Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 7 3700x & 3800x

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Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 7 3700x & 3800x

Want to know the best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 7 3700x and the best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 7 3800x? These are the best coolers that will be able to protect your CPU when performing all kinds of high-performance activities.

We have researched the best options on the market, mentioning every feature and positive aspect of these coolers. So, any user will be able to make the best decision without wasting their money on low-quality coolers.

Do I need a CPU cooler for the Ryzen 7 3700X?

Ryzen 7 3700x usually comes with a cooler. However, this more excellent may be insufficient for using a processor in high-performance activities or for overclocking.

This makes it necessary to incorporate a high-quality cooler like the ones we have investigated below. In this way, the user will enjoy the high-level performance without worrying about high temperatures inside the processor.

Top 8 Best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 7 3700x & 3800x in 2022

1. Thermaltake TOUGHAIR 510 180W TDP CPU Cooler

Different CPU coolers can provide excellent features and full functionality for different types of users. This unit is one of the most reliable because it has a voltage of 12 volts and a power of 5.76 watts. So it is possible to incorporate this add-in to different computers.

The compatibility of this add-in is universal. This means that it is possible to adapt this unit to a wide variety of AMD and Intel models. If that were not enough, the noise level is deficient and can provide excellent functionality to the user without producing any discomfort despite high operation.

The acoustic noise produced by this cooler is only 23.6 decibels. The cooling power that can be obtained with this unit is 180 watts. So this is one of the most suitable options for a computer intended for high-intensity gaming or professional-level design software.

This cooler has the necessary power to take care of every vulnerable part of a CPU. Additionally, the lifespan that this fan can provide is up to 40000 hours of use. That is why this is a reliable option for those interested in building their PC with high-quality resources and implements.

A unique design has also been incorporated to provide an easy and hassle-free installation. Both the asymmetrical fin structure and 2000 rpm fan speed will be available after simple installation. No professional knowledge is required to obtain an airflow of 58.35 cubic feet per minute.

  • High-quality performance
  • Quick and easyinstallation
  • The low noise level during operation
  • Speed up to 2000 revolutions per minute

Many expert users have considered this attachment one of the most suitable as it provides an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

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2. Noctua NH-D15 Premium CPU Cooler

Another customizable option that can be considered as the best CPU Cooler for Ryzen 7 3800x, according to many users, is this more excellent model. Every user will be able to find here all the features they need to complement the performance of a high-end PC. This cooler has some typical features, such as 12V and a power of 1.56 watts.

The compatibility is comprehensive, and different Intel Core and AMD Ryzen models are taken into consideration. So it is possible to use this cooler on a wide variety of desktop computers for different purposes. In addition to broad compatibility, the noise level generated by this fan is much lower than most other options on the market.

This cooler only produces 19.2 decibels of noise level during its highest operation. However, it is essential to consider that the maximum rotational speed may be lower than other models. The user will obtain a maximum speed of 1500 revolutions per minute between two 140 mm fans.

Anyway, this cooler is usually one of the most used to obtain a practically silent computer. It is also an excellent option for all those users who wish to overclock their CPU. The performance of this implementation will be more than enough to decrease the high temperatures that can damage some vulnerable components of the processor.

Finally, a mounting upgrade kit has also been incorporated into this cooler to adapt upcoming processor and core upgrades to this add-on. It should be noted that this system is also easy to install and requires only a few steps to complete. So this is one of the most suitable options for the vast majority of users.

  • Nearly silent operation
  • Excellentforoverclocking
  • Broad Intel and AMD compatibility
  • Mid-levellifespan

Among the options available on the market, this unit can complement a CPU for quieter operation without requiring a large budget.

3. Be Quiet! Shadow Rock 3 CPU Cooler

When it comes to finding one of the best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 7 3700x in 2022, this option can perfectly suit a wide variety of computers. At first, it is necessary to note that this implementation has a voltage of 12 volts and 190 watts of power. So it does not require higher power compared to other processor coolers.

The compatibility that has been built into this cooler includes a wide variety of AMD or Intel models. This provides excellent freedom to users who are building their PC while getting excellent cooling power. This is due to the high-performance air cooling that features a brushed aluminum top cover.

In other words, this cooler has been built with heavy-duty materials to deliver outstanding performance over an extended lifespan. This add-on only emits a noise level of 24.4 decibels at its maximum speed along with long-lasting performance. So it is among the acceptable levels when talking about a quiet cooler.

An asymmetrical construction has also been incorporated to save space and avoid blocking the memory slots in front of the cooler. All of this can be available along with a straightforward installation procedure that takes just a few minutes. This add-on also includes a screwdriver to complete this process more efficiently.

Additionally, the technology incorporated in this cooler allows absorbing the heat from the processor along five heat pipes made of 6mm nickel-plated copper. This gives the cooler an excellent ability to cope with the high temperatures produced by the most powerful processors.

  • Excellent fan speed
  • Built-in heavy-dutymaterials
  • Built-in copperheat pipes
  • Intermediate noise level

Those users who want to build a powerful computer to enjoy high-performance gaming will incorporate this cooler for a reliable result.

4. Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix Liquid

When incorporating a liquid cooler for a processor, performance and design are equally important to many users. In this case, it is a high-quality 12-volt add-on that can provide functionality between 400 revolutions per minute and 2400 revolutions per minute of the fans.

Additionally, it should be considered that this is one of the most efficient units that only produces a noise level that reaches up to 10 decibels. This means that it is a much quieter cooler compared to typical units available on the market. It also takes into consideration 8 LED lights on each of the fans of this unit.

This cooler can be adapted to the requirements or activities performed on each processor. It is possible to have software together with this cooler to obtain different profiles or fan performances. One of them is the 0 rpm function that stops the fans at low temperatures.

In this way, it is possible to save the fans’ life while entirely decreasing the noise level generated by this cooler. Corsair iCue can also efficiently control all the compatibilities and functions that this unit can offer. It is an implement that can be compatible with different AMD and Intel models.

The installation mode can be a bit more complicated than other options on the market due to the design of this unit. Anyway, you only need to follow the instructions to install this unit that has three fans and a 360 mm radiator. The performance and design of this unit are perfect for high-end computer gamers.

  • Design that includes LED lights
  • Excellent adaptive performance
  • Excellent software features included
  • Requires more budget than other coolers

Users who want to have a high-performance computer can incorporate this unit to avoid the problem of high temperatures.

5. Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO Liquid

Liquid coolers for high-performance processors have provided excellent results like this unit. This is another option that comes from a reliable manufacturer. This cooler provides comprehensive compatibility for different AMD and Intel processors. So it is possible to have a 12-volt cooler with excellent features.

The noise level generated by this unit is 37 decibels, which may be a bit higher than the other options we have mentioned above. This is because it is a liquid cooler that offers 97 cubic feet per minute airflow capacity. Two magnetic levitation fans complement the water cooling method.

This unit also incorporates 16 LED lights that can be viewed with a computer of the unit’s design. The fan speed is up to 2000 revolutions per minute while the operation considers a high level of quiet cooling. This means that it is a compliment that can work together with a high-performance PC.

This case also incorporates Corsair iCue software that provides better control of LED lighting, speed adjustment, coolant temperature control, and many other intuitive functions and operations. Among all these features, every user will get better control of the cooling system and the temperature inside the CPU.

The installation procedure is simple when the user follows all the necessary steps. The speed of the fans can also be adapted to the requirements of each CPU, depending on the activities performed by each user. So this is a liquid cooler with intuitive functionality that will take care of any compatible CPU.

  • Includes 16 LED lights
  • 97 cubic feet per minute of airflow capacity
  • IncludesCorsairiCue software
  • Higher noise level than other options

This unit is also another top pick for building a high-performance PC for use with design software or high-demand games.

6. NZXT Kraken Z53 240mm CPU Liquid Cooler

Many users want a high-end solution when it comes to a CPU liquid cooler. People who want to get an ultimate solution can incorporate this unit that provides a customizable LCD. It comes with a 12-volt cooler and a power consumption of 4.52 watts.

Among the highlights is the bright LCD with a size of 2.36 inches. This display features 24-bit color technology that can provide customized data or images. In other words, this is a much more efficient way to control the temperature inside each processor.

Specifically, this unit can provide functionality that can reach up to 1800 revolutions per minute, offering an airflow of 98. This can be more than enough to lower the temperature of different processors with high requirements. Compatibility also takes into consideration a wide variety of Intel and AMD processors.

The highlights of this processor liquid cooler are its noise level which is as low as 36 decibels. In addition, the software has been incorporated that is very easy to use to obtain a much more efficient control of each of the functions of this cooler. In this way, the user will have the possibility to better manage the functions for maximum performance.

Finally, the installation procedure is fast and straightforward as this has been considered in the design of the liquid chiller. The display is fully programmable, and the user will obtain an excellent extended service life by following only a few steps in the assembly procedure.

  • Includes LCD
  • Includesuser-friendly software
  • Efficient and versatile operation
  • Higher noise level than other options

Advanced users will be able to incorporate this liquid cooler and take excellent control of this unit’s functions to avoid high processor temperatures at all times.

7. ASUS ROG Strix LC 240 RGB AIO

One of the intermediate solutions to improve the functionality of a processor is to incorporate this liquid cooler of excellent compatibility. It is a 12-volt liquid cooler that provides an airflow capacity of 81 cubic feet per minute. This will make it much easier to perform various high-performance activities on a PC.

In addition to these features, it should also be taken into consideration that the noise level generated by this unit reaches up to 37.6 decibels. This can mean excellent performance with some noise when using the highest speed. This is one of the options that can provide an excellent result and a higher noise level than other options.

Anyway, this liquid cooler features microchannel technology. This aspect is one of the most innovative as it provides a thermal resistance that is 30% lower than other options. Additionally, every user will count on broad compatibility and support for Intel and AMD motherboards.

Addressable LED lighting has also been incorporated to offer a unique design adaptable to any computer. Beyond the high noise level compared to other coolers, this unit incorporates precise and efficient fan and PWM pump control. This prevents the cooler from running at times when it is not necessary.

The installation procedure can be somewhat simple by following the steps required for this procedure. This unit’s extended compatibility and precise control mean that many users have obtained excellent results on their computers. So it is one of the most efficient options for high requirement games or design software.

  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Precise and efficient control of functions
  • Extended compatibility for Intel and AMD
  • Higher noise level than other coolers

This liquid cooler can be an excellent solution for high-performance processors in design software or high requirement games.

8. NZXT Kraken Z63 280mm

Last and not least, here is another high-performance liquid cooler that incorporates a fully customizable LCD. This 12-volt unit only produces 21 decibels in its noise level along with its maximum speed. This is why it is one of the most chosen units by many users who want a quiet computer.

The LCD, with 2.36 inches and 24-bit color capability, offers much more efficient control. This small screen can provide data critical to the user and small images to complement the design obtained. It is also an easy-to-use display, thanks to the built-in software.

In this case, it is software that allows advanced users or beginners to obtain excellent intuitive control capabilities of the unit. Both the design and performance of this liquid chiller can be easily configured to obtain the desired performance. This is another broadly Intel and AMD compatible unit that offers a long service life.

The installation procedure is simple, and the user only needs to follow the appropriate instructions. An excellent programmable design has been incorporated into the display for a result that is much more tailored to the needs of the individual user or processor.

Many processors used for high-performance tasks, including design software or high requirement games, will be able to count on this liquid cooler to improve results.

  • Customizable LED display
  • Efficient and easy-to-use software
  • Excellent performance and cooling capacity
  • More expensive than other options

All users with the proper budget can incorporate this high-performance liquid cooler to complement a high-performance PC.

Few Factors That You Must Know

Before choosing the final option for your processor, it is necessary to consider some fundamental aspects of any CPU cooler. This will make choosing the most suitable option to protect a processor from high temperatures is much easier.


Voltage is one of the basics, and most coolers usually provide adequate operation at 12 volts. There may be some high-end coolers that have a higher voltage which increases power consumption. In these cases, it is necessary to have a higher power consumption on the CPU and the computer in general.


Of course, compatibility is another aspect that must be considered because the design of Intel and AMD processors is not all the same. Most of the coolers we have considered can offer broad compatibility. Each user should check the processor they have and the compatibility of each cooler we have mentioned.

Noise Level:

The noise level can be a secondary aspect until the user perceives an annoying noise from his processor. Naturally, the most potent coolers are those that can also generate a noise level of 37 decibels. This is not important for many users, but for others, a more relaxed noise level of around 22 decibels is more pleasant.

Power Connector:

The type of connection is another essential aspect of measuring household energy consumption. Most of the actions we have mentioned do not require high power. In addition, the power connector usually fits the vast majority of processors that are genuinely compatible with the unit.

Easy to install:

When it comes to a novice user, it is advisable to have a more flexible whose installation is simple. Usually, the procedure consists of inserting the cooler in the correct place next to the processor. This can be quickly done by following the necessary steps in the instructions or with some prior experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How hot should my Ryzen 7 3700X get?

The maximum temperature should be 95° C, while the ideal temperature should be between 35 to 50° C.

  • Does Ryzen 7 need liquid cooling?

A liquid cooler is not mandatory for Ryzen 7, although it may offer quieter and more efficient operation.

  • Does Ryzen 7 3700x come with a stock cooler?

In general, Ryzen 7 3700x can come with a cooler for average operation. For high-performance activities, a stock cooler is recommended.


When the user wants to find the best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 7 3700x 2022 or the best CPU Coolers for Ryzen 7 3800x, the above list that we have developed will be of great use. This is an efficient implementation that will protect the performance of this processor to avoid the problem of high temperatures. This can be the most appropriate for enjoying games with high software design requirements.

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