How To Check CPU Speed After Overclocking?

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Overclocking is not a new thing for gaming fanatics. The real deal arrives when you need to check whether your CPU performs better or worse after overclocking it. Checking the speed may be necessary to you because you need to acknowledge your CPU’s actual speed and how well it can perform under high pressure. 

We know that you want to determine how you can test your CPU speed after overclocking it. Just take a sigh of relief and read the ways to check CPU speed after overclocking it.

How To Check CPU Speed After Overclocking?

How To Check CPU Speed After Overclocking?

Checking the speed of the CPU after overclocking is not an issue anymore. Here are the 5 easiest ways to check your CPU’s speed after overclocking easily.

1. Using CPU-Z

CPU-Z is software that provides you information regarding the components of your hardware and its performance. Moreover, it is a helpful app that is also free of cost. You can check the speed of your CPU after overclocking it with the help of the following steps. 

  • You can download and install the app CPU-Z on your system. However, if you don’t want to, you can also use the zip version. It’s all up to you as both of the versions are the same.
  • After running the program, you will see the tab CPU as the first option. 
  • Now, look out for the Clocks section and click the core speed option. This option will provide you the actual speed of your CPU.

2. Prime 95 Stress Testing Program

If you are looking for your CPU’s total performance capacity, then the Prime 95 stress testing program will help you. Prime 95 is an application that tends to test your CPU. It runs in such a way that it will give you the report about what can be the fullest capacity of your CPU.

What you have to do is:

  • Download the software, or you can use it in the form of a zip file.
  • Make sure that every other app is terminated and open the CPU-Z and note down the core speed.
  • Run the prime 95 programs and choose the Just Stress Testing option.
  • From the Taskbar, open the Task Manager and select the tab Performance. Do make sure that the utilization of the CPU appears to be 100%.
  • Now immediately note down the core speed, which is in the CPU-Z. It is the overclocked speed of your CPU. 
  • You can now turn off the speed test by clicking stop.

3. Real-World Testing

If you are thinking of checking the overclocked CPU’s speed without downloading any app, you can opt for Real-world testing. What you can do is that you can check out the speed through the programs present in the computer itself. You can do this easily through the following way;

  • Open the task manager.
  • Play the game on your computer, which has the heaviest graphics. Or you can open any video editor having heavy tasks.
  • Now go on and check the CPU utilization in the Task Manager. If the utilization is not 100 %, then you have to run some other apps as well.
  • Ensure that your CPU utilization reaches out 100%, so your CPU will have its overclocked frequency.
  • You can right-click over the CPU utilization and have the frequency for all the cores of your computer.

4. HWMonitor Software

Using this app, you will get to know your CPU’s speed and performance before and after overclocking it. It is one of the simplest app ones can have. You have to install or unzip the file and run a test. You can check the before and after overclocking speed of the CPU. Moreover, you will get to know all the graphics and bandwidth readings as well.

5. AIDA64 Extreme

It is a hardware detection engine program that most power users need to check their CPU speed after overclocking. The users need to download it. It comes up in two versions. One is a 30 days trial version, while the other is paid version. 

After the installation, each component is labeled with its temperature and copy, read, and write speeds. This program also can display the information regarding the applications which are running. 

Moreover, it also gives the idea that what can be the best setting for overclocking the CPU.

How Do I Test My CPU Speed? 

To find out your CPU’s possible speed, you can go to the Taskbar and select the settings option from there. The setting option may have a system tab where you have to go for the about tab. 

In the About tab, you will have your device’s specification and all the necessary details written. However, the processor’s speed will be written on the Processor’s right side. From there, you can know what speed your CPU has. 

How Can I Tell If My CPU Is Overclocked?

You can check whether your CPU is overclocked or not. When your computer boots, you have to press either F2 or del to open the bios setting. You have to overlook the properties having names carefully; base clock, CPU VCORE, and Multiplier. If any of the quantities is not the same or altered, you probably have an overclocked CPU.

Another easiest way is to use CPU-Z software to tell you your CPU’s actual speed and the speed it currently has. 

How Do I Find My Max CPU Speed?

You can check the max speed of your CPU by going over to the task manager. Just click the performance tab. You will land on the details page of the CPU. The speed of your CPU will be present under the Base Speed option on the bottom right side. However, the higher the number, the faster your CPU will be. Most of the time, it can be 4.5 GHz


Overclocking CPU is more than common nowadays among pc enthusiasts. Make sure that your CPU usage is 100% while checking the speed. Only then will you be able to find the actual speed of the CPU after overclocking it. Moreover, do not forget to have a proper cooling system for your CPU, as overclocking will harm your CPU by overheating it.

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