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Best SSD for Unraid or Cache Disk

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Best SSD for Unraid or Cache Disk

Want to know which is the best SSD for Unraid or Cache Disk? A solid-state drive is one of the best options for high file transfer speeds and other excellent capabilities.

However, not all available options on the market today can offer the best performance for all users. Even the activities performed by an office worker are not the same as the workload produced by a gamer.

Thus, it will be much easier to perform all kinds of tasks with a high-efficiency level and in much less time. In addition, every user will not need to waste money on poor-quality devices. So, any user will choose the option they need by analyzing the options below.

How big should my SSD cache be?

When it comes to a minimum cache size of 400GB, a drive of 24TB and up is recommended. However, it is always necessary to consider the activities performed by each user. In many cases, a 512 GB solid-state drive or more significant may be more than sufficient.

Top 5 Picks of Best SSD for Unraid or Cache Disk in 2022

Here we have analyzed the five best options that are available on the market today. You can choose one of them straight away.

  • Capacity: 512 GB
  • Read Speed: 530 Megabytes Per Second
  • Connectivity: SATA
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Crucial BX500 1TB SSDCrucial BX500 1TB SSD
  • Capacity: 1 TB
  • Read Speed: 540 Megabytes Per Second
  • Connectivity: SATA
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Samsung SSD 860 EVO SSDSamsung SSD 860 EVO SSD
  • Capacity: 1 TB
  • Compatible Devices: Windows, Mac
  • Connectivity: SATA
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Crucial MX500 4TB SSDCrucial MX500 4TB SSD
  • Capacity: 4TB
  • Read Speed: 560 Megabytes Per Second
  • Connectivity: SATA
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SanDisk 1TB Extreme PRO Portable External SSDSanDisk 1TB Extreme PRO Portable External SSD
  • Capacity: 1TB
  • Read Speed: 1050 Megabytes Per Second
  • Technology: USB
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SP 512GB SSD 3D NAND A55 SLCThere is a way to optimize the capabilities of a PC. This is a memory unit specially designed for laptops intended for an office or gaming session. In this case, it is a memory with excellent functionality that SP has manufactured. To obtain high transfer speeds, 3D NAND flash has been incorporated into this internal solid-state drive.

Every user will have the possibility of obtaining transfer speeds much more adaptable to their needs. On the one hand, this means that the user will enjoy a much faster start-up of his PC. On the other hand, this memory unit also increases overall system performance, which will be noticeable in every activity performed by the user.

When the user decides to increase the performance of his laptop, he is also prolonging the lifespan of the entire system. That is why this memory unit is one of the most chosen by many office users or for people who want a high-quality personal laptop. To this end, an excellent design has been incorporated into this memory unit.

In this case, it is a slim design of only mm, which is ideally suited for ultra-thin laptops and all Ultrabook devices. As if that were not enough, this internal solid-state drive also supports the TRIM command. Other technologies complement this command for error checking and correction.

In this case, it is a set of features that allow taking care of the performance offered by this unit. So, this is a device that provides excellent performance, but it can also offer great confidence to each user. 

  • Excellent transfer speeds
  • Slim 7mm design
  • Extends the life of any PC
  • Only 512 GB

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2. Crucial BX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA

Crucial BX500 1TB 3D NAND SATAAnother way to upgrade a PC quickly and efficiently is to incorporate this solid-state drive. Many users will have the possibility of incorporating an extraordinary amount of memory that reaches up to a terabyte. It is one of the most chosen options, thanks to the rest of the features that can be considered in this unit compatible with many devices.

In this case, it is a solid-state drive that offers 300% faster performance compared to a typical hard drive. Thus, users will have the possibility to perform all kinds of activities requiring less time that. However, this is also important as it allows other additional or secondary benefits to the PC.

By incorporating this memory unit in the PC, especially in a laptop, the user will notice a longer battery life. This is mainly because the energy efficiency of this drive is 45 times higher than a typical hard drive. This feature is one of the most indicated for an office laptop or a laptop for personal use.

In this case, it is also a solid-state drive with excellent 3D NAND Micron memory and storage technology. So, many users can get this solid-state drive which offers a transfer speed of up to 540 megabytes per second. This transfer speed can be crucial when working with a laptop.

Among the most critical aspects, we can add the easy installation of this drive in a laptop and the excellent cost-benefit ratio. That is why it is one of the most chosen and reliable devices or accessories that can be added to an office laptop, a personal laptop, or even a gaming computer.

  • One terabyte capacity
  • 300% faster than a hard drive
  • Transfer rate of 540 megabytes per second
  • Average power efficiency

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3. Samsung SSD 860 EVO

Samsung SSD 860 EVOSome people prefer to choose the most well-known manufacturers because of their confidence in each electronic solution. This means that this solid-state drive from Samsung can convince many users by getting an additional 250 GB capacity.

By incorporating this device into a laptop or desktop computer, the user will get a superior technology called V-Nand. In this case, it is a Samsung exclusive technology that offers optimized performance that can be found in very few solid-state drives. That is why this option provides a truly reliable and secure use.

This drive has the versatility to play videos with a high 4k resolution quickly and efficiently. It is also possible to transfer all kinds of data and even 3D images with different applications. This makes it much easier to manage different files or use applications that produce a heavy workload on any computer.

By incorporating this drive, the user will be able to obtain excellent write and read speeds. It is possible to obtain a read performance of 550 megabytes per second, while the write speed is 520 megabytes per second. This speed can be critical when working in an office or anywhere else.

This hardware also features secure encryption to protect all the data inside. AES 256-bit encryption is used for this purpose. All of this indicates that this is a solid-state drive that is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Many people will have the possibility to optimize the performance of their computer for better results.

  • Excellent read and write speeds
  • Built-in secure encryption
  • High-performance drive
  • Limited Mac compatibility

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4. Crucial MX500 4TB 3D NAND SATA

Crucial MX500 4TB 3D NAND SATAIncorporating a solid-state drive into a laptop or desktop computer can be the first step to achieving an excellent efficiency level in all kinds of tasks. However, it is also essential to consider the memory capacity of the drive of choice. Here is a device that can provide four terabytes of additional memory.

This unit incorporates optimal speeds, such as a read speed of 560 megabytes per second. A write speed of up to 510 megabytes per second is also built-in. So, this is a drive that will optimize the activities of many people working in an office. However, this is not the only favorable feature.

This solid-state drive is accelerated and optimized thanks to 3D NAND Micron technology, as with today’s best options. So, the efficiency level is one of the highest, and this can be noticed both in light activities and with a large and heavy workload in an office or home office.

In addition, this device is also protected with built-in immunity. This means that this unit does not lose the work done by the user if the power is suddenly cut off. This is one of the most efficient features for an office worker or college student who does not want to lose all their work from one second to the next.

Finally, it is also necessary to consider that this solid-state drive is protected against hackers. In this case, it is also a device that has 256-bit AES-based encryption. This way, all users will be protected and take care of their data, especially when it is a laptop used by a company that needs to protect its workers.

  • Four terabytes of capacity
  • High read and write speeds
  • Built-in immunity against power outages
  • Average cost/benefit ratio

5. SanDisk 1TB Extreme PRO Portable SSD

SanDisk 1TB Extreme PRO Portable SSDFinally, and very importantly, this manufacturer is also one of the most reliable and can provide a terabyte of additional memory for a laptop or desktop computer, in such a way that it is one of the options preferred by people who work in an office, or all those people who want to transport data and applications anywhere.

In this case, it is an external solid-state drive that offers a connection through a USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 2×2 port. This means that the user does not need to install it on the internal part of a laptop or desktop computer. At the same time, the USB Type-C port allows for excellent file transfer speed at any time.

This solid-state drive is one of the most popular today, as it can offer read or write speeds of up to 2000 megabytes per second. Of course, you need to have all the devices that are compatible with these speeds. Anyway, it is one of the best options to work quickly and without wasting time.

This device was manufactured with a forged aluminum chassis to improve its durability and useful life. Even a heat sink has also been incorporated to reduce the problem due to high temperatures. So, the durability and lifespan of this device are at a high level to cope with all kinds of adventures and uses.

In addition, this protection also prevents any breakage due to falls of up to 2 m (6 ft). As if that were not enough, the waterproofing makes this unit resistant to dust and water. All data can also be protected inside the drive thanks to 256-bit AES encryption. The compatibility of this drive includes many laptops or desktop computers.

  • Read and write speed of up to 2000 MB / S
  • Portable and easy to use the drive
  • USB Type-C port connectivity
  • Requires compatible device for maximum speed

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is more cache better for SSD?

By incorporating more SSD cache, the user will be able to gain several apparent advantages. One of the main benefits is the higher responsiveness of the solid-state drive and a much faster-operating speed. This makes it possible to work and use all kinds of applications more efficiently at any time.

  • Can you use an SSD as a cache drive?

Yes, it is possible to use a solid-state drive as a cache, known as a flash cache. In this way, a large amount of temporary data can be stored on the SSD to optimize the efficiency of a laptop or desktop computer.

  • Does SSD cache improve performance?

Without a doubt, solid-state drive caching allows optimizing the efficiency and performance of a laptop or desktop computer. This is mainly because frequently used data will be available with excellent read and write speed.

  • Which SSD for NAS cache?

Here we have reviewed some excellent options in solid-state drives for NAS cache. However, the options we have reviewed can also be helpful for a wide variety of uses in different desktop and laptop computers.


After analyzing the above options, finding the Best SSD for Unraid or the Best SSD for Cache Disk will be much easier. Either of these solid-state drives has the versatility to offer the best results for data storage or frequent application use.

Either way, the user will improve their daily performance when working in an office or all kinds of activities.

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