleaning practice weekly, monthly or at least once in three months, depending on your surrounding and environment conditions.

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