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Best Monitors For Nintendo Switch

Best Monitors For Nintendo Switch

Being a game admirer, we would like to admit that the bigger the screen will be, the greater the gaming jocularity. Not only the screen size that matters but also the gaming speed and good frames worth equal importance. Gamers in 2021 would like to play games, specifically Nintendo switch on gaming monitors. 

This raises the question of which monitor will be the best monitor for the Nintendo switch? But before answering that, we would like to throw some spotlight on the Nintendo switch. Well, the Nintendo Switch is the bomb advancement in the gaming world. It was a genius’s idea to introduce the multimode device to satisfy the cravings of gamers. Now, gaming lovers can play games on bigger and HD screens as well. 

Moreover, you can show off your gaming skills out and loud with the joy-con, which is very eye-catching. If this is not enough, Nintendo is all loaded with new and exciting games, and children above age six should definitely don’t want to miss the chance to get Nintendo Switch.

++Our Top Nintendo Switch Monitor++

SaleBestseller No. 1
ViewSonic VA2456-MHD 24 Inch Frameless IPS 1080p Monitor
917 Reviews
ViewSonic VA2456-MHD 24 Inch Frameless IPS 1080p Monitor......
  • GREAT FOR HOME AND OFFICE: An ideal all-around display for desktop, or laptop
  • SEE THE DIFFERENCE: Razor-sharp clarity and detail with Full HD (1920x1080p) resolution
  • AMAZING AT ANY ANGLE: A 3-sided frameless bezel IPS panel ensures stunning views no matter your vantage point

What Is Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is a dream come true for video game enthusiasts. It enables you to convert your home console to a portable gaming device in a blink. You can also watch YouTube on your Nintendo Switch because it comes with the feature that provides direct access to the YouTube app where you can watch your favorite movies and videos.

You must have seen or heard about it through advertisements or big flashy posters because undoubtedly a lot of money has been spent on its marketing. Of course, People love it because there is no other option available better than the Nintendo switch. The most popular Wii U is not good enough, and Nintendo is emerging with new catchy games. However, the primary thing that hit the nerve of the players is a multimode player system, like Nintendo have:

  • Table Top Model with Nintendo switch, you can not only convert your simple Tv to your gaming monitor. Further, you can place your console on tabletop mode and share the gaming experience with your friends via the multiplayer game. 
  • Television Mode enables you to connect the intend to your home television screen and convert it into your gaming monitor.
  • Handheld Mode is the best part. You can rush to your desired destination while playing your favorite game without interruption with the help of the attached joy-con that comes along with a Nintendo switch.

Which One Is Best Monitor Or Tv For Nintendo Switch?

There is no doubt that television screens are better in size and image quality, and, but when it comes to console gaming, you need something more advanced like gaming monitors for Nintendo switch. Moreover, we have described some essential points to elaborate that monitors are best for gaming.

Viable Refresh Rate

Many games earlier were designed to be played on television, but later from Xbox, it was different. Because television has a 60Hz frame changing rate, however, the gaming monitors for Nintendo switch require more than 140Hz refreshing rate for a smooth gaming experience.

Television usually refreshes the frames slower than gaming monitors because of the pixel’s settings. We do not need to go in-depth. The only thing to understand is that gaming monitors have a smooth transitions rate due to AMD-free sync. Further, AMD sync enables the monitor to communicate with the gaming console swiftly.

Input Lag

Input lag is the delay of time to show the picture on screen against the received command. Television is designed to receive signals and then amplify them first and then display them on the screen. Nowadays, gamers like to have a smooth and exciting gaming experience. That’s why there are many affordable monitors for Nintendo switch available in the market which have reduced or no input lag time.

How Can I Use The Nintendo Switch With A Monitor? 

As stated earlier, Nintendo comes along with multiple modes. You can easily connect your Nintendo console to the monitor and can enjoy your gaming experience one step further. You need to follow these easy steps:

  1. There is a dock station available at the back of the Nintendo Switch console.
  2. Open the side flap of the dock.
  3. Plug one end of the HDMI port into the dock and the other HDMI cable to the gaming monitor.
  4. Try to keep the dock near the monitor so that the HDMI cable will easily reach the port.
  5. Lastly, plug in the USB-C end into the dock and another end of the adapter to the electricity source. Within no time, the screen from your tablet will be displayed on the monitor screen.

A gaming monitor screen is different from all sorts of the screen based on their compatibility with the gaming frames. Moreover, the gaming speed will only run swiftly on gaming monitors. Although some televisions have built-in gaming modes, those are still less smart than gaming monitors in terms of their speed.

10 Best Monitors For Nintendo Switch Reviews

1. ViewSonic VA2456-MHD 24 Inch

ViewSonic VA2456-MHD
  • Display resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Screen size: 24 inches
  • Display type: LED
  • Item dimension: 7.8 x 21.3 x 15.3 inches.
  • Refresh rate: 60 hertz

View sonic VA2456-MHD belongs to professional people. It is considered one of the best monitors for Nintendo switch and perfect for the gaming society. Its smart, IPS panel technology will keep you amazed while playing. Its frameless body is all you want to reflect a modern as well as fantastic look. More features are lined below.

Viewing Comfort:

View sonic VA2456-MHD has efficient blue light technology. With this efficient technology now, eyes remain at rest no matter how long you watch tv. No flicker technology prevents eye distress. Moreover, with its 1080 pixels HD resolution, every frame and every scene will look alive. Either you are a gamer or a professional designer, View sonic will be your companion.

Various Input Connectivity:

View sonic VA2456-MHD has multiple input ports, enabling you to connect half of the world to it. Either you want to make a connection with HDMI or with VGA input, it supports all. Further, the brightness and IPS display is mesmerizing no matter from which side you watch. View sonic VA2456-MHD has the power to keep you bound with it.

View Setting And Beautiful Body:

View sonic VA2456-MHD has fantastic view mode. There is a mode for every wish list; either you wish to play the game or watch a movie. All modes are supported. You can enjoy all applications as View sonic VA2456-MHD supports all the viewing modes and enhances color contrast and brightness. The frame is seamless and goes with all kinds of table types.

  • Great for gaming
  • Multiple port connections
  • Clean and classy look
  • Stereo speakers
  • Slightly costly in price
  • Lack of color vibrancy
View sonic VA2456-MHD is an ultimate choice of game lovers and its clean and crisp picture quality set bars. Its future-proof connectivity makes it reliable for business professionals. Wide angular view projects equal vibrations throughout the television. All the users are not only satisfied but suggest it as good for long-term investment.

2. Asus VG245H 24 inch Monitor with FreeSync

Asus VG245H 24 inch
  • Display resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Screen size: 24 inches
  • Display Type: LED
  • Item dimension: 22.1 x 8.4 x 14.2 inches
  • Refresh rate: 75 hertz

Asus gaming monitor has all that high-end gamers can ask for. It has less input lag which suits Nintendo switch gamers. The visual and game plus functions make it above all. However, the refresh rate of 75Hz is quite appealing, which makes it one of the best monitors for Nintendo switch. Furthermore, you can easily plug in the HDMI port and connect Nintendo Switch to the monitor to breeze a fantastic experience.

Game Visual Technology:

Asus gaming monitor has a special ASUS exclusive game plus hotkey, which supports every Nintendo switch feature. The visual gaming technology makes every frame clear and crisp in its brightness and outlook. Not one, not two. It has six preset display modes to enhance game visuals for all types of content.

Low Blue Light Filter:

It has flicker-free technology to maintain low and high brightness. When you play the game on a screen, your eyeball focus and defocus every time the color and brightness change. It can cause migraines and serious eyesight damage but not anymore with the Asus gaming monitor. The reason might be because the transitions of color provided by Asus is quite smooth. 

Dual HDMI Connectivity:

Can you believe that the Asus gaming monitor has multiple HDMI connectivity features? This monitor enables you to connect more than two devices simultaneously without any need to connect and disconnect any more. Further, there is a proper arrangement of sorting all your cables in a manner with a smart cable management design.

  • Smart lag time
  • Best for gaming
  • Flicker-free technology
  • Low blue light filter
  • Low-quality speakers
  • Bit blur motions
Asus gaming monitor is a good deal at a reasonable price. It is best for console gaming, especially for Nintendo switch. Further, it can set easily on any tabletop. The multi-function stands not only able to rotate it in every direction. But also, it has a smart wire management design that keeps your table always organized.

3. Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor
  • Display resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Screen size: 25 inches
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Item dimension: 21.88 x 10.57 x 20.56 inches
  • Refresh rate: 240 hertz

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor is for gaming society. The monitor’s smart and new design enables gamers to fulfill their gaming desire with style and compassion. Its pixels and panel are all designed specifically for deeper gaming flavor. Moreover, the lustrous metallic body will add attitude to your mood. Display alignment supports multi-scale display setups very well.

Rapid Refresh And Advanced Gameplay:

Response time, if it occurs a bit late, can cause serious frustration to the gamers. But not anymore because Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor provides a true gaming experience with a refresh rate of up to 240 hertz. It really projects the exact eye-catching frames. As Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor connects with Nintendo switch, it creates graphics without any distortion. 

Screen Display:

You can set multi-screen easily with Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor. Easy usage of the dashboard will make menu selection swift. With a screen size of 25 inches and a fast refresh rate, you will never lose your league in the gaming field. With its highest FPS counter, frames changes in a blink of an eye, and motion seems swift.

Beautiful Design:

Its full metallic body always elevates your table look. Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor has the most promising and durable design. Plus, it comes with a cable management facility that keeps your working station clean. Further, it is four ways adjustable for frequent and long-term playtime experience.

  • Good on-screen design
  • Enhanced gaming features
  • Wide bright screen
  • Sharp colors and body
  • Slightly heavy 
  • Sometimes get warm
Undoubtedly Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor is best for all gamers who enjoy a true gaming experience. Its metallic body makes it truly look like an alien granted. Its flexible body is all set to get high, low, tilt and move to all your desired directions.

4. ViewSonic VP2458 for Home and Office

ViewSonic VP2458
  • Item dimensions: 8.46 x 21.2 x 20.5 inches
  • Display resolution: FHD 1080p
  • Screen size: 24 inches
  • Display technology: LCD

ViewSonic VP2458 serves its users by allowing access to gamers and professionals. It is among the best monitors for Nintendo switch and is called so because it is budget-friendly with high technology features such as delta E<2 color accuracy. ViewSonic VP24 enables high color reproduction. So, let’s dig deeper into the features of this fantastic-looking monitor. 


 ViewSonic VP2458 contains a blue light filter allowing gamers and workers to concentrate on the screen without the entrance of light into your eyes, enabling you to be productive all day long. The screen is modified after the addition of flicker-free technology. Along with this, a full HD (1920x1080p) 60Hz IPS that’s added for professionals.

Screen Adjustment:

When it comes to adjusting the screen, then the ball is in your court. You can fix the screen according to your comfort. Some monitors don’t provide this feature which results in physical fatigue. Whereas ViewSonic VP2458 provides ergonomic features so that you can tilt, swivel and pivot the screen.


ViewSonic VP2458 can allow other input devices such as display port, HDMI, and VGA to connect and exchange information within an instant. It is more like freedom because the decision is all yours. You can mount the monitor according to your convenience due to the VESA-compatible design.

  • Classic for gamers
  • Easy connectivity
  • Wide-angle View
  • Tidy and elegant design
  • Pixels can be improved
  • It is slightly heavy
If you are looking for a monitor that doesn’t lag, then ViewSonic VP2458 is a must-have. The efficient ability of ViewSonic VP2458 is that it responses within 7ms. Besides, the refresh rate is 75Hz, making it ideal for gamers. Moreover, it is listed as one of the best monitors for the Nintendo switch of 2021 with a crystal clear IPS panel technology.

5. Asus VG245H 24 inch Eye Care Monitor

Asus VG245H 24 inch
  • Screen size: 24
  • Display Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz
  • Display Type: LED

Asus VG245H is manufactured explicitly for pro gamers so that they might have the best experience playing e-sports. Firstly, the TN panel is included according to the player’s mindset, which is a plus point. Secondly, the most crucial thing that we noticed was that it is for mixed usage. The viewing angle is not satisfying.


The foremost thing after specifications to look for is designing. The practical and eye-catching extravagant styles make Asus VG245H the best of the rest. A Sharp angled base is present, and a few sleek on the rear panel.  Asus VG245H contains a hole on the stand allowing the cables to be managed effortlessly.


An absolute game plus hotkey is additional by Asus in Asus VG245H that holds and defines every Nintendo switch feature flawlessly. A user will never observe the screen tearing issues no matter how high-tech and heavy games you play. The six display modes are just remarkable to enhance the display of different types of content.

Dual HDMI Connectivity:

It is hard to believe that you can connect your game console and an HDMI device simultaneously. Before this feature, the gamers faced trouble as they were supposed to plug and change the connection within a minute. The shooters, racers need to make a quick move along with avoiding choppy frames.

  • It has two stereo speakers
  • No lagging at all
  • The low blue light feature
  • Runs free sync
  • Picture quality can be improved
  • Low-quality speakers
Asus VG245H is the finest monitor at a reasonable price. It is also listed among one of the best monitors for Nintendo switch. Moreover, Asus VG245H is considered a perfect fit for tabletops. You can turn the screen in every direction, but it avoids the neck region’s issues within the fixed angles.

6. BenQ GW2780 Monitor

BenQ 27 Inch
  • Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hertz(Hz)
  • Screen Size: 27 inch

BenQ GW2780 is globally known for the HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA inputs equipped in the monitor. Further, a headphone jack is also provided to the buyers. The virtually viewing experience is frameless. If your friends complain about their monitor’s angle, you can proudly flaunt over your BenQ GW2780, which has a 178° angle.

Viewing Comfort:

When looking at a monitor for more than 8 hours, there are chances that your face eyes infections, blurred vision, headaches, and unusual sleeping patterns. The demanded and leading brightness Intelligence technology is present to soothe your eyes.

Cable Management:

BenQ GW2780 Knows how elegantly hide the cables and wired with style and compassion. The wires are hidden inside the monitor stand. This product weighs up to 11 pounds and the weight of wires and consumes 240 voltage of electricity.


BenQ GW2780 has an ultra-slim bezel design. It has an edge-to-edge with slime bezels design. They are used for general businesses, so the color combinations are decent. The buyer can color spray it according to their choices.

  • VESA mount
  • Reasonable price
  • Made up of finest material
  • Fascinating image quality
  • Light is brighter initially
  • Refresh rate can be improved
Indeed, it is not specified for gamers. You can tweak the brightness accordingly in the settings option. It is pretty slim, which creates space for two monitor setups. The low blue light feature makes BenQ GW2780 worth buying; moreover, this is the feature companies aim to develop in the monitor so that it may not tear.

7. SAMSUNG M5 Smart Monitor

SAMSUNG 27-inch
  • Screen size: 27 inches
  • Product dimensions: 12.04 x 24.2 x 22.68 inches
  • Resolution: 2K DCI 1080p
  • Displaying technology: LED

If you are searching for a multitasking monitor carrying out the office work, gaming and entertainment altogether, so your wait is over, SAMSUNG LS27 performs all of the above tasks creates opportunities for a buyer to be productive in different ways. The pixels work really well.

Connection With The Cellphone:

SAMSUNG LS27 is a wireless cellphone; for this feature, people usually consider it one of the best monitors for Nintendo switch due to the accessibility to experience PC features. This monitor’s impressive ability is that it uses phone apps such as browsers, documents, and video conferencing.


Samsung LS27 is a problem solver for movie addicts as whenever it comes to watch movies, we have to switch to our PC and laptop, but now there no need to be worried. SAMSUNG LS27 gives access to Netflix, YouTube, and HBO. Your relaxing time is just polished with the touch of remote control and a built-in speaker.

Screen Viewing:

The Samsung Company has tried its best to satisfy the users’ needs by adding a detector. The surrounding light is identified with this detector’s help, and then the smart intelligence feature in the monitor adjusts its brightness accordingly. For this reason, the color and graphic of the show you are watching don’t harm your eye in the presence of a detector.

  • Ultra-wide game view
  • Access to mobile connectivity
  • Space for 2 USB and 2 HDMI
  • Supports Smart TV & Mobile Apps
  • Browsing speed can be improved
  • Lagging issues might occur
Samsung LS27 provides an ultra-wide game view, and you can adjust the screen to 21:9 to unearth the hidden places in the game, which makes your playing more efficient. Games such as soccer need to encompass the whole pitch, whereas SAMSUNG LS27 is made for a focused view.

8. Dell Gaming S2417DG Monitor

Dell Gaming Monitor S2417DG
  • Refresh rate: 165Hz
  • Screen size: 24 Inches
  • Resolution: QHD Wide 1440p
  • Pixels Per Inch: 123 ppl

This monitor is manufactured for valiant gamers as the crisp clarity makes the player move faster with being able to see the whole gameplay. You can even use Dell Gaming Monitor as a dual or multi-monitor setup. It enables a user to concentrate more on the game rather than focusing on visual settings.

Rapid Response:

Dell Gaming Monitor S2417DG YNY1D is said to be one of the best monitors for Nintendo switch with 3.68 million pixels, and on the other hand, there is no chance of lagging in this monitor while you play thrilling and breathtaking games because the refresh rate is 165Hz. Therefore, the response timing is one millisecond.

Visual Experience:

If you want clear graphics while gaming, then Dell Gaming Monitor S2417DG YNY1D is the only option; furthermore, if you want your game to go smooth without any interruption, so the monitor is providing you with NVIDIA G-Sync. Besides this, no tearing is observed, and free flicker technology keeps visualizing admirable graphics.

Outstanding Switching Feature:

Before, it was tough to switch from one PC to another gaming console, but Dell Gaming Monitor S2417DG YNY1D has made it convenient for the players now. Switching nowadays is a matter of seconds. The broader range of connectivity makes everything seem like a snap. Additionally, the titling ability is just magnificent.

  • 16.7 million colors
  • HD screen
  • You can get a replacement
  • Provided cables function properly
  • Colors initially washout
  • The viewing angle is average
Dell Gaming Monitor S24 is easy to assemble, and there is no requirement for tools. Overlocking can be done due to the excellent refresh rate. There are 4 USB ports if you are the one who loves to keep several Owings in their USB, so now you can adjust all four of them at a time.

9. Sceptre 75Hz LED Monitor

Sceptre 27
  • Screen Size: 27 Inches
  • Resolution: FHD 1080p
  • Display Technology: LCD
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz

The monitor has speakers with it, but some buyers suggest not to use these. The speakers are low quality, but Sceptre has provided so many other features and Specifications that in front of those, these speakers are negligible. Sceptre is supposed to overcome the default, so Sceptre 27″ 75point Monitor C278W-1920R Full HD has 1800R screen curvature.


Barriers have been broken after the manufacture and release of Sceptre 27″ 75point Monitor C278W-1920R Full HD because the most flexible and sustainable screen has been released with 1880R you have the greatest experience.

Digital Ports:

HDMI display port has started growing real quick as these ports help in delivering wide video. Sceptre 27″ 75point Monitor C278W-1920R Full HD. With the help of a passive cable, we can send videos up to the length of 15m (45 ft).

Refreshing Rate:

Sceptre 27″ 75point Monitor C278W-1920R Full HD responses within five milliseconds with 60Hz. A player will experience a full comfy, and on-going game. There isn’t an LED display, whereas the brightness is 220 cd/m2. Certainly, the lamp life is said to be 50,000 Hours.

  • The viewing angle is 178°
  • Budget-friendly
  • Gaming mode included
  • Have HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA speakers
  • The edges can be improved
  • Volume can be improved
Sceptre 27″ 75point Monitor C278W-1920R Full HD can be titled in various directions as per your easiness. The ultra-thin metal, which is black and gives an aesthetic and classical look to your monitor. You can even show your craft on Sceptre. The packaging is impressive indeed.

10. VIOTEK NBV27CB 27-Inch Monitor

  • Net Weight: 10.69 lb. (4.85 kg)
  • Dimensions: 24.25 x 17.83 x 7.7 in.
  • Display Size: 27 in.
  • Display Type: VA Panel
  • Screen Ratio: 16:9

Are you looking to enjoy playing your new Nintendo Switch on a bigger monitor? Well, this article will help you find the best monitors for Nintendo Switch. VIOTEK NBV27CB 27-Inch Curved Monitor is one of the best portable monitors for Nintendo Switch to find the perfect monitors among the wide range of variety with the specifications and features you crave.

The VIOTEK NBV27CB 27-Inch Curved Monitor is one of the best monitors available in the market due to its unique features, making the gaming experience surreal for the buyer. 

27-inch Curved screen:

With a 27-inch curved display, it makes it the perfect monitor for playing games. It makes all the picture colors much more significant and brighter and gives a spectacular experience with such a massive size. 

This display comes with a screen refresh rate of 144Hz, which gives the user an immersive experience throughout. It also has a 4.8ms free sync that provides an immersive and in-depth experience. All these features give a spectacular experience together. 

Eye Comfort:

The 1500R curved display provides an immersive feel and reduces the overall strain on the eyes. It also comes with Anti-Glare technology, which significantly reduces glare. But it does not stop there; it also has a life-saving blue-color filter. 

Whether you are playing games or just watching movies, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy your experience because of the 1920x1080p resolution, which delivers a high-definition image.

Convenient Connectivity:

The VIOTEK NBV27CB 27-Inch Curved Monitor comes with a VGA port and HDMI to provide easy connectivity to all types of inputs. It also has a built-in audio port so that you can directly connect your headphones and remove any complexity and make the experience much more accessible and straightforward. 

  • Excellent display response
  • Suitable for office use
  • Fast internet browsing
  • Perfect brightness
  • Slightly crooked stand
  • Washed out and bland color
Viotek may be the best fit for you if you want to have a fantastic gaming world experience. This curved monitor gives a high definition picture as well as has a wide view. Moreover, if you are looking for a cheap Nintendo Switch monitor, this VIOTEK 27-Inch Curved Monitor may be the Nintendo switch 4k monitor. What else can one ask for a monitor with so many benefits and is easy on the pocket as well?

What’s the Best Monitor Setting For Nintendo Switch?

For having most from your monitor, it is important to know in what settings the monitor can work the best. For the monitor to give its ten on 10, the following points are important to have the monitor work its best:

  • Set the contrast to 95, 
  • Adjust the sharpness into a standard option.
  • Avoid using deep colors while operating the switch.
  • Ensure you are purchasing the proper HDMI port for having an exceptional quality of RGB, giving you a variety of colors.
  • Set the resolution into 1080p. 
  • Check whether the screen is aligned perfectly or not. 
  • Keep the tone of your screen warm.
  • Adjust the backlight to 6 or 7. 
  • The sensor for getting the screen darker must be off. 

Buying Guide

A buying guide helps you to understand the features and specifications a product is having. It may include the specifications which you must keep in mind while buying a monitor. Undoubtedly your monitor is the most vital component of your system because every activity that you perform on computer displays on your monitor screen. 

Purchasing the best monitor allows you to perform more accurately on your other parts of the computer. For gaming, a smooth screen can be a miracle. It will give some high definition graphics as well as a steady picture. 

These days there is a lot to notice about monitors to do our best to put light on various options. In this buying guide, we have put together some essential things that you need to analyze before getting a gaming monitor. 

Response Time

It means that your display takes how much time to change from one color to another, mostly from black to white color. We can also call it G2G, or grey to grey, suggesting a particular color shift frequently used as a baseline matrix.

Your viewing experience is directly proportional to response time. The quicker the response time, the more trouble-free is your viewing experience. It also provides an insight into the performance of the monitor. Response time is in a million seconds. Above 8ms is considered as a long time, while below 5ms is quick response time.

Screen Size

Some buyers prefer larger screen sizes. Choose a screen size that fits comfortably on your table or available space. Most monitors range from less than 21 inches to well over 30 inches. Choose a screen size with specific questions in mind. 

How vast is my workplace? 

Will a large size monitor suit my room?

If you need more than one monitor, then check that you accommodate both monitors side by side or not. After knowing the desirable size monitor looks for the highest resolution.


While buying a new monitor, consider display resolution. It relies on the GPU which you have. There are mainly 5 resolutions available namely 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4k 2160p and 8k 4320 p. The 1080 p is the true ancestor of the latest 4K 2160p.

The most common resolution is 1080p today. The 1440 and 4K is getting popular, and most gamers prefer 1440p while some are looking to obtain 4K.

HDMI Ports

Consider the HDMI port while buying a new monitor. It is High Definition Multimedia interface that we use for high-definition audio and video. Monitors have both input and output ports.

Although connectors of different sizes are available, it is good to choose a monitor having HDMI ports adjustable with your computer. As the connectors create a hurdle for monitor performance sometimes.


Consider the cost of the monitor before buying the best monitor for the Nintendo switch. They are available at a low to high cost. You should choose according to your budget. Indeed higher resolutions and brighter screens increase the monitor’s price, due to which monitor prices vary. 

Moreover, the resolution has the most effect on the price as compared to screen size. There is a difference in price between 1080p and 4K monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you use the iPad as a monitor for Nintendo switch?

You cannot directly connect the Nintendo switch with an iPad because it doesn’t support this function. But it can be made possible with the help of streaming and compressing apps. As the Nintendo switch screen may sometimes be of not high definition or constricted, an iPad can work best at this time.

  • Can I connect my Nintendo switch to a monitor?

You can buy a docking station for this purpose which will allow you to connect your Nintendo with a monitor or any other system. You have to open the side panel on the dock system and plug one end into the dock, whereas the other into the display. These docks can be readily purchased from any departmental computer store.

  • Can Nintendo switch run 144Hz?

Yes, it can run 144Hz and will give some best images of high-quality definition. It keeps the images real with a high response rate; it is best to have it on 144Hz. Though the maximum rate is 60Hz, 144 Hz works perfectly as well.

  • Does Free Sync work with Nintendo switch?

Yes, it does support free sync for smooth gameplay as well as accurate graphics. One can easily have a free sync app on it, and you are good to go then.

  • Does the Nintendo switch support 120Hz?

Yes, it does support 120Hz, giving a smooth and running picture quality.

  • What Ports Do You Need on Your Monitor?

A standard monitor needs a VGA and HDMI port. It can also include DVI, Display port, etc.; these ports will enhance the gaming sessions for you, giving a clear picture. Moreover, cable quality matters as well.

  • Ideal Aspect Ratio of Monitor for Nintendo Switch?

The ideal aspect ratio for the Nintendo switch is 16:9. This ratio gives a high definition gaming experience. Moreover, the graphics are so real that it feels like the picture is coming to life.


Suppose you are looking for an affordable monitor that comes with a hand full of features. In that case, VIOTEK 27-Inch Curved Monitor is the Nintendo switch 4k monitor available in the market suitable for the gaming experience. It gives an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. It includes many useful features, while it is also very budget-friendly. 

Moreover, your purchase may exclusively depend on the requirements you are looking for. But if you need a perfect gaming companion, then this might be the right choice for you. Furthermore, look for the specs and features before buying any monitor, as it can be a lifetime investment for you.

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