Which Refresh Rate Is Better 75 Hz Or 160 Hz?

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Are you having difficulty deciding which refresh rate is better to enjoy a smooth screen experience and facing problems in choosing the right option? Well then, look no further as we got your back. Technology has made many improvements along the way. Such modifications also led to the introduction of many options for refresh rates. 

If you are a regular at using a monitor, you know the importance of a smooth screen experience. The promise that comes with such an experience is appealing. Who does not want to have a fantastic time while playing games or watching the tv? The refresh rate that you choose decides the sort of screen experience you will be having. Today, we will be helping you with the decision of choosing the proper refresh rate.

What is Refresh Rate?

A refresh rate refers to measuring the number of times an updated image is displayed on the screen. Its measurement is done in Hertz (Hz).

For instance, when the screen has a refresh rate of 1 Hz, the screen will display one new image in a second. Similarly, a screen with a refresh rate of 60 Hz will show 60 images in a second. These images are different from each other on the screen. 

You must be wondering why refresh rate is given such importance. The reason is that the graphics on your display are greatly affected by it. The better graphics means that you can see clearly. Therefore, the correct refresh rate holds the promise of more excellent graphics and a fun experience.

Which Refresh Rate Is Better 75 Hz Or 160 Hz?

75 Hz Vs 160 Hz

The difference between the two refresh rates depends solely on the number of times they display an updated image on the screen. 

75 Hz explains that the screen will display an updated image 75 times. Similarly, a 160 Hz display will lead to 160 new images displayed on the screen in one second. 

Since the difference between the two numbers is quite significant, the screen of 160 Hz will show a different image compared to a 75 Hz screen. Thus, you will notice the dissimilarities in the way the screen moves and the video plays.

Benefits of 75 Hz Refresh Rates

Here are some of the benefits you will get to have if you choose to buy a 75 Hz screen:

  • Affordability is one of the primary factors users consider while buying stuff. 75 Hz screen is user-friendly due to its low cost. If the users have a tight budget, they might want to buy a 75 Hz screen. 
  • Beginners who are just starting to play games will have an easy time using a 75 Hz display. It may not be convenient for beginners to spend a significant amount of money on a higher refresh rate monitor. 

Benefits of 160 Hz Refresh Rates

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a 160 Hz screen:

  • High-quality video will allow you to make a better understanding of the happenings on the screen. A higher refresh rate of 160 Hz will provide high-quality video, and the viewer will have a clear view of the surrounding. 
  • A higher refresh rate will significantly reduce the motion blur usually experienced with lower refresh rates. The motion blur is reduced because of smoother moving images and a clear video. 
  • A refresh rate of 160 Hz will be easy on the eyes. A higher refresh rate is excellent for eye health. Users will not have to strain their eyes while trying to focus on the screen.

Which Do You need to Pick And Why for Gaming?

Now comes the moment of decision. Out of the two options, which one should you choose? Let us help you in making the right decision. A higher refresh rate of 160 Hz means you will have a fun time staring at your screen. You will be watching a video of high quality without the threat of any damage to your eyes. On the other hand, a lower refresh rate of 75 Hz means that the video quality will not be high. You will end up straining your eyes to see clearly, leading to bad eye health.

For gamers who are competitive and take their games seriously will benefit greatly by choosing a 160 Hz refresh rate. This is the perfect refresh rate for gaming because of the following reasons:

  • Better Target Tracking

Most of the games like fighting revolve around a specific target. A competitive gamer knows the importance of tracking their target. Since the gamer will have a clear view of their surroundings, this refresh rate will allow them to track their target with ease. 

  • Opponents’ Spotting Easy

Winning a game against your opponent is at the top of the priority list for any gamer. You can only play such a great game if you can spot your opponent quickly. A refresh rate of 165 Hz allows you to win the game. 

  • Input Lag Less

In a game, your player needs to be alert and highly responsive to the surrounding elements. Most of the time, you are in control of what your remote does to your player. Sometimes, though, high input lag might make your player slow, leading to a losing game. 165 Hz refresh rate provides low input lag, making your player the fastest in the game. Thus, the 160 Hz refresh rate allows you to have a great gaming experience.


To surmise it, the bigger the number refresh rate, the better the experience for the user. When you are constantly sitting in front of the screen, it becomes an important decision to make sure the refresh rate you have chosen makes screen time better. 

Moreover, as a competitive gamer, it must hold great importance for you to have a better reaction time and to shoot the opponent before he shoots you. You get to have a good game by choosing a higher refresh rate. Last but not least, your eyes will not have to strain, and you will be saved from bad eye health and an oncoming headache. Make the right decision and get a better experience.

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