4k Monitor Vs 4k TV

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4k Monitor Vs 4k TV

Are you searching for the most compatible screen for watching trending movies or playing your favorite game? If yes, then keep reading as in this article, we will help you select the most suitable screen by explaining 4k monitor vs 4K TV. Once you become aware of its difference, it will be easy for you to select the best one.

When it comes to watching movies or playing console games, the debate between 4K monitors and 4K TV vs 4K monitors is bubbling away for many years. Usually, casual console gamers go for TVs, while the competitive-minded player favors a 4K gaming monitor.

However, the arrival of next-generation consoles both from Xbox and play station put forward 120 frames per second gameplay in stunning 4K resolution. Due to this, the 4K monitor vs 4K TV debate has become more popular. So, you will need a supportive 4K TV or a 4k monitor to match for getting benefit from these new performance capabilities. 

If you are confused about whether to pick a 4k TV or 4k monitor, we will help you with this article. 

4k Monitor Vs 4k TV For Gaming

If you plan to buy a 4K TV or monitor for gaming, it is necessary to consider its pros and cons before making a final decision. Have a look at below pros and cons of the 4K monitor and 4K TV.

Pros Of 4K Monitor For Gaming:

  • If you want the absolute best graphics, then go for a 4K gaming monitor.
  • Select a monitor which is larger than 24″. With a 4K monitor, you can notice individual pixels and also unsightly aliasing. It allows you to see minor details during gaming.
  • With the bigger screen of the 4K monitor, you have a much more extensive work surface without compromising the sharpness of images.
  • With a 4K monitor, you can enjoy the fantastic sense of dept in games without the disturbing side effects of nausea, headache, or wearing 3D glasses.

Cons Of 4K Monitor For Gaming:

  • Gaming on 4K monitors requires powerful hardware. A GTX 1080 Ti is the only GPU cable capable of running games at 60 FPS on a 4K monitor.
  • Not all gaming programs support 4 K resolutions.

Pros Of 4K TV For Gaming:

  • Suppose you are using a 4k TV for gaming. In that case, you can easily switch a television to different consoles, streaming boxes, and cable boxes when you are done with using it as a comp plays players that with 4K TV, you can use a single set up in a living room for all your, entertainment, gaming, and media.
  • You do not have to purchase extra speakers, as a 4 K tv has built-in speakers. These speakers are good enough for playing games.
  • You can use 4K TV both for gaming and entertainment so that it can be a space-saving option in your room.

Cons Of 4K TV For Gaming:

  • 4 K TV is thicker and heavier in weight than a monitor. So, it can be challenging to move it from one place to another.
  • 4K TV is spacious, and you cannot adjust it on a small table, and it needs to be mounted.
  • The input lag of 4k TV affects gaming, and it also affects cursor movement or other actions performed on screen.
The monitor is a better option if you want to have an optimum experience. Especially for competitive games, it is most suitable as gaming requires a higher refresh rate, free sync support, and faster response time. Thus, you can enjoy clear, smooth, and immersive games.

4k Monitor Vs 4k TV for Ps5

There is a freedom associated with the arrival of PS5, where you can sit, relax and grab a controller while playing some of your favorite games. While choosing a screen for PS5, always consider its pros and cons mentioned below.

Pros Of 4k TV For PS5:

  • If you like a larger display and size, buying a 4K TV is a suitable option.
  • Moreover, the cost of 4k television is less than a 4k monitor. For that individual who plays games for entertainment or belongs long to the visual field, purchasing a monitor might be costly. So, it will be best to go for TV rather than a monitor.
  • A 4k TV has additional HDMI ports. You can use them for game consoles and also for other devices. So, you can switch input to use a device with a complete entertainment system.

Cons Of 4k TV For PS5:

  • Sometimes, they can reach 120 HZ, but hardly any of them can offer 144 HZ at 4.
  • At last, 4K television has low DPI than monitors 4K TV, so they do not have good picture quality. If your game includes texts, then you may find it indistinct and blurry, especially if the text is too small in the font.

Pros Of 4k Monitor For PS5:

  • You can use a gaming monitor with either HDMI or Display port, and it is most suitable if you are aiming at switching between playing on your ps5 or your PC.
  • With a gaming monitor, you can get 144HZ at 4 K for ps5.
  • Only on a 4K gaming monitor can you get G-sync and Free sync at a reasonable price.
  • Monitors have the most suitable size. 4K gaming monitors are available in 27″, which is the accurate size for a desk.

Cons Of 4K Monitor For PS5:

  • It is particularly true for older titles which would have to be upgraded to display correctly on 4K monitors. Even with the upscaling, the image never looks perfect as a native one.
  • At last, these monitors for gaming are costly. While using a 4k monitor for PS5, you will also have to purchase speakers separately.
If you are a game lover, then buying a 4K monitor is a suitable option. The monitor is the best one with a faster response rate and higher refresh time. Moreover, you also get a G-sync and free sync at a reasonable price.

4k Monitor Vs 4k TV For Movies And Netflix

If you watch many movies and want a new display but are puzzled about whether to go for a monitor or TV, then we are here to help you. Before we can tell you the exact answer, we will first explain the pros and cons of 4k monitor and 4K TV for movies and Netflix.

Pros Of 4K Monitor For Movies And Netflix:

  • If you are using a monitor with your PC, then you can watch any movie or show at any time. Indeed, with a monitor, you can stream, browse and download from a PC to watch your favorite show without many intricacies.
  • A monitor is best if you sit close to your display and want a high-resolution screen.
  • 4k monitor has a higher refresh rate, and some monitors have 200 HZ or even 224 Hz refresh rates. As we know that the higher is refresh rate, the smoother will be the viewing experience.
  • Input systems like HDMI, VGA, DVI, and Display port are more updated in monitoring than a 4K TV.

Cons of 4K monitor for movies and Netflix:

  • We enjoy watching movies from a distance. But if you are using a 4K monitor for watching movies, you have to sit close to the screen.
  • At last, 4k monitors do not have a built-in speaker; instead, you get the sound from our PC’s sound card directly.

Pros Of 4K TV For Movies And Netflix:

  • If you like to sit at a distance from the display, then go for a larger size. In this case, a 4k TV is a suitable option.
  • 4k TVs have excellent sound quality with built-in speakers. In contrast, every monitor does not have a built-in speaker.
  • If you only use the TV to watch series or movies, you have several ways to accomplish it. Also, if you have a smart TV, then you can stream any particular movie. Moreover, you can mirror the Smartphone to your 4K TV as well
  • 4k TVs have a coaxial connection and component inputs. With the help of a coax connection, you can hook up the TV to an antenna. 

Cons Of 4K TV For Movies And Netflix:

  • Nowadays, most TVs have a USB port, card reader, or OTG ports for copying movies from other storage devices like SD cards or smartphones. But honestly, it is a cumbersome method.
  • Most TVs have a 60 HZ refresh rate. Nowadays, most TV owners argue that they offer TVs with 120 HZ or even 144 Hz refresh rate. However, this seems fabricated and not actual.
If you are a Netflix lover and enjoy watching movies or shows, we recommend you go for a 4K TV rather than a monitor. Moreover, 4k TVs are larger and more affordable, so they are fantastic for watching movies and TV shows with a great display and sound quality.

4k Monitor Vs 4k TV For Xbox One X

Nowadays, new consoles are launching by the most prominent companies aimed at specific needs and game lovers. If you are searching either to select 4k TV or 4K monitor for X box one X, then you are right place. To make the final decision, look at the pros and cons of 4K TV and 4K monitor.

Pros Of 4K Monitor For Xbox One X:

  • The 4k monitor has a broader range of ultra-wide pixel resolution. It ranges from 3,440 by 1,440 and even 5,120 by 1440, namely LG 49WL95C. Therefore, a 4k monitor is considered an actual Xbox one X machine.
  • The refresh rate of 4 k monitor is most suitable for Xbox one X.  High refresh and high resolution make them the most compatible option for Xbox one X.
  • It is future proof, so you can freely invest in a 4K gaming monitor with no fear of becoming ordinary next year.

Cons Of 4K Monitor For Xbox One X:

  • The 4k monitor does not support local dimming and only can process an HDR signal and make color correctly. Any monitor which has at least 600 nit’s brightness could not render HDR indeed.
  • Also, 4K monitor is comparatively costly than 4K TV.

Pros Of 4K TV For Xbox One X:

  • 4K TV has closed the gap to monitors in response rate. Six years ago, it was impossible to find a TV with low input lag and high response rate; however, these features are now available in 4K TV.
  • Moreover, 4K TV has true HDR capability, and local dimming is available and reasonably affordable. You can buy a 40- inch plus TV for $300.
  • Nowadays, 4K TVs have refresh and adaptive sync features, called variable refresh rate. 4k TVs such as the 48 inch LG CX OLED have an adaptive refresh in both Nvidia G-Sync formats and AMD Free Sync. 

Cons Of 4K TV For Xbox One X:

  • 4K TV has low pixel response. There is no industry standard to determine pixel response, and many TV manufacturers do not cite a number in some cases.
  • 4k TV still cannot compete with the fastest monitor. With a 4k TV, it is impossible to get low latency mode, high resolution, adaptive sync, and proper HDR support within a low budget.
4k TV is best for Xbox one X because of its high resolutions. With a 120 HZ panel and HDMI 2.1, 4K TV are suitable for competitive multiplayer and PC gaming. Also, it has superior quality images, particularly from those with QLED and OLED screens.

If you use Xbox only for gaming and are not interested in entertainment, then go for a 4K monitor. Also, they offer a better experience at a reasonable price. However, if you use Xbox for entertainment purposes, then stick with a 4k TV.


To conclude, 4K monitors have higher refresh rates, faster response time, and lower input lag than 4K TV. Thus, they are more suitable for gaming. On the other hand, 4K TVs are affordable and have a larger screen, so they are fantastic for console games, watching TV shows, and movies.

Furthermore, before deciding what to buy, consider all the pros and cons mentioned above. Also, if you want to do coding, graphics designing, image editing, and gaming, and then go for the monitor, as it is far better than TV.

In contrast, if you are a movie lover, buy a 4K TV as it has a good viewing angle, brightness, and a bigger screen. We hope that this post will be helpful for you whenever you require choosing between monitor and TV.

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