Best Hard Drive for Plex

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Despite having the NAS for Plex or setting up small PCs by the same people, they will need the best hard drive for Plex. As with general NAS usage, everyone is strongly advised to upgrade their desktop hard drives to more specific versions. Choosing the first NAS can be a very difficult task as people have to pay a large amount of money for this add-on.

To avoid wasting money on the best HDD for plex, people must make excellent decisions about the various models and types that are out there. Currently, it is very easy to find the NAS Hard Drive for Plex, and the installation process can be carried out thanks to the tutorials found online. Some of the NAS available on the market come with a hard drive with little storage space.

What is Plex?

Plex is one of the largest platforms with enough popularity and allows all users to consolidate their multimedia files. These files go to a service called “Plex Server,” and from there, they can all be accessed from any other device. If people have a movie library, a computer can be designated to act as the Plex server.

This computer can store video files on it, and with an app installed on a smartphone, these multimedia files can stream. Plex is both a digital media player and an organizing tool that allows you to access stored pictures, music, and videos. Plex can play all these files that are stored on a computer or mobile device without any problem.

The Plex software can install on a computer running Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. It can also be installed on any network-attached storage (NAS) device and played on other connected devices. Plex essentially allows file sharing on a much more user-controlled level, and for this to be so, they will need to have a good external hard drive.

These hard drives are much more durable and can operate for a longer period. People must analyze each facet and characteristic of hard drives for Plex to choose the best one.

Top 6 Best Hard Drive for Plex Reviews 2021

Best Hard Drive for Plex

In the following list, you will find the best hard drives for Plex active in the year 2021. Each one has its characteristics that can be read by those who want to know what their best hard drive for Plex can be.

1. Seagate Exos X18 HDD

Here is a high-performance, enterprise-grade hard drive; its price is very reasonable and competitive with other hard drives on the market. The Exos line of hard drives is the closest thing to the best that Seagate has brought to the market and offers to the public. Regarded as a flagship hard drive, it boasts some of the best-recorded endurance numbers currently available.

You can achieve it all by using more advanced manufacturing techniques in unit (helium-sealed) designs or other parts. It has several capacity options, making it easier for people to buy this hard drive according to their needs. Each Exos hard drive gives people a workload rate of approximately 500TB and an MTBF rating of 2.5 million hours.

This new range from Seagate is a complete success as it continues the traditions of its predecessor models that provide a high level of performance. The Exos X18 is a new evolution of the popular line for servers and data centers. Throughputs of up to 276MB per second allow the drives to rank among the leaders in today’s most modern hard drives.

  • Has built-in power-saving features
  • It is highly reliable for any computer
  • It has a 5-year warranty after being purchased
  • Advertising about the warranty may be false
  • Accumulates unrecoverable bad sectors
  • Annoying hum may be present

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2. Seagate BarraCuda 120 Drive

This 2TB hard drive offers space for all files at an excellent cost accessible to standard users. It is a powerful disk that can use in different systems such as PCs, home servers, and even all-in-one. The BarraCuda line returns to the ring through this presentation of the hard disk available in the market with 2 TB (others go from 500 Gb).

It includes a “multi-tier caching” technology that tries to store data in a single section that is reserved without fragmentation. It has SATA III 6 Gb interfaces, and the power supply with transfers goes up to 210 MB / s, being interesting values ​​for this type of disk. The maximum speed for sequential reads and writes is about 560MB / s and 550MB / s.

Seagate has available this model of the BarraCuda line that covers 2 TB and whose performance results is a more than welcome component. It is silent (an advantage in closed places), and its temperature barely exceeds 30 degrees. It is a very viable option for PCs or a low-end NAS and contains a very interesting two-year warranty.

  • It is a very quiet hard drive
  • Works with a very good temperature
  • It is reliable, stable and offers good performance
  • Not clearly labeled as SMR unit
  • Not suitable for general purpose computing
  • Performance may be questionable with equipment that is not compatible

3. WD 16TB My Cloud Pro Series

This is a reliable new entry to the hardcore range. However, file transfer speeds aren’t as fast as other brands. The PR2100 is part of the extreme professional line of offerings that Western Digital has for all of its customers worldwide. The hardware itself is a bit more robust, innovative, and intelligent than previous models that have hit the market and have had a considerable reception.

The chassis is composed of polished black metal and some visually pleasing sandblasting as part of the design. This unit, in particular, has been tasked with reducing the form factor to the point where there isn’t much left to cut. Those who have all the technical data at hand and want to get the most out of the most complex NAS drive can buy this product.

This model may very well not be the most stylish or eye-catching NAS drive currently on the market. If people want or desire a reliable and solid range of essential features, this device is the ideal one at a reasonable price. It is found in various TB presentations, allowing people to obtain the one that best suits their needs.

  • It is very simple to configure and use
  • Has a variety of automatic backup options
  • The connectivity is very versatile and has good performance
  • The fan is very noisy
  • The software library is limited
  • Not as feature-rich as competition from other brands

4. Toshiba X300 8TB Drive

Toshiba started by selling a new version of the X300 desktop hard drive in an 8 TB package. This hard drive is based on a specially developed platform with features and business aspects that provide greater reliability. Despite having several positive points, what makes this merely special hard drive is the price, which is considerably lower than other drives.

People can get in the current market a wide family of this band consisting of 4,5,6, and 8 TB models. Toshiba does not reveal the capacity of the plates that are used for the hard disk, but these have a perpendicular magnetic recording. When it comes to the performance of this hard drive, the drive uses a much higher area density than its predecessors.

This Toshiba hard drive is available in all parts of the world, and what makes it stand out the most is its incredible price. It is a disk that can attract many users thanks to the combination of high performance and reliability. Additionally, all X300 drives have built-in crash sensors that fully help protect the hard drive from bumps.

  • It is designed for PC games
  • Has a large capacity to accommodate large game libraries
  • Ramp loading technology and allows stabilization of the unit
  • The warranty may not be the best of all
  • Has some annoying noise
  • Has some errors in the unit on certain computers

5. Western Digital 4TB NAS Drive

This unit is a good choice for all those who need to stack their NAS as it provides good speeds and the operation is quiet. The need for more space on PCs is fully satisfied thanks to this powerful hard drive. WD launched this unit to launch the “Red” product line and offer something different to its customers worldwide.

Although there are other models in this line, the “Red” is designed for something else. It is a NAS version designed for medium and small businesses, even for homes that require a storage server over the network. It is an option that offers good performance, high resistance, and durability when it is on for 24 hours, seven days a week.

A mechanical unit designed for NAS use when it comes to a small business or home use. The integration of helium instead of air in the chamber of plates is a complete and excellent success in increasing the amount of space. This unit is one of the best that people can get for a low cost but offers ideal qualities when it comes to price.

  • It is recommended for home NAS
  • Up to 14 TB is available
  • Helium pressurization and 256 MB cache
  • Slow like all home range HDDs
  • Disadvantages caused by SMR
  • Omission of correct specifications

6. Toshiba N300 12TB NAS Drive

Toshiba has been a great brand progressing in each of its models that it has released on the market on NAS units. The N300 line is a 3.5-inch hard drive designed for consumers and business or office users looking for quick solutions. These solutions are related to storage yields and capacities 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All drives of this type are optimized to give people reliability and endurance, supporting multi-RAID configurations. The N300 family of the line (all models) have a 6 Gbps SATA interface and come in 4, 6, and 8 TB. Toshiba has equipped these units with the best-advanced technology in control and detection to dampen wear and tear due to vibrations.

It is a unit with some positive additions compared to predecessor models and tries to keep up with other market leaders. NAS drives perform excellently in every single workload test people do with this hard drive. Thanks to its robust performance and focus on reliability, this Toshiba N300 will excel in NAS environments and other systems.

  • The performance of this hard drive is solid
  • Has great reliability ratings
  • Includes an excellent 3-year limited warranty
  • Has a maximum of only 8 TB
  • Many users expected at least five years warranty
  • Instability in certain types of computers causing premature death

Why Do You Need Specific Hard Drive for Plex?

The hard drives for Plex that you can find in this list are currently available on the market in a wide variety of options. They range from common sizes to extremely large ones; This aspect should consider very well before buying a hard drive. These ranges make these hard drives excellent and help users use Plex in a much more effective way.

Buying a specific hard drive for Plex is ideal so that all kinds of data can store on the unit. Those who have a video library that is very small and doesn’t use Plex as often may not need an external hard drive. Otherwise, they will have to know how to choose the specific hard disk that suits all the demands and needs regarding the storage of multimedia files.

Plex needs a solid server to help make the most of the service it provides to all users. Depending on the number of images, videos, and other files you want to play in Plex, computers should have an ideal hard drive. The use of a specific hard disk is more than enough for people to have the security of space, storage, and performance in a computer.

Are External Hard Drives Good for Plex?

For those who actively use Plex in any capacity, getting an external hard drive right away is an excellent idea. People can easily use all the storage on the main computers. However, this later limits the ability of other programs or apps to run. Using the best external hard drive will give everyone a much larger storage capacity than is available in most PCs.

Also, the use of an external hard drive for Plex is intended for other purposes outside of it. The external hard drives found in this list are available as many active options are currently on the market. These range from very common sizes to extremely large ones; people can choose the most suitable one according to their needs.

Things Keep in Mind Before Buying

People, before proceeding to buy a hard drive for Plex, should consider some basic aspects. Among the most essential are:

1. Storage Size

Storage size is a very important initial consideration when dealing with an external or internal hard drive. People must make sure they have enough storage capacity to cover each of their needs. The amount of storage required can depend on many factors that the same people must evaluate.

2. Compatibility

A hard disk must work completely together with the system that exists in the PC. That is, it is fully compatible. A few options found on this list are compatible with some popular systems such as Windows, iOS, and others. It is only necessary to verify the technical specifications very well when you are comparing prices between the different units.

3. Physical Size

Physical size is also important to consider before purchasing a hard drive for Plex for many reasons. A small and comfortable hard disk is the best option in the case of equipment that is always used to travel constantly. In this list, you will find several models that come in different sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are NAS drives good for Plex?

Due to the many positive ratings that NAS drives have, it can be said (quantitatively speaking) that they are very good products. NAS drives are fully secure and compatible with Plex, and the positive reviews are getting more and more everywhere. Not everything is perfect in this life, which has few criticisms, does not mean that they are not units that can be defective or cause problems.

  • Is 5400 rpm good for Plex?

A 5,400 RPM gets to work excellently in a good way, allowing up to 8 transmissions at the same time without causing problems. Some people find the 5,400 RPM to be fast enough and can be used for various activities. In the case of Plex, it is totally good in every way.

  • What is the most reliable NAS hard drive?

Given the wide variety of available options in the market, people will always be looking for the best option. In this list are some of the hard drives for Plex that are currently available on the market and considered reliable. However, in this case, the Seagate Exos X18 is the Best Hard Drive for Plex because of everything it offers users.

  • How do I improve Plex’s performance?

Plex can be fully upgraded with the purchase of powerful external hard drives that are ideal for PCs. Expanding storage spaces with these external hard drives can improve the use of Plex. Through reputable internet sites, people can search for some of the most feasible and important settings to improve the full performance of Plex.


The drives for Plex are all those that are ideal and suitable for media servers in general. If price is the big concern of the person and you want to have a Plex server running without any delay, there are cheap and affordable hard drives. It is more than proven that buying the Best Hard Drive for Plex will give people greater advantages of storage of multimedia files.

This list can be of great help to all those who are currently looking for some very good options. These units are proven to be one of the best in 2021 and adapted to different needs.

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