Best SSD For Star Citizen

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Gaming is fun, but what if your computer is making you slow? Don’t worry, here we are with the solution that will help youto get rid of your slow computing issue. Star Citizen is a game for Microsoft Windows, and if you think that you can run it on standard HDD, then you are mistaken. You need an upgraded drive like an SSD.

SSD stands for solid state device, a hard disk, but much faster than the usual hard disk. Old hard disk runs slower and eventually making your computer perform much more uneventful. SSD speeds up the computer and decreases the read-access time.

Why Do You Need A Specific SSD For Star Citizen?

Start citizen works best in combination with SSD, because SSDs are ideal for gaming format and more likely to be the future of gaming standards. Many games are built on the fact to be attached with SSDs.

Otherwise, if you carry on playing over an HDD device, you will be facing loading time. Once the game is loaded, you will have a hard time playing or sometimes totally unplayable. Games crash every time. It would help if you somewhat had an SSD.

Therefore, to assist you we have listed below some best SSD for star citizen.

Top 5 Best SSD For Star Citizen Reviews 2022

Samsung SSD 860Samsung SSD 860
  • Capacity: 1TB
  • Specific Uses: Personal, gaming, business
  • Technology: SATA
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Crucial MX500Crucial MX500
  • Capacity: 1 TB
  • Read Speed: 560 Megabytes Per Second
  • Connectivity: SATA
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Samsung 970 PRO SSD 512GBSamsung 970 PRO SSD 512GB
  • Capacity: 512 GB
  • Read Speed: 3500 Megabytes Per Second
  • Connectivity: M.2
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  • Capacity: 2 TB
  • Compatible Devices: 540
  • Connectivity: USB
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Intel 660p Series M.2Intel 660p Series M.2
  • Capacity: 512 GB
  • Read Speed: 1500 Megabytes Per Second
  • Connectivity: SATA
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1. Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB

Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TBSamsung SSD 860 EVO is all designed to make your computer work faster. It enhances the performance of your desktop. It has V-NAND technology, which is the latest and supports all factors and compatibilities you have to choose according to your working device.

The main idea is to enhance your computing experience. Ensure SSD fits with your model number and make your everyday computing elevated by its unique V-NAND technology supporting 4k videos and 3D data use.

Excellent Performance:

If you are a person that passes most of the time while working on a personal desktop or laptop, one you would never like to face, and that is a speed issue.  Samsung has designed this SSD to work at the speed of 550 MB/s. It also has Turbo white technology for finesse.

Moreover, Samsung SSD 860 EVO is the best SSD for start citizen in 2022, with its write speed up to 520MB/s. If this is not enough for you, Samsung has stuffed its Turbo write buffer size from 12GB to 78 GB. Performance with crisp quality, all fulfilled.

High Tolerance:

Forget about the old HDD, which shows a tantrum to save 4k big videos. Samsung SSD 860 EVOis all new and studded with Terabytes Written feature up to eight times better than its previous 850 EVO. Feel free to store as many videos, games and data.

With the 3D Data usage feature, it left you astonished. Its compatibility and capacity are all set to support all forms and formats. It sets you free to explore the gaming experience as much as you want.

Communication With Host:

Samsung SSD 860 EVO is highly compatible with your host system. It makes your laptop working experience like a breeze. It has enhanced the Error Correction Code system ECC that generates higher speed. Not only this, it has a new fitted MJX controller that supports the speed of your laptop/ computer.

  • Secured encryption
  • 5M hours reliability
  • 5-inch SATA
  • Tricky to use
  • Slightly low sector
We are not saying that it gives you bullet speed. However, it ejects all the operating and access reading issues. If you are a gaming person, try Samsung 860EVO as it works magic with 2.5-inch SATA drives.

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2. Crucial MX500 1TB

Crucial MX500 1TBWhat can be worse than losing your work because of a power shut down? Crucial MX500 has a much high integration system against power loss that saves all your work even if the power shutdowns. You rest assure that all your necessary work is not gone.

Furthermore, it comes with a five years warranty, which is enough to test its credibility. It is equipped with 3D NAND technology to speed up your laptops and computer devices. You can call it the best SSD due to its instant performance.


Massive 2Tera bite storage capacity allows you to save as many photos, videos and media as you want. Not only keep them, but you can share them as quickly as you want. Those times are gone when people wait for Bluetooth connection, now is instant so is Crucial MX500.

Unbelievable Speed:

If not giving a fast speeding gaming experience, it is useless; grab Crucial MX500 works in a blink. Turn on your laptop within seconds. With Write acceleration technology, explore the files and perform with a single touch.

Crucial MX 500 also enables you to accelerate more significant applications much quicker. This solid-state device allows you to deal with the speeding issues related to star citizens in the fairway.

Protection from Thieves:

Crucial MX500 has made your documents protected from thieves and hackers. It allows your data to stay safe with AES hardware. This AES 256 hardware-based encryption is impossible to be encoded by anyone else other than you.

  • Good Game storage
  • Quiet work experience
  • 0GB/c SATA
  • Lifespan issue
  • Bit speeding issue
Crucial M500 is an excellent option if you are looking for a budget storage device. It also gives outstanding speeding to your computing device. It is a perfect choice for star citizen gamers. It preserves the framing and supports complex features.

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3. Samsung 970 PRO SSD 512GB

Samsung 970 PRO SSD 512GBSamsung never disappoints gamers. This Samsung 970 PRO SSD is specially designed for gaming society as it has Samsung V-NAND technology. 970 PRO SSDs lowers the latency and allows a unique ideal experience for creative designing, video editing, and gaming.

It offers superb bandwidth with its 970 PRO SSDs NV Me interface. This beast enables you to perform sequential read-ups up to 3,500MBs and write up to 3500 MBs. It has random reads of up to 500,000 IOPS. This technology is proved to be a treat for tech people.

Avoid Heat Buildup:

While gaming, you do not realize the minute and hours you spent on your computer. Too much heat can be the result of vigorous computer usage. Samsung 970 PRO SSD, with its impressive heat dissipation technology.

It handles heat buildup with its thermal guard and nickel-coated structure. It precisely maintains the operating temperature with dissipation technology and prevents the slowing down of the computer.


Samsung 970 PRO SSD will give you tools to keep your drivers up to date. You can always stay aware of your drive’s status and detect any virus that can cost your drive health with simple yet advance drive management technology.

Furthermore, the newly enhanced phoenix controller enables fearless read up and writeups. Samsung 970 PRO SSD is 30 percent more advanced than its previous generation.

Professional Capacity:

Those who earn through their desktops would appreciate Samsung 970 PRO SSD. You can easily handle the extensive workload and switch between working sites with Samsung NV Me SSD hard disk. It has the potential to deal with professional tech demands with its 1200 Tera bites TBW.

  • 5-year warranty
  • Data security
  • Fast file transfer
  • Complicated migration software
  • Little speed issue
Samsung 970 PRO SSD is the best choice for challenging working situations. Those people whose workload is immense should buy Samsung SSD. As it correctly gives you speed with its high technology and excellent Tera bite written plus heat eliminating technology.

4. SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD 2TB

SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD 2TBSamsung T5 Portable SSD is one palm-size device. It has a beautiful metallic structure. It fits anywhere in your pocket or your purse. Samsung has designed it for tech lovers who are stylish and loves to carry data where ever they travel. It comes in a four colors.

The stylish T5 is irresistible and supports all sorts of heavy gaming software. It enables gamers to experience lifetime enthusiasm. It is undoubtedly can be pronounced as the cheap SSD for star citizen gaming features.

Password Protection Ability:

A human error exists everywhere. If you accidentally lose the grip over your T5 and it falls, it will not break. The metal body features stability. It can bear the fall from a height up to 2 meters. The shock resistance technology keeps this tiny beast intact.

Moreover, the password protection ability is worth talking about. With AES 256 -bit hardware encryption feature protects your personal information and keeps it secured.

Easy to Manage:

You can now seamlessly manage your data with management software. You can download the app on your phone as well. You can easily stay updated about your software. This software requires Windows 7 for operation. You can change your password easily as well.

Higher Compatibility:

SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD is highly compatible with almost all devices. Its C to C USB type enables you to travel with it and attach it while working. If you are in a hurry, T5 is your convenience partner, and it has a USB cable that can easily plug into your gaming equipment.

  • Compact in size
  • Lightweight
  • Easy data transfer
  • Less compatible with Mac
  • Back-up issues
Samsung T5 is your go-to partner. It has a USB C to C and U to C cables attachment option that makes it a favorite for all data carriers. You can call it your styling partner as well because its look and size both are beautiful.

5. Intel SSD 660p Series 512GB M.2

Intel SSD 660p Series 512GB M.2It is an affordable device with the high-tech intelligence of intel QLC technology. It enables you to store more data beyond your expectations. It is an excellent deal for gaming society as well, and this compact device performs excellence for complex gaming features.

It skips SATA limitations and offers maximum capacity with two Tera bite-saving options in one device. It is highly compatible with workload modules on the computing device and free flow of gaming experience.


Intel SSD 660p Series is a deal for those who know NV ME. Intel has given you a similar capacity as you have experienced it with NVME but at a much lesser price.  The tech people and SSD buyers know what matters most in the storage device, and intel with SSD 60p hit the nerve.

It delivers moderate to high-level computing experience. Excellent storage capacity as well.

Identical Footprints:

Intel SSD 660p Series allows more data capacity than Intel SSD 600p device in identical footprints. If you are finding a simple storage data device, this is perfect because it is made for notebooks and PCs and mobiles to save day-to-day work.


It has a built-in M.2 80mm thin form factor that makes it fluent in working with small devices. Intel SSD 660p Series is compatible with servers that only accept M.2 2280 PCLe drives. If you look at this device’s cost, it is highly recommended for its higher capacity usage.

With PCLe, the SSDs totally beyond the limitation of SATA. It folds more data than any other TLC-based storage device.

  • Cost-effective
  • Performance efficient
  • 512 GB capacity
  • Slow with SLC cache
  • Issue of Heat up
It is an excellent deal on a tight budget. It is a highly reliable brand, and installation is straightforward. The identical footprint allows twice more storing capacity. Its operating temperature is from 0-7 degrees Celsius.

Best SSD For Star Citizen Between £50 – £150

Best SSD For Star Citizen

If you are thinking of getting the budget SSDs between £50 – £150, then we have selected two from the bove first is Samsung 860 Pro and the other is Crucial M500 which is excellent for gaming, it supports heavy features. It also makes your game flow without hitching.

We suggest you to go for Samsung SSD 860 EVO because it has a name and stability. Plus, gamers face a difficult time with the crucial M500 as its life span is inefficient. Crucial M500 also heats a little while Samsung SSD 860 kept on going without any interruption.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Do you need an SSD for Star Citizen?

Yes, for a better gaming experience, you get SSD for a star citizen. It ensures to support the game’s heavy modules and never let you face the hitching issue or loading time.

  • How do I move star citizen to another drive?

First, uninstall the already present star citizen launcher and reinstall the launcher in the new drive. Once it starts downloading, then you can exit the launcher.


Gaming should be uninterrupted and exciting. Old format hard disks are unable to support the advanced gaming features of star citizens. For having a complete experience, you have to get SSDs. We have described precisely above the best SSD for star citizen.

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