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Can You Charge Nintendo Switch With Phone Charger

The Nintendo Switch is the ninth video game console developed by the famous entertainment company “Nintendo.” This console is considered by its manufacturer as a hybrid and can be used as a desktop console with the main unit. It can be alternatively extracted from the base and used to be a tablet through a powerful touch screen.

The concept of “Switch” emerged as a company’s reaction due to the financial losses that they were going through in 2014. The design of this console is aimed at a wide demographic of gamers who love video games through various modes of use. Nintendo sold more than 2.74 million consoles in its first month, and lovers of consoles and video games very well received this.

There are some situations with this console that are related to the charger switch and the chargers themselves. It is no longer necessary for the players of this console model to have to worry; various solutions are safe.

Can You Charge Nintendo Switch With Phone Charger?

All models of the Nintendo Switch have a USB-C port included, and this is intended to be the charging port for the console. It is located at the bottom of the unit, so when people want to charge it, they should go to this part. It can charge with any USB-C cable connected to a power source such as tablets and smartphones.

The console’s battery charging speed varies depending on the power source from which the USB-C cable is connected. It is not recommended that users who own this device charge it with a phone charger. However, it is technically feasible. The Nintendo Switch is designed to charge with a much higher amperage than the output of various phone chargers.

Depending on the different chargers, the Nintendo Switch may charge very slowly. In other cases, the battery may be running low while charging.

Can You Charge Nintendo Switch with MacBook Charger?

All of Apple’s 29W, 30W, and 61W USB-C chargers are going to charge very well and give the Nintendo Switch an excellent charge. Many people who have charged their Nintendo Switch with a charger from a MacBook have not reported overheating issues, crashes, or other negative reasons. The Nintendo Switch console and a Mac complement each other without any problem in charges and chargers.

What’s the Best Option to Charge Nintendo Switch?

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of third-party chargers available in the gaming market today. These chargers can make charging the console extremely fast, hassle-free, and can be used while gaming. The chargers are available in very small sizes and at much more affordable prices than an official Nintendo Switch charger.

The type of third-party charger players needs on the console model, travel plans, or other device needs. Several of the chargers that are USB-C will work well with this console. People need to look for an ideal option. They must meet a series of basic or minimum characteristics that will make the power supply necessary for the console.

Benefits of Using Phone Charger

The Nintendo Switch is a console that uses the same standard for charging as most current cell phones. The charging port is “USB Type C”; however, some cables do not allow the console battery to charge. There may be some problems with the Nintendo Switch with other types of cables that cause them to have irreparable damage.

The benefit that smartphone chargers provide is that they can be an excellent aid in times of emergency. They are ideal for those occasions where players do not have the original charger on hand due to problems or loss. However, you cannot use any USB Type-C cable to charge this console; special care must take.

Issues with Using Phone Charger

The recommendation from Nintendo is not to use smartphone cables to charge the Switch console. Nintendo recommends all its users always have the original charger and cable intended for the console. However, on some occasions, it has been said (officially) that compatible cables that meet certain specifications can be used.

One of the main problems is that failure to use a Nintendo-approved cable or one that is not correctly rated will damage the console. The world of third-party accessories and chargers has been damaging and spoiling many video game consoles from various major companies for many years. Some behaviors that only phone chargers provide are not good for console batteries at all.

The recommendations will always be to use an original Nintendo charger and avoid those for any smartphone. There are more inconveniences and problems that these cell phone chargers cause than help them.

Can I Use Samsung fast charger for Nintendo switch?

According to Nintendo, there is no problem with using cables such as USB-A and USB-C chargers. A Samsung phone charger can use only as long as it has high resistances of 56,000 OHM. If the Samsung charger with which the player connects their Switch console meets the proper characteristics, there will be no problem.

It is more than important to point out that an official charger is much better than a Samsung phone charger. Going to a charger of this brand of cell phone can only be in cases of extreme emergency and that there are no more reliable options. However, people risk some accidents or mishaps if the Samsung charger does not have the necessary features.

Although it is always recommended to use genuine Nintendo products, a Samsung charger can be a momentary lifesaver. Only this must meet the basic and necessary characteristics to support the console.


Owners of the Nintendo Switch know very well that this console is charged through a USB-C port and at a glance. The charger has a plug which is also very useful for the latest generation of smart mobile phones. Cell phone chargers are not entirely recommended by experts and by the same manufacturer of the Nintendo Switch.

It is better for people to always choose original chargers over third-party brands. However, some are lifesavers. There are many third-hand cables on the market that can help in times of console charging emergencies. These chargers should have the basic power support characteristics that the charger sends to the Switch console.

A few cell phone chargers that do not meet the basics or the bare minimum can completely damage the console. Players must be very attentive to this possible reaction.

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