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Best Triple Monitors For Sim Racing

Best Triple Monitors For Sim Racing

Are you going to set a sim racing rig or intending to upgrade the old one and don’t know which monitor is best for you? We are here to help you in choosing the best triple monitor for sim racing.

The quality, immersion, and smooth experience of sim racing depends on your monitor choice. If you pick a meager and faulty screen, you can not feel the speed and enjoy the graphics. We selected these monitors for a triple setup to help you make a decision.

Single Vs Ultrawide Vs Triple Screen Gaming Monitors

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced gamer or a novice sim racer. You will always want to have a perfect display for racing. When setting up your racing rig, it is confusing for some gamers if they should go with single, ultrawide or triple screen gaming monitors.

Although what you choose to get depends on your preference, most gamers opt for 3 gaming monitors. The best thing triple screen setup provides is the immersion and view of surroundings. It gives the racer field of view and a feeling of real drive with side and front mirrors.

Though the ultrawide screen also has a great field of view, the triple curved monitor setup gives you the feeling of enclosed space, especially when you set your curved screens according to your desire. You can only see in front and get no peripheral view of your surroundings with a single screen.

You can’t ignore that great immersion can affect the performance. So for a weaker GPU single or ultrawide screen can be a safer bet. Different size monitors and resolutions can cause an issue for a triple screen setup. But not if you know how to manage and change settings accordingly.

With a single screen setup, space and price are no significant issues, whereas ultrawide screens can be 29- 49 inches and triple screens take up a lot of space. But with the triple screens, you have the option to set according to the available space.

Few people feel uncomfortable due to the visible borders of triple monitors when put together. For a single and ultrawide screen, this is not an issue. You can find monitors with a thin bezel to feel more comfortable with your setup.

Top 5 Best Triple Monitors For Sim Racing Reviews 2021

Whatever you choose, it should be best suited for you. Also, always check if your racing sim is compatible with your display setup. Let us give you a sneak peek to our top picks.

1. SAMSUNG Odyssey G5

The Samsung Odyssey G5 32 inches is specially designed for gaming and provides great immersion to the players. Samsung G5 range offers next-level performance for gamers at a reasonable price. It is also the best for triple curved monitor setup, not bezel-free but its sleek borders are not noticeable in a triple setup. Let’s take a look at its features.


WQHD provides a realistic and life-like experience with sharp and detailed images. With such high display resolution, gaming becomes more engrossing.

Refresh Rate And Response Time:

With the 144hz that Odyssey G5 provides and 1ms, lightning speed response, gaming cant be more fun. Racing is all about speed and clarity, and a seconds delay can be an end for you.

1000R Curved Screen:

1000R curved screen is the best feature of the Samsung G5. This curve matches with the human eye curvature and brings intense immersion for the sim racers and gamers. It reduces the strain from the eye, which means longer hours for gaming.

AMD Free Sync Premium:

With AMD free sync technology, a screen will not bear any lag or tear. The smooth motion will enhance your gaming experience.  

HDR 10:

HDR 10 enables a wide range of colors to display on monitors. Samsung G5 HDR presents vibrant and deep colors, especially in the dark. You can also adjust brightness from HDR mode, according to your likings.

  • The single joystick controls all functions
  • Compatible with free sync/g sync
  • A significant curve gives the best immersion
  • Excellent response time without blur
  • A low-quality stand offers only tilt
  • It has limited features

Affordable Samsung G5 with high resolution, speed, and response time is ideal for gaming, especially iracing. If you are looking for an enthralling gaming experience, a 1000R curve with a 32-inch screen is a must for you.

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2. ViewSonic VX3268 32 Inch Monitor

The fun you can get by playing on a big screen can be substantial. ViewSonic VX3268, 32 inches screen has 2k resolution, 1 ms response time, and 144hz refresh rate. The curved screen helped in immersion and viewing angle. Buying it can change your gaming experience.

Curved Screen:

Sonic VX3268 has an immersive 1500R curve design. Its sleek body and thin bezel line are great for gaming. Its wide and unobstructed images are highly colorful and vivid and provide an intensely immersive experience.

High Resolution:

2k is a lot more than a traditional resolution and a must for gamers. SonicVx3268 has a very high resolution. Even in the frantic movement, the picture will stay smooth and fluent. QHD resolution gives sharper images without any curvation or blur while maintaining a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Refresh Rate And AMD Free Sync:

This monitor has a great refresh rate and supports AMD-free sync technology and G-sync, which is excellent if you want a tear-free gaming experience. No matter how fast in-game action unfolds, this monitor can handle it.

Versatile Connectivity:

The display port and HDMI allow the monitor to connect with other devices. You can connect with P.C.s, laptops, and Macs. With its ViewSonic exclusive, ViewMode presets, you can watch T.V, do office work, or even play games.

Response time:

While gaming and mainly sim racing, you want your response to match your monitors. ViewSonic VX3268 offers an ultra-fast 1ms response time which delivers smooth images without ghosting or blur.

  • Menu has plenty of options.
  • Display beautiful bright colors.
  • Excellent response time.
  • Can connect with other devices.
  • Its speaker quality is not very good
  • The stand has no height adjustment

ViewSonic has launched this monitor for multiple uses, but I really find it best for gaming. With an ultra-thin bezel, you will get a complete screen without distraction, making it a good triple setup monitor. Sometimes its image quality is not very crisp, but that should not stop you from buying it.

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3. ViewSonic VX2718 27 Inch Monitor

VX2718, 27inch monitor is a great gaming screen, especially the best monitor for triple setup. The ultra-thin bezel is a plus if you are setting a triple screen setup. With the curved screen and other unique features, the gaming experience will be thrilling and immersive.

165hz Refresh Rate:

Motion blur and ghosting are a complete turn-off for gamers. With a 165hz refresh rate, every action is fluid and smoother. Which will enhance the visual quality, no matter how fast the action unfolds.

Curved Screen:

1500R screen curvature monitor enhances the visual quality of the gamers and provides them a great field of view. ViewSonic delivers an incredible immersive view with very vivid colors and images.

Ultra-Fast Response Time:

Good response time is the first choice for gamers and even casual users. 165hz is a plus for smooth gameplay. Viewsonic VX2718 delivers images in a fast-paced sequence and has a quick response time.

Adaptive Sync:

VESA Adaptive-sync is used in this monitor. It will synchronize the frame rate output between the monitor and GPU. So the gamers can see their cars moving effortlessly without any screen tear and stutter.

Viewing Comfort:

Sim racers and gamers often exhaust their eyes, especially in long races. Blue light filter and flicker-free technology not only minimize the fatigue and discomfort for them. It also ensures long hours of gaming. The energy-saving mode also reduces overhead costs.

Dual Integrated Stereo Speakers:

ViewSonic VX2718-PC-MHD gaming monitor with dual stereo speakers and 3.5mm audio jack for headphone users completes the multimedia experience.

  • Very comfortable on the eyes
  • Have low energy consumption mode
  • Ultra-thin borders
  • Offers optimized screen performance
  • The stand is very wobbly

If you are looking for curved triple monitors for iracing, you should consider this ViewSonic VX2718. With a display port and two HDMI inputs, it can be used for general and gaming purposes.

4. ViewSonic VX2458 1080p Curved Monitor

With a 1800R curved screen, ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD provides an immersive gaming experience. The monitor is designed to deliver quality and comfort with a 24inch viewable screen. Low lag, high 144hz refresh rate, and AMD free sync provide users a seamless experience. Overall it is a perfect choice curved triple monitor setup.

Versatile Connectivity:

The HDMI, DVI, and Display port inputs in VX2458-C-MHD allow you to connect with a graphic card or gaming console. It also gives the option to connect with other devices at home or office. 

Refresh Rate, AMD, And Low Input Lag:

With a 144hz refresh rate and AMD Free Sync Premium technology, ViewSonic VX2458-C-MHD will virtually terminate any blur and tearing. So in a fast display game, you won’t see any stuttering or haze.

ViewSonic delivers the display signals from the graphic card to decrease signal latency. 1080p provides a whole Hd experience to enhance the fun.

Optimized View Setting:

ViewMode feature has the option to preset the monitor for Game, Movie, Web, Text, or Mono. It will optimize the view for different applications and will provide a different experience. The color temperature, brightness, and contrast will be delivered accordingly.

More Viewable Colors:

In iracing realistic and natural surroundings give an edge to the gamer. 85% NTSC color coverage ensures that the monitor is producing accurate colors. It gives a realistic and vibrant feel to the gamer.

  • Eco mode adjustment for saving energy
  • Optimize screen for different uses
  • 85% NTSC color coverage
  • Monitor has built-in speakers
  • Not compatible with VESA
  • The Stand has limited movement options

Experience the full-motion video quality with sharp images. A fast-moving object without any hatch or blur gives a competitive edge to the sim racers. The 1800R immersive curse is a plus mainly when you are going for triple curved monitors setup.

5. ASUS ROG Strix XG32VC Monitor

ASUS Rog Strix is an excellent choice for gamers, especially for a triple curved monitor setup. ROG Strix XG32VC is a V.A. panel with 2k resolution and many other cool features. Let’s see what other unique features it has.

USB C Hub:

ROG Strix XG32VC monitor also works as a USB hub. You can connect your devices and get rid of the tangled mess of wires. You can use it to charge your mobile.

KVM switch support:

With KVM switch support, you can control your two devices with one keyboard and mouse. It is a great feature for gamers.

Ultra-smooth gameplay:

170hz refresh rate gives you the upper hand in real-life strategy games. With AMD free sync premium technology and 1ms response time provides an HDR gaming experience. It has 2k resolution picture quality, excellent for gaming. ROG Strix XG32VC has a very low motion blur that makes the gaming experience very fluid-free.

  • No frame on the sides(bezel)
  • Best for FPS games
  • Manageable good quality metal stand
  • Remarkable color depth
  • No speakers attached to it
  • Joystick movement is not stable

Putting a 31.5-inch WQHD (2560 x 1440) curved monitor together brings a great field of view and immersion for sim racers. For fast racing games, ROG Strix XG32VC is a perfect choice.

Triple-Screen Vs V.R

Triple screen VS VR is a very subjective topic. Both users have very opinionated arguments about their favorite setup. Still, both have their own benefits for sim racing. 

The first thing that needs to improve in V.R. is its resolution. If you have always used V.R., you may not feel the difference. But for someone who has been using a triple-screen setup, it is the first thing he notices. The crisp and clear image is missing in V.R.  

V.R. has the advantage of giving the user more space and mobility. With a triple screen, you don’t get the chance to get out of your seat and look at your surroundings, but you get your peripheral view here.

For long races, V.R. is not very suitable. It puts too much strain on the eyes, and a close view of the screen causes eyes to hurt. But with triple monitors, you can enjoy the long ride even more.

Recording setup is also not easy on V.R. as compared to the triple screen.

Using navigation tools is also easy on a triple or single screen set up, but you have to memorize where everything is on the steering for virtual reality. It can be overwhelming for new users. In short, we can’t deny that V.R. is a future of iracing and gives a great immersion to the player. 

But the fun and awareness of your surrounding you get from the triple monitor setup provide a realistic experience.

What To Look Before Buying Monitor For Sim Racing?

With so many options, it becomes hard to choose the best monitors for iracing. But you should not ignore these Key features while purchasing the monitors. So you can get maximum fun and enjoyment in your free time with sim racing.

1. Refresh Rate

A high refresh rate brings an increased flow of motion to your screen. So it is essential to check the refresh rate of the monitors. Refresh rate is basically how many times your monitor shows a new image. With 144hz, your display is showing 144 frames in a second.

But this will only work if your monitor and graphic card match their power. If your monitor shows 60 images per second and your GPU renders 100 frames, 40 frames are wasted. You can go higher and get 240hz, but it’s unlikely to reach 240 FPS with a 3 screen racing simulator.

2. Size

The next step is choosing a perfect screen size for your iracing setup. Many gamers prefer 32 inches monitor screens. Some even like to play on bigger monitors for a more immerse experience.

But the majority of gamers use 27 inches for triple screen setup and find it perfect for gaming needs. Choosing a size mostly depends on the budget, place availability, and personal preference.

3. Resolution

It is essential to check the resolution of your monitor before buying. 1080p and 1440p is the first choice for sim racers, especially those who are setting three monitors. 1080p has high compatibility with most monitors and is easily handled by CPUs or GPUs. Many gamers prefer 4k resolution for better image quality and visuals. You can choose any according to your budget.

4. Brand Pick

With a wide range of monitors, it is not easy to know which brand offers thebest triple monitor for sim racing. If you are not using a virtual reality headset to play sim racing, the best brand for the monitor should be your focus. Your immersion and racing experience all depend upon the quality of your monitor.

I will suggest picking a well-known brand for setting up your racing rig. That will also prevent the issues like resolution or refresh rate.

5. Price

For sim racers, a good quality monitor is a must. But if you are setting a triple monitor setup, considering the price is very crucial. If you want to have an immerse experience in racing, your monitors should have the same size, resolution, and refresh rate.

There are many options in the market for a good monitor; with a 1080p resolution screen, the price can go up to $100 to $200 (for one monitor). And if you choose to get 1440p or 4k, the price will also go up with the quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are three monitors better than 2?

Most professional iracing players opt for three monitors. Big display leads to better FOV, which leads to a better racing experience. But if you are low on budget, don’t have enough space to keep three monitors, or your hardware is not compatible, you can choose two monitors.

  • What is a perfect refresh rate for sim racing?

For best results and a smooth racing experience, 144hz is an ideal refresh rate. If you go any lower than that, you will see a lag on your monitor during fast movement and curve. But your monitor must match the power of your graphic card (GPU).

  • How many monitors should I get for sim racing?

It all depends on personal preference, and some people like to have one big screen, on the other hand, many prefer double or triple screen for iracing. As a gamer, more screens mean more immersion and field of view. But 3 screen racing simulator gives a peripheral view and makes racing very realistic.

  • Is the 1080p display size right for sim racing?

1080p display size is ideal for sim racing because a majority of monitors use this resolution. It provides a high refresh rate, FPS (frame per second), and response time. 3 gaming monitors with the resolution of 5760 X 1080p display will provide great FOV and fluidity. You can also use a 4k monitor if it is compatible with your GPU.

  • How do I set up 3 monitors on Windows 10?

With an excellent desktop, it is effortless to set up 3 monitors on window 10.

  • First, go to the monitor configuration menu.
  • Use detect option if the system doesn’t find the display automatically.
  • Choose if you want a duplicate image or extend the display on the other two monitors.


That was my complete and analytical review about the best triple monitors for sim racing. With so many variations in price and features, I tried to make it easy to decide what you find better suited to your needs.

Finally, we have reached the conclusion that triple curved monitor setups will never go out of fashion. Just look at your budget, space, and needs and choose the best option for yourself. The enlisted monitor will bring a great racing experience and a fantastic field of view for you.

Arshad Saqib is a Computer Science Graduate and passionate about Technology. He loves to write about gadgets, computer devices, etc.

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