Best Monitors for Valorant

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Choosing the best monitors for Valorant is not an easy task. It is quite complex, and players must analyze certain characteristics before buying. Highly competitive players always want their gaming teams to focus on performance in a better way. When it comes to monitors, the focus would be on reducing input lag, vibrant colors, no screen tearing, and more.

The milliseconds players can save by having a much faster refresh rate on reactions can be a big difference. People must know how to get the affordable monitor for Valorant that adapt to their budgets and game configurations for this and other aspects. If you are looking to build a perfect Valorant-specific game setup, this article can be of great help.

What is Valorant?

That is an interesting title that combines similar games’ elements that help create a unique experience for the players. It is Riot Games’ first foray into the video game “shooters” genre and was very well received by some of the world’s gamers. It is a very recent game that was just announced to the public in October 2019, and the developer is the same as the mythical title of “League of Legends.”

This new title from Riot Games is a post-modern game that perfectly combines elements of Overwatch, CS: GO, and the League of Legends. It is a first-person shooter video game in a multiplayer mode (5 vs. 5) where one team attacks and the other defends. The game mode mainly found is “Search and destroy,” very similar to the other shooting game known as “CS: GO.”

The attacking team’s objective is to place a bomb (spike) and make it detonate, while the defending team must avoid this. Whether war is formed or not, if a squad is eliminated before the victory conditions are met, the opposing squad will win. Typically, these games have a duration of 25 rounds, and each one meets the time of 100 seconds.

4 Best Monitors for Valorant Reviews 2021

Anyone can take a quick look at this list of the main virtual monitors that are perfect for Valorant. Having a 100% reliable monitor on hand is incredibly important in a game like this, where every shot counts.

Best Monitors for Valorant

1. ASUS TUF Gaming VG259QM

ASUS has been in the gaming market for over 20 years, and they know very well what gamers want when it comes to a gaming monitor. This model is not different since it offers an excellent black design that improves the game of Valorant when connected to the PC. Although it is an easily affordable option, it is a model that offers a variety of high-performance functions for all gamers.

For those who want quality color accuracy without compromise, this is the best monitor currently available. It also includes very low motion blur due to the built-in ELMB SYNC technology, designed to eliminate all ghosting. The refresh rate is ultra-fast (280 Hz), being around 40 Hz, much higher than other competitive gaming monitors.

In general, this is one of the Best Monitors for Valorant on this list, and it is almost perfect in its entirety. It contains light colors, is very responsive, and is clear when it comes to motion blur. The best thing about this gaming monitor is that it is on the market for an extremely economical and reasonable price.

  • The screen can be a perfect size (inches)
  • It has an HDR technology that allows much more vibrant colors
  • Supports G-Sync
  • It only comes with a resolution of 1080p
  • Image quality may be poor.
  • There may be some dead pixels

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2. BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 24.5 Inch

BenQ has never failed to disappoint all of its buyers, and with this monitor, it is no exception; it is an amazing, highly responsive product. It guarantees all gamers processing power they can trust to keep up with all Valorant sessions. You can suffer when it comes to the viewing angles of the TN panel. However, this is not much of a problem when you are in front of this monitor.

The 240 Hz and FreeSync compatibility make up for all the sub-par image quality and viewing angles that can be awkward. The choice of this monitor is reduced to the demands and needs of the players when it comes to being in a game of Valorant. That means that gamers can test and decide if this is the ideal gaming monitor for this video game.

It is a monitor equipped with a TN panel and an innovative flicker-free technology that helps reduce blur. Some prefer IPS panels for higher image quality, and others prefer some less intense images with more focus on low lag. Whatever gamers are looking for, this BenQ model helps meet the needs of the Valorant video game.

  • Built-in refresh rate makes games smooth
  • Has peripheral blockers for glare and distractions
  • The input lag is very low
  • Limited use beyond games
  • Image quality is average (1080p)
  • Viewing angles are narrow

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3. AOC CQ34G2 Super Curved

It is a one-of-a-kind monitor in that it can offer a highly immersive 1500R curved design for Valorant gamers. It contains a brightly colored VA panel, and the response time is fast (1 ms), making it ideal for this type of video game. It is an extremely elegant gaming machine for all the people who demand quality images together with speeds never seen before.

This curved gaming monitor is equipped with all the necessary functions to immerse themselves in the game in the best way. The response time of this monitor gives the gamer unprecedented fluidity and smoothness and is instantaneous to keyboard and mouse actions. It has the advantage of being a monitor that will stand out in rooms, dens, or offices and will not damage the designs of these interior decorations.

It is a monitor that can be adjusted to the height that the players need when playing the video game. It also has some turns, inclinations and can be mounted in VESA; It is an excellent monitor to handle without any problem. This model is AOC’s most ideal for those who want to play the Valorant in vivid colors and on a curved monitor.

  • it envelops the vision of the players to place them in the center of the action
  • 3-sided frameless design for the ultimate configuration
  • Audio line out for added convenience
  • Color accuracy is usually not the best, but it is decent
  • Has a bit of ghosting and black spots

4. Alienware 240Hz Gaming Monitor

This gaming monitor is raised by Dell and is a very valid bet that helps to guarantee the refresh rates in the vast majority of demanding games. The Alienware is a more than valid bet for NVIDIA graphics environments such as AMD’s by combining compatibility. It is a very elegant monitor that uses premium materials in its finishes, and its base system is very well thought out.

The ergonomics of this monitor is one of the main remarkable characteristics that one can observe before buying it. That can vary in height, tilt angles, pivot base rotations, and it is viewed in the vertical plane. Overall, it’s a good monitor that performs well for the most impressive games like Valorant.

It can seem that this Dell monitor is a piece of extremely extraordinary equipment for such a low price and more when it comes to an IPS panel model. It eliminates the compromises that can be seen on other screens about the representation of colors. The only aspect that can improve on this equipment is to include HDR10 support for game visualizations.

  • You can see the quality of all materials and finishes
  • Fast IPS technology can help maintain clarity of images
  • Representation of colors and brightness
  • It does not have an HDR support
  • Blacks in front of OLED panels
  • Some dead pixels may be present

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What monitors do Valorant pros use?

Since this video game was released, it has seen a healthy flow of new players exploring this title to see how good it is. As time goes by, many players are turning professionals in this game, and the demands increase. As a person becomes more professional in the game, he requires more gaming products that favor them.

The monitor has become one of the most important gaming devices for Valorant, along with the keyboard and mouse. Many gaming brands have released monitor models that can be used for this game and satisfy each of your needs. The vast majority of professional gamers of this video game use the BenQ ZOWIE XL2540 monitor due to all it offers.

  • What size monitor is best for Valorant?

When it comes to the size of the screen, this will always depend on the personal preferences of each player. If personal settings are known, a 32-inch screen may not fit on desktops. Generally, it is more than enough for Valorant gamers to opt for a smaller 27-inch or even 24-inch monitor.

Many gamers prefer those monitors for Valorant that are 27 inches since it is larger than a 24 but not so much. However, going from a 24-inch to a 27-inch monitor is still a big difference that must consider very well. When it comes to the Valorant game specifically, players should aim for something below 27 inches, and something above is overkill.

For those who have the necessary budget or the monitor is used for other purposes, you can opt for the 32 inches; otherwise, 27 is ideal. Players have the option of being able to reduce the setting to 16: 9 if they have a larger screen.

  • Is 75 Hz monitor good for Valorant?

The frequency of updates to a monitor drastically affects the timing of responses. The faster the refresh rates, the less delay you can introduce at the time input is provided. The higher the Hertz (Hz) obtained, the faster the refresh rate will be.

Any monitor on the market is likely to have a 60Hz refresh rate. It is recommended that gamers get a 144Hz or higher monitor as this will be 2.5 times faster than normal. It is not bad to have 75 Hz for Valorant. However, those with more will have a slight advantage over the other players.

Most Valorant pro gamers use 144Hz monitors and even higher. That is because entry delays decrease, which can be the deciding factor in winning in shootouts.

  • Is curved monitor Valorant better?

Depending on the size of the screen, it can be much better for gamers to have a curved monitor. That is because this monitor design allows gamers to have much more peripheral vision. Curved monitors for Valorant are much better in that they can facilitate the most comprehensive image displays.


These four monitors listed can tailor to the needs of all Valorant players. They are considered as the Best Monitors for Valorant that are currently in the market available at a reasonable price. Each of these has different characteristics and specifications that try to cover the needs of the players fully.

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