Best External Monitors for Surface Pro 4

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Outside of the Surface Pro 4, there is an increasing demand for external monitors to be used with laptops. This would allow users who work in different environments or need greater mobility when it comes time get their job done on-the go.

The benefits associated with using Best External Monitors for Surface Pro 4 include improved ease and precision during technological activities because you’re able view more information at one glance without having clunky cords pulling down upon yourself.

The convenience of being able to use your computer anywhere, anytime and on any device is a major advantage. But if you want the most productive experience possible then make sure that when using these computers for entertainment purposes they are always functioning properly so there aren’t any pesky bugs or glitches getting in its way.

The Surface Pro 4 can be used for so much more than just working! It’s a great screen to have when you’re looking at modern resolutions and games, but also ideal if your day requires video calls during lunch break or after hours. Also, read about Ultrawide Vs Dual Monitor.

The external monitors for Surface Pro 4 are the perfect way to extend your tablet’s functionality. With a huge screen and easy-to use features, these gadgets will make working on projects at home or in office more comfortable than ever before!

Best External Monitors for Surface Pro 4 in 2022

Our Pick

Samsung U28E590D

Samsung U28E590D
  • Ultra HD picture quality
  • 1 billion colors deliver
  • Windows, Mac Compatibility
2nd Pick

Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches

Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches
  • IPS Display
  • 75 hertz
  • HDMI & VGA Port
3rd Pick

Acer R240HY bidx 23.8-Inch

Acer R240HY bidx 23.8-Inch
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Brightness is 250 nit

Is the external monitor important to you?

Some gamers look for an external monitor to participate in online games with much better capacity. Simultaneously, other people prefer to use the equipment’s functions and qualifications for jobs. Among those that stand out the most business tasks, video call meetings, and real-time stock charts. You can consider the best vertical monitors for routine working.

Therefore, an external monitor’s purchase will depend a lot on each person and their budget. However, in general, it could say that if it is a smart purchase, then you would be buying a higher quality product. That it could even be used as a replacement if the monitor that came with the pc or laptop is damaged in the future.

Top 5 Best External Monitors for Surface Pro 4 Reviews 2022

There are many different types of monitors for Surface Pro 4, but not all will work well. To find out which one is right for you and your needs we’ll have look at some important features including resolution as well as size.

1. Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch

Samsung U28E590D 28-InchThrough a score of 4.2 from the previous operators, this gear, as we see, is an unbelievable functional external monitor. It should also note that its usage is not strong-minded for an exact function.

That apparatus is perfect for multitasking as long as it does not exceed its capacity.

Likewise, this equipment could also be used for sports or entertainment and games. It is a mechanism that anybody can use, and this is due to its ease of use. And also since it is also a whole mechanism capable of loud out and secondary any effort required of it.

The Samsung UE590 UHD-QHD is an ideal external monitor for anybody inexpert who needs to buy a mechanism of this kind for the primary time.

Despite its existence so humble, its features make this group one of the greatest profitable. Overhead all, since this is a group designed to encounter multiple competencies at the same time.


  • The vertical screen size is about 28 inches
  • The technology of its shade is an LCD type
  • The quality of your image is ultra HD with some very realistic details
  • Has a wide color gamut of approximately one billion
  • The equipment is a world-renowned Samsung brand
  • It is a device compatible with several current operating systems
  • Ideal for use on PC gaming or online video games
  • Its response time is minimized to approximately 1 ms
  • Pictures are natural-looking with realistic details
  • Although its use is varied. It is not recommended for use in office work

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2. Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches

Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 InchesThis is an ultra-thin and frameless external monitor. It can be high resolution and with good IPS performance. Meanwhile, it came to the marketplace, many operators were perplexed with the components it has and its countless topographies.

That is unique of the greatest modern gear in the industry, and though it has a rivalry with other devices, it is located among the first seats in the marketplace.

Well, if you want a sophisticated and decent quality outside monitor, this gear is by distant one of the greatest on the marketplace.

And it must bear in mind that the industrial corporation has years of knowledge, so the trust it generates is exclusive. This type of assurance is also indispensable if you poverty a piece of reliable gear when you are responsible for some work.

The industry Acer is an old brand in this marketplace where its operators decide that it always astonishes them.

This gear is no exclusion, with a sophisticated style and modern character, its use is exclusive for the expert, office, or even domestic type. Taking into account that it is a design of great distinction associated with other machinery on the marketplace.


  • The vertical screen size is about 21.5 inches
  • The technology that your screen has is an LCD type
  • Its resolution is FHD with 1080p of good quality
  • You have several ports on your computer: one for HDMI and one for VGA
  • Has an ultra-slim design for added elegance and presence
  • It has an IPS type display with full HD format
  • Ideal for multi-hour office, business, and labor use.
  • Its resolution quality is approximately 1920 by 1080
  • Its external design and color make this equipment very elegant
  • It is one of the monitors with the smallest size screen on the market

3. Acer R240HY Bidx 23.8-Inch

Acer R240HY Bidx 23.8-InchWhen this team hit the marketplace, the biosphere was undoubtedly awe-struck by others and with good reason. In addition to being a company with a lot of experience in the subdivision, it stood out with this design by very good interior and outside features.

The authenticity is that the company definite to a presentation this gear to content the wide request. That is why this is unique of the newest machines that exist nowadays.

It consumes not remained on the marketplace for long, and with its physiognomies, it can contend for many more years.

This ultra-slim external monitor from Acer is unique of the most incredible pieces of equipment that exists today, with very little machinery similar to it. Its features and values are by far unique of the greatest precise, and its heaviness is bright but built to endure shock. If a change occurs, it is banned from producing some major inconvenience in the future.


  • The vertical screen size is about 23.8 inches
  • The technology of its screen is an LCD type
  • Its determined brightness is 250 nit, and it works with about 25 watts
  • Has a great widescreen style screen
  • Has an ultra-slim design for elegance and presence
  • Its response time is slow and approximately 4 ms
  • Ideal for long-term office, business, or labor use
  • The quality of its resolution is approximately 1920 by 1080
  • Its design and external color make this equipment quite elegant
  • The response time is slow at 4 ms compared to other equipment

4. BenQ PD3200Q DesignVue 32 inch

BenQ PD3200Q DesignVue 32 inchThis external screen is unique to the lightest on the market, which provides greater comfort when installing and moving. Similarly, it originates in a subtle and fashionable matte black color, generous a feeling of ease and balminess to its proprietor with sure details for a better style.

The BenQ brand is unique of the greatest experienced trades in this market and consequently offers a very modest team.

Its usage is more envisioned for domestic purposes or deteriorating than for freedom activities. It all be contingent on the activities carried out deprived of overloading its volume or anything that ends up damaging the equipment.

If you are observing for an external monitor that delivers unique and diverse functions, this is the ideal gear. It is also one of the best external monitors that the market has today despite being somewhat old.

It has unique, exclusive, and very complete components that are rarely seen today. Overhead all, it is very informal to grip gear, so this is added an unbelievable plus once procurement it.


  • The vertical screen size is about 32 inches
  • The technology that your screen has is an LCD type
  • It has a QHD resolution of approximately 1440p
  • Has a very wide widescreen style screen
  • It is one of the devices with the lowest battery consumption
  • It is a computer compatible with various current operating systems
  • It is one of the largest monitors that exist today
  • Comes with an innovative display mode that brings out genuine details
  • It has a technology designed for the care of human eyes
  • It arrived on the market in 2016, so it is not a new equipment

5. Samsung LC24F390FHNXZA 24-inch

Samsung LC24F390FHNXZA 24-inchThis is one of the companies that does not essential an outline wherever, and it was able to prove it when over with this unbelievable machine.

Be a team with unique features and such a sophisticated design. It appears that it is intended as if an extravagance team and its purposes prove it.

Its novelty is the produce of ages of knowledge that the Samsung Company has needed in its extended antiquity. That is certainly one of the greatest current machinery, very problematic to tired by other companies.

And smooth if it has a rivalry, not altogether have the mastermind that Samsung definite to contain in this external 24-inch monitor.

The Samsung CF390 series is the best external monitor for persons in this marketplace, and its physiognomies prove it. Its large design is one of the best luxury screens. Besides, it is a piece of modern and newer equipment on the market with energy-saving technology that is friendly to the ecosystem.


  • The screen size is about 24 inches
  • The technology of its screen is an LCD type
  • The quality of your image is ultra HD format with 1080p resolution
  • The design of the equipment comes with a curved screen of 1800R
  • It is expedient that respects the environment and has minimal energy consumption.
  • Comes in a genuine look in ultra-slim glossy black
  • The curvature of your screen is for the best viewing
  • The equipment is from the Samsung brand that is recognized worldwide.
  • The equipment has one of the most luxurious designs on the present marketplace
  • Although its use is varied. It is not recommended for work jobs

Buying Guide

Best External Monitors for Surface Pro 4

When technological work or gaming-type activities are carried out, it is necessary to consider all the possible tools and equipment that are going to be used. An external monitor is unique of the most important devices for these activities. Well, it is in charge of producing the image on a screen for long hours of the day.

Therefore, an external monitor is the smartest acquisition if you do this activity type. Technology has allowed gaming to become a more fun activity, easier to do, and capitalized on. And for this, the best external monitors are used that are designed with the best resolution to optimize these activities.

Buying or acquiring an external monitor is an activity that they do not like. For some, it is even a tedious act. But the truth is that it is a job that must be done because it is a way to avoid future mistakes. Well, otherwise, you would be acquiring a team to do it and not because it is really useful and knows how to complement some work correctly.

1. Screen Size

When you want to purchase an external monitor, you must consider that the size of your screen is precise. Well, when looking for an extra monitor that complements the computer we have at our disposal, we want it to be bigger. That is how it is demanded by certain people who want a greater viewing range on their equipment. In this way, you can have a performance due to the comfort possessed with the large size of the monitor screen.

2. IPS Display

Currently, this liquid crystal technology known as IPS technology is an essential feature. Well, this is a feature that allows devices, especially monitors, to produce better video quality. So an IPS screen is a clear sign that the equipment is modern and has good resolution quality. Simultaneously, this technology allows generating a greater amount of color gamut, which gives a feeling of better precision and clarity on the screen.

3. Lightweight

It must consider that weight is among many of the most important characteristics before purchasing an external monitor. Well, its lightness is a truly important feature when deciding whether or not to purchase a device in this category. 

The truth is that this is one of the characteristics that many people get carried away with when they buy or not a team of this type. And this is because many look for lightweight external monitors; otherwise, they do not accept them.

 Being a piece of light equipment is easy to transport and much easier to install. So the weight in these cases must be light so that handling and transport are simple and easy to avoid problems.

4. Price

Regarding the price, this is one of the characteristics most depend on people and not so much on the manufacturing company. When it comes to costs, what is worth it is the people’s budget and what they are willing to spend because the idea is that a team is acquired that knows how to satisfy each person’s needs. 

At the same time that it is not a piece of extremely expensive equipment and that does not fulfill its functions to the maximum. It is necessary to buy equipment from a serious company. Its price is worth it because it provides very efficient equipment and superior quality to the rest and the market competition.

5. Smooth

Finally, another characteristic that should be taken into account is how soft the equipment is designed. The quality with which the equipment is constituted must be of the highest possible quality while being very soft. For an external monitor to be incredibly soft equipment, it provides more comfort to consumers so that each person feels safe to buy equipment whose Surface is smooth but very durable.

As it could be detailed in the list that was seen below, the purchase of an external monitor can be a tedious but necessary activity. And this because accidents can be avoided if the capabilities and utilities of each piece of equipment are checked first-hand. Buying a good external monitor is a smart decision before you even do any work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Surface Pro 4 be connected to an external monitor?

This question is super affirmative because these teams are designed primarily for that. Many people are unsure about connecting their Surface Pro 4 to an external monitor. But the truth is that there is no problem with this type of action since it is very safe. Besides, it is completely valid to do it without worrying about it.

  • What are monitors compatible with the Surface Pro?

Most of the monitors that are compatible with the Surface Pro are Samsung, BenQ, or Acer’s equipment. However, several other computers are compatible with this type of Windows device and its operating system. In the same way, these external monitors are often designed specifically for some servers, so it is necessary to verify which is the one that best complements the Surface Pro.

  • How do I connect an external monitor to my Surface Pro?

There are two things to consider when it comes to connecting a Surface Pro to another monitor. First, if it is done wirelessly, you have to make sure that the external monitor is compatible. Second, and in the other case, it is done manually and with cables, make sure you have the necessary cables and adapters. Otherwise, you are wasting time and even wasting money.

  • How many monitors does Surface Pro 4 support?

Currently, there are countless computers and external monitors that are compatible with the Surface Pro 4, which is why we should not give much importance to this type of inconvenience. Because in today’s market, which is so wide, you can find many computers and numerous monitors. And all available to every budget and taste of consumers and users today.


Keep in mind that the quality of external monitors will depend on many things, from the capacity you have to the company that manufactures them. You have to consider each of the features of these teams before buying one. Well, this can mean the prevention of some problem in the future.

So you have to take into account every aspect no matter how relevant it may seem, in addition to the characteristics of the buying guide. Although these teams have functions that at first glance seem ridiculous and do not provide any importance at the moment. It should note that any risk should be minimized in certain activities.

Finally, it is necessary to understand that external monitors are very useful equipment as long as they are used correctly. That is not a toy, so it should be out of the reach of children who can be injured by this machine type. And they should use it so that a great deal of satisfaction can be achieved in the activity carried out, be it leisure or much more serious work.

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