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Are you searching for FM2 CPUs and can’t find one with a great quality to price ratio? We pick the 5 best FM2 Processors and reviewed for you along with a buying guide and FAQs. They deliver outstanding performance for their cost and fall within your budget. So sit back and read till the end, as by the end, you might have selected your best FM2 CPU in 2022.

Top 5 Best FM2 CPUs Reviews 2022

Best FM2 CPUs

1. AMD A8-7600 Quad-Core

AMD A8-7600 is top of the list for the value proposition. It is an FM2+ CPU with mind-boggling 10 cores and is the only processor in this list with 10 cores, i.e. most cores. AMD A8 is an all-rounder with speed and performance and gains the 1st position in recommendations in this price category. Let’s have a look at its excellent features.

Insane Amount Of CPU And GPU Cores:

As mentioned, this processor packs 10 multicores. It has 4 CPU cores with 4 threads. So, the remaining 6 cores are GPU. This incredible amount is packed in 28nm CMOS and is still operable at 71°C. But here is much more to it!

Ultrafast 3.1 GHz Clock Speed:

AMD A8-7600 runs at a 3.1 GHz clock speed. But if you thrive for more power, then you can unleash the beast mode. When overclocked, the max clock speed hits 3.8 GHz. It is an insane amount of speed in its price range and core value.

Turbo Memory Interface:

This processor can support DDR3 RAM with a 2133MHz memory interface. This powerhouse is aided with 4 MBs of L2 cache, each CPU core with its 1MB cache. Hence, making software management easy.

Low Power Consumption:

Even with such great hardware, it consumes low energy. A8-7600 can work at as low as 65W. It has the lowest power consumption by any processor in this list. So your electricity bills will stay within their limits.

AMD Radeon R7 Graphics:

With such incredible features, AMD Radeon R7 integration is icing on the cake. You won’t need to spend extra cash on a graphic card (unless you are FPS hungry). R7 is capable of delivering fantastic HD graphics without any aid.

  • Multicore with 10 Cores
  • Low Power Consumption of 65W
  • Great Graphics with AMD Radeon R7
  • 3.1 GHz Base and 3.8 GHz Max Clock speed
  • A bit costly
  • Sometimes 4 AMD cores fall behind 2 Intel cores performance

In terms of performance and value to money ratio, AMD A8-7600 is one of the best FM2 processors of 2022. It has stunning graphics, and HSA enabled APUs for an ultimate experience. And it gives high speed in low power consumption. Hence a great all-rounder.

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2. AMD Desktop A-Series CPU

Next on our list is AMD A10-6800K with a mammoth 4.1 GHz clock speed. It is an FM2 processor and is also the most expensive processor on this list. Apart from the price, it gives you the optimum environment for gaming without lag or video editing with smooth motions. Let’s take a look at its features.

Crazy 4.1 GHz Clock Speed:

AMD A10-6800K runs over an incredible clock speed of 4.1 GHz. It is easy to read, but this is a significant number in terms of CPU frequency. And some gamers don’t stop on this amount of power and enable its turbo mode. It can be overclocked up to 4.4 GHz, which makes its GPU operating speed 844MHz. Incredible!

A House For 1178 Million Transistors:

It is a 32 nm processor that has 1178 million transistors for maximum power. When overclocked, every transistor will work best for you. A10-6800K has 4MB L2 cache memory too and supports the DDR3 2133MHz memory interface.

Power Giant With 100W:

This incredible performance requires more power to operate. It needs a 100W power supply and 1.475V to work effectively. And this generates a lot of heat too, but no need to worry as 6800K can handle up to 74°C temperature. But it is better to arrange an efficient cooling system.

AMD Radeon HD 8670D Support:

This processor comes with AMD Radeon HD 8670D integrated to enjoy games with HD graphics. The 8670D has a clock speed of 844 MHz and a graphics core count of 384. These values can deliver a pixel rate of 6.752 GPixel/s.

  • Great Hardware Performance
  • Hardware Virtualization Support
  • High Clock Speed up to 4.4 GHz
  • Immense Graphics with Radeon HD 8670D
  • Costly
  • High Power Consumption

AMD A10-6800K is a powerhouse with high CPU clock speed, but this power comes with some drawbacks too. If you want an ultra-smooth experience without considering the price, then this processor is a great choice. Otherwise, continue reading, as the next candidate gives almost half the price.

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3. AMD Athlon X4 870K

Our next CPU is AMD Athlon X4 870K, which is an FM2+ processor. It gives a great value in this price range. There’s a catch; there is no integrated GPU with X4 870K, so you would require a graphic card for heavy-duty work. Other than that, it has some robust features.

High-Speed CPU With 3.9 GHz:

Athlon X4 870K packs a CPU frequency of 3.9 GHz.It is enough for any game to operate. With an AMD Radeon graphic card installed, you can play from GTA V to even Far Cry 4. But for more power, its turbo mode will give you a maximum clock speed of 4.1 GHz.

Budget-Friendly Power House:

Above mentioned FM2 processors cost $100+, as they are integrated with GPU already. But X4 870K ranges below $70, making it cost-effective. When used with any AMD Radeon graphic card, it becomes an absolute beast.

High 64-Bit Processing:

It has 64-bit processing power that can cooperate with any RAM value. Its L2 cache memory is 4MB, and it supports the DDR3 – 2133MHz memory interface. Hence, multitasking is pretty easy with this processor.

95W Near Silent CPU Cooler:

4.1 GHz can overheat quickly. Although it can operate up to 72.4°C, the cooling process is necessary. X4 870K comes with a near-silent thermal cooler. It requires 95W of power supply to function smoothly.

  • Low Cost with Great Features
  • Amazing 4.1 GHz Overclocked Speed
  • Near Silent CPU Cooler creates No Noise
  • Can Handle Max FPS up to 180-200
  • Not integrated with GPU
  • Consumes more power

AMD Athlon X4 870K is an excellent choice for those who want to game at high FPS and have a smooth screenplay. It is of low cost and has a high clock speed. If you are comfortable with buying an additional graphic card, then this is the best option.

4. AMD Athlon Multi Core Processor

AMD Athlon X4 760K is the cheapest candidate on our list. If you are a die-hard gamer or just want your desktop to operate smoothly but don’t have enough budget. The X4 760K is the best FM2 CPU under $25. You will get mid-range features and value proposition advantages.

Budget-Friendly Price:

You can purchase Athlon  X4 760K for under $25 from different markets (both online and open). Although it lacks some features and a CPU cooler, this processor still gives fantastic value in this price range. If you want to enjoy HD games or do graphic designing, it can handle some load.

High Clock Speed of 3.8 GHz:

X4 760K has a base clock speed of 3.8 GHz, which is insane for its cost. But you can enable turbo mode, overclocking it to 4.1 GHz. You won’t find any CPU with 4+ GHz overclocked speed below $25.

Decent Gaming Experience:

As the price range is too low, you have to compromise on some things. It does not come with an integrated GPU. So you need to buy separate support for the graphics work. Once paired with any suitable graphic card (even with a budget-friendly one), you will have a decent gaming experience with this processor.

Thermal Paste Without Cooler:

Demanding a CPU cooler too with a processor under $25 is absurd. But AMD Athlon cares for the user’s needs, so you will still get a thermal paste. This thermal paste is also inevitable, as X4 760K requires a 100W power supply. So it will generate a lot of heat.

  • Low Price with Amazing Value
  • Decent Graphics Experience
  • High CPU power in its Price Range
  • Mid-Range Features
  • No integrated GPU
  • It consumes a bit of extra power

AMD Athlon X4 760K is the best FM2 CPU for those with a small budget, but they also want to compete with their friends in terms of performance. It is cheap, it is quad-core, it has a high clock speed. The saved money can be utilized in buying a suitable graphic card, which will enhance X4 760K’s performance many fold.

5. Amd A6-6400K Dual-Core CPU

If you can compromise on no. of cores but can’t compromise on clock speed and integrated GPU, then we have one FM2 processor for you too. AMD A6-6400K is a dual-core processor with almost the same high clock speed and an integrated AMD GPU. And it won’t put much stress on your pocket too. Let’s know how?

Dropped Cores Without Speed Loss:

It is the only processor on this list that contains just 2 cores, but it does not compromise on the performance delivery. Even with the 2 cores, A6 6400K can work at 3.9 GHz. But its overclocked speed is 4.1 GHz. So you will experience better single-core performance.

AMD Radeon HD 8740D:

Yes, for this FM2 processor, you don’t need to buy an additional graphic card. A6 6400K comes with an integrated AMD Radeon HD 8740D. It can give immense visual experience with a graphic core count of 192 at 800 MHz frequency.

Energy Efficient 65W:

It is power efficient as it consumes 65W. This energy-efficient feature will give you a relaxation from electricity bills hassle, and such low energy consumption will reduce heat. Otherwise, A6 6400K is capable of working up to 70°C temperature.

You Get Some; You Lose Some:

If you want features like those listed on top and in the price range listed in the middle, then A6 6400K is their blend. You will get a high 3.9 GHz clock speed, but the cores value is reduced. 

You will get a DDR3 1866 MHz memory interface, but the L2 cache is reduced to 1 MB in total. Still, it’s not a 50-50 deal. You will get an integrated GPU, a better price, and a TDP of 65W.  So, 75% value to money is here.

  • Better Single-Core Clock Speed
  • Quad-Core Performance being Dual-Core
  • Integrated Radeon HD 8740D
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Not so great at multitasking
  • May throttle in higher resolutions

AMD A6-6400K is an excellent choice if you want high speed at low cost and don’t want to spend on an extra graphic card. You might lose some multitasking and can’t open many tabs/windows, but single-core performance will be satisfactory.

Things To Consider Before Buying – A Complete Guide

There is diversity in FM2 processors. If you don’t have any experience buying an FM2 processor, this is the part written for you. Read till the end to gain the maximum information, and buy the best FM2 CPU according to your needs.

1. Set Your Budget

The first and foremost task before buying an FM2 CPU is setting your budget. If you don’t set up your budget, you might purchase something that will leave you low on money. Getting overwhelmed while buying a processor is natural. You get hyped with the values, buy it, and there is no money for other parts.

2. Know The Build

You need to know the build of the processor. FM2 and FM2+ have a slight difference; the latter has two additional pins than the former. If you don’t look at the build and buy the wrong one, it will just be a waste.

However, an FM2 processor can be placed in an FM2+ socket, but their performance is slightly low. So taking a look at the build is essential then to invest in your money.

3. Look Your Motherboard

Checking the model of the processor is not only the thing. You need to take a look at your motherboard too. Does it have a compatible socket, or can it function with the processor? Well, in most cases, it does, but sometimes you get a too old motherboard.

This unbalance of power creates performance disturbance and might harm your processor. So checking the build of the motherboard is better than being frustrated at a miss-match.

4. Clock Speed Matters

Mainly the average clock speed of FM2 CPUs falls around 3.5-3.7 GHz. The high-end ones get above 4.0+ GHz. But they are costly too. If your budget is good enough, it is recommended to have at least a 3.4+ GHz CPU for your desktop.

5. GPU Integration

GPU integrated FM2 processors are a bit costly. But the cost will be less than buying a separate graphic card along with the CPU. Purchasing a processor without a GPU is not a shame at all. You can buy which suits you.

Primarily GPU integration relies on your use. If your tasks are not complicated enough or you are a casual gamer, then GPU integrated will work for you. They will keep your budget within the limit.

But if you do video editing or intense gaming, it is advised to buy a graphic card with the processor.

6. Power Consumption

People often underestimate this minor factor, but it can cause a bit of headache every month. Purchasing something with high power consumption will bring you raised electricity bills, spoiling your monthly budget. If you can manage, then these high-powered processors offer more performance.

But if you have to pay monthly rent or college fees, spending extra on bills is not a good idea. You need to buy something that consumes less than 70W.

7. Should Not Be Overloaded

If your CPU is stressed with too much workload, it will definitely heat up. So know the maximum operating temperature of your desired processor, keeping an eye on the amount of work you will assign to it.

The suitable temperature is 50°-60°C. So you should look for something that can withstand 70°C+; otherwise, you might harm your PC. it will overheat and eventually shut down. Note down your processor’s maximum operating temperature.

8. Multicores Are Better

There is a myth, more cores are better, and it is valid to some extent. The higher number of cores offers better performance, but this figure has to do nothing with the clock speed. Operating tasks are divided among cores making the CPU multitasker.

But a different core with the same clock speed does not mean the performance will be different. Remember, a dual-core and a quad-core CPU with the same speed will operate any single software evenly.

The main difference comes from multitasking. Eight windows will be handled better by quad-core as each core will get just two windows. But a dual-core will lag, as each will have four windows. I hope you get the point.

So, analyze your needs beforehand and select accordingly. A higher number of cores will multitask, but fewer cores with the same clock speed will give a better single-core value.

9. Know The Terms

Either you are making your purchase online or buying from the open market, knowing the terms of your product is vital. It saves from fraud (and sometimes gives a flex among your friends). Anyways, before you buy an FM2 processor, know the terms and search for them to get essential knowledge.

Sometimes you look and find an essential factor that saves you from future misery. Like, what if we tell you that knowing the cache limit of the processor is crucial, as it determines its latency? You ain’t forced to do electrical engineering in just a few days. Basic know-how of the terms is enough to save you a lot from future frustration.

10. Don’t Ignore Compare Option

Comparing is a must-to-do process before buying anything. Online purchase has this superpower which has saved many extra pennies. Don’t underestimate the comparison as you might find something better in the value proposition or get out of confusion from any two products.

When two products are listed side by side, it makes our decision clearer and final. So never be stuck in a cliffhanger and compare the products side by side at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is FM2+ compatible with AM3+?

No, neither is an FM2+ processor compatible with an AM3+ socket nor an AM3+ processor compatible with an FM2+ socket. Both of them have different pin numbers.

  • Is FM2 good for gaming?

FM2 is good enough for casual or light gaming. Many FM2 CPUs can handle games on standard settings and can give a decent graphic experience. But do not stress them with high resolutions or ultra graphics. They are not made for hardcore gaming.

  • What is the strongest FM2+ processor?

AMD A10-7890K  is the strongest FM2+ processor right now. It packs 12 cores, 4 CPU cores & 8 GPU cores. It has a base clock speed of 4.1 GHz and can be overclocked up to 4.3 GHz. Last but not least, it has AMD Radeon R7 Graphics.

  • Is FM2 and FM2+ the same?

No, both of them are not the same. FM2+ has two more pins than FM2’s 904 pins.


There is a wide variety of FM2 and FM2+ CPUs, and it is a hard choice to select one. But we have given you the best value for money as well as the strongest processors. We have also listed the most budget-friendly and the most efficient ones.

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